The Wunna…Brick road?


Originally from here


Yet born & raised here (Lucky me 🙂 )


Moved to go to a Posh school here                                       But ended up here… (Add tinsel)


After a few years, i moved here…                                        One month, I returned back here (Hollywood btw & broken )


After a drunk 6 years & i moved here.                           Moved onto your telly and into here….


To win the heart of….                                                                Where i am best know for doing….


Moved back here                                                                          And was getting very tired of…


Now i’m expecting a…                                              After securing myself my own line of ….


With a book out next year                                                …..and juggling a normal life here


Can’t wait to have one of these


     And luckily, i’m..

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