The Weekend..Part 1

OMG! I have had the best weekend of McParty, McEver. I do actually have a lot of work i have to do today in order to catch up to Monday, but i’m living a life of good old ‘fun times,’ and well…i’m the happiest little sequined, slanted eyed, floozey this world could ever really wish to care for. Got in at 4.40am last night, and had a drunk flash his ‘nubbin’ at my window, then get questioned by the police. LOL. It doesn’t get much better than that really. Apart from the fact that i already have a hand written letter of complaint, from a neighbour, that was subtley celotaped to my door, for ‘ashing’ on things. Hahahaha… All they basically said was,’it’s just not very nice is it, to have things flung or ashed downwards’ at their window. Tomorrow, i’m keeping  it sexy and not only continuing to ‘ash’ (in her garden, which really is just a dust bin) but also fling a fucking sumo wrestler and a couple of horny fucking midgets down there too. Eww…why are they being cunts! I don’t need a letter. Just stop me and bloody TELL me. How dare they ‘letter’ their way out of a Wunna confrontation. Hahahah… I think i should send them a signed picture of me ashing on all their shit.


5 thoughts on “The Weekend..Part 1”

  1. Hot Italian men who loved their own asses might I add! But then, I did tell a slight lie and tell them I had 30,000 people under me in my company 😉 Chapter 2 coming soon xx


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