The Ultimate Glamour puss.

Feeling much better now, as just like magic, you wish for company…and you get it!! I think 5 minutes after i wallowed in self pity, and ‘oh so ‘ loneliness, the door thundered down, and in marched a parade of fine stragglers ….with booze. Yep, i’m definitely a people person, or a moaney bitch, attention whore, yet either versions fine with me!! I kinda like ‘drunken glamour puss,’ too.

When i was little ( oh here we go..) my idol was, believe it or not, Joan Colins. Weird right, for a 6 year old, but she was. I loved everything about her, the way she moved, the way she talked, the way she bitched people out, with her sharp yet champagne dripped tongue. She was a man eater, she wore diamonds to bed, and i loved her SO much, that when i was 7… i did a glamourous ‘Joan Colins’ type, ‘walking down giant elegant stairway,’ photo shoot, white fur and everything. Today that’s called child pornography, (hahahaha), yet back in the 80’s it was my version of Glamour. I was always WAY ahead of the masses as a child when it came to being sexy, and trying to look glamourous. Sometimes under my school uniform, to impress a boy i was dating, (he was only 14…lol..) i would wear stockings, garters, lingerie, and red n black lace panties. I think i just liked the thought of turning men on, at a very young age…hahaha, so yeah, nothing much has changed…boring story!!

But YES! We have beer and as i speak, a random, don’t know him at all person, has just IM-ed saying, ‘Do u wunna F**k?’ and ‘Am i still learning Korean?’ I wrote back, ‘ Wrong person, and Nah thanx, i’m washing my hair.’

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