The traumas of a side pony

I’ve just done the nursery run adorning inappropriate attire. I never really realize until I enter the joint and another mum, will accidentally avert her eyes to my cleavage before my eyes. It’s then when it dawns on me that I may have made a foolish choice in ‘fashion crime,’ (I only seem to do ‘fashion crime’ these days, I don’t know what’s wrong with me?) I thought going with lemon button up blouse would be poshy. However, it seems you have to do up ALL the buttons in order to create the correct manner of ‘posh.’ I rocked it with an open cleavage button and a polka dotted bra, THEN I went a step to far by MATCHING my daughter to me…(no, not with a cleavage top, I’m not THAT hideous, yet in we were samey.) HOLY CRAP was that a bad idea. I got too excited and made her wear a SIDE PONY TAIL, the type of pony tail that was only fun in the early 9o’s, or was it late 80’s?? The type of pony tail that you may get made fun of, if you’re not as popular as you thought you were. My poor little lemon dressed, angel of delight, (who won a ‘SPECIAL PERSON AWARD’ at nursery yesterday for holding baby Junior’s hand, whilst singing Twinkle-Twinkle at him and rocking his cradle to help him sleep…awww) was FORCED to rock a SIDE PONY. It didn’t go down well…I broke her heart before 9am…and well if this is how she’s congratulated for being all ‘special award’ then I doubt she’ll return to ‘do- gooding’ any time soon. I really need to embrace that my children have better taste than I and not force them into Wunna land with sprinkles and a conga line. She’ll probably try and be all butch in the future out of rebellion. But I hope not, as I just always want her to be ‘frilly.’ I’ll be 70 years old and STILL be trying to side pony her, in order to hold onto MY OWN sense of youth. #poorrubes (Don’t worry, strawberry red laces made her feel better. They make all girls better. Even big girls, with a side of white wine.)


My side ponied, heart broken, 2 year old at 8.45am this morning.

Oh and here’s a picture of her award…


Keiran is currently passed out. I’m not sure what’s wrong with him but something is? According to his words he is run down, over worked, under paid and in need of finding a more suitable occupation where his health remains in tact and he’s home more, being ‘Papa’ to the children. Ruby is SO much happier now that he’s back and I think it’s important for a Father to be there in person for his little ones. Money is money. Love is what rules. Plus, even thoughhe’s more cuddly, he’s useless when he’s passed out…even with his shirt off. I prefer the well and healthy Keiran. That Keiran does the washing up on occasion and drives me places. He’s sort of happy though because I made him poached eggs this morning. He text me mid-nursery run with his choice of breakie-breakfast…(wife duties often suck, but today i’m in the mood for playing ‘good wife,’) I was waaay ahead of him and already at Co-Op purchasing exactly what I thought he would like. His reply was...’Yaaaaaay thank you. And there’s just one of the reasons why you’re my wife.’ Cute innit! If in doubt girls, make them eggs. I’m a rubbish wife, but eggs always work…OH and ‘doing ya face.’

On the romance front… and we’re still floating in our bubble of romance….we’re even so cool that we’re reading each other’s star sign needs and adjusting appropriately to make our ‘other half’ happy. 🙂 An Aries & a Sagittarius are a highly compatible couple, however apparently once i’m’ BENT INTO SUBMISSION’ i’m the sweetest lady in the entire world. That’s a bit of a lofty title of greatness? I thought the ‘sweetest lady in the entire world’ would saved lives, give kindness and nurture the less fortunate without reward, not wear too much eyeliner, a short skirt, only care about herself and stilettos before even thinking about seeking to soothe the lost?However no…i’m her, the sweetest person ever. The planet’s say so, so THERE! I knew I had a purpose.

Anyway long story short,  my hubby has assured me that he has organized and pre-planned our one year wedding anniversary ‘doo-daa’ and it’s something that he feels is special enough for me to ‘love.’ I wanted to organize it all because I adore a bit of romance and being the one who rejoiced and planned a grand gesture of affection. Keiran is unfortunately the exact same way…so he’s done it and is refusing to tell me what the big ‘hoo-haa’ exactly is? I don’t really think he’s under too much pressure this year, as we haven’t managed to really do anything too ‘romantical’ or specia…l due to pregnancy, babies, babies and pregnancy..Therefore it’ll be an easy one for him, as pretty much anything will impress me at the moment. He had to tell me that he had organized something so I didn’t double book us in the name of ‘romance.’ I wonder what he’s come up with? Infact, I think I may know…(On the day of the event, i’ll tell you what I THINK it is and compare it to what actually occurs. He’s just stirred and woken up with a ‘oh? I’ve napped again.’ Typical.)

Once again, life is good, i’m rescheduling meetings so that I can meet my lovely ginger ‘Woodcock,’ who’s on garden leave for being naughty and finding a new job. If you don’t like something CHANGE IT. She did and well it worked. She’s now getting paid in full to top up her tan for 3 weeks, without having to show up for work. #somepeoplegetalltheluck I’ve managed to jiggle around a Leeds meeting for next week, yet it seems that when I re-jig, more stuff piles in. Give me my Ginge!!

Today Baby Junior, my darling little bundle of boy, is having to have his injections today. His first ones. 🙁 I’m devastated because he has just managed to get his personality in. He smiles when he sees me and hears my voice…He’s far too adorable, doughy eyed and innocent for me to trundle off to the Doctors to get jabbed by needles, under the false pretense that we’re on a joyous ‘love filled’ outing. I can’t bare it. I can’t do it. So Keiran has to take him and i’ll spectate from a distance. *OUCHIE!* It really does stress me out. It’s just an awful feeling and it’ll be even worse if he cries. I want him to just ‘swag’ it out with an ‘umph’ and a smile. If he cries then i’ll be doing Ruby’s ‘side pony’ weep picture in lemon. 🙁 It’s at 2.15pm. I still have time to mentally prep myself.



(His ‘Don’t jab me’ face. 🙁 )

Okay, coffee time. Can’t think of ‘owt else to write? SHIT! I forgot to do my INBOX blog today!!! I’ll do it for you later! I’ve got so much going on in August. Meeting, the children’s modelling jiggery, Keiran’s modelling malarky, new work, my thyroid scan…all sorts. UGH!)

Love you lots,

Chrissie x

ps/I still need a job







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