The swiggedy swing of it all

I’ve weirdly pretty much lost all of my baby weight? I’m not sure how this has happened? But i’m liking it. When preggo, i went up to a jolly old size 14-16. This morning, when I rose from my rather rosy chambers…7 days later I can fit into my old clothes? In a week, i’ll be back to a healthy size 8 and if i’m being honest it feels delicious, to look in the mirror and finally see MY

I must go smooch her and sort out my life plan. Very busy day much! Can’t wait til i can rock skinny jeans and leopard print heels again. Gimme a week!

*On a more serious note: I actually love that Pete and I are doing a lot of dreaming right now. All  successful hooplas begin with a  single thought, an idea…a dream. I’m great at the whole making the old dream come true. Therefore a casual lot of planning for the future and sharing of goals and ideas are being made, on our sofa. It’s the first time we’ve really united as a family and i’m happiest when we’re all doing life together! (Even though I am currently yelling at Pete for taking off his woolly cape like, black dressing gown and just dropping it on the floor for ME…Ultimate Glamour Puss Extra-ordinaire…to pick up. ‘OMG !!PICK THAT UP PETE! YOU’RE NOT FRICKIN’ BATMAN!!!’) But i’ll let him off and because I enjoy that he’s singing ‘A miiiilllion love songs…’ to Ruby right now. Why do I have period pains right now? I better not be another baby in there?????

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