The swagger of a champion

Loving today. I’m working hard and winking at various strangers of the opposite sex. The sun is out, the world is a candy coloured coat of  ‘delicious,’ there is a swigger in my swagger and again…i can’t actually believe that it’s Friday night all over again? My life’s mildly eventful, therefore it oddly feels like it’s been Friday night EVERY night and ‘aaah’ my Dollies, here we are again! *Grabs leopard print heels*

I’ve just spent the last hour, having to sent 62 people a personal message froms me on Facebook. Like i’ve been saying, due to a friend limit, I can’t add anymore people to my profile, therefore i am having to use my Fanpage as my 2nd profile..which to me makes sense. Unfortunately others, don’t enjoy this concept, (lol) because they feel they’re secretly missing out on something devilishly exciting. Luckily, the clever ones have added the Fanpage and well I banter with them merrily. Others re-request, and re-request and demand to be ‘on the list’ so to speak (kinda like i would really..) because they believe the Fan Page is inferior to my actual profile page. But it’s not. Neither are anything too special. ..just me in bras (for once) smiling, plugging every single little thing i do. (Why is my wine glass empty? *Puzzled face*)

But anyway, i sent everyone who was mildly concerned a personal message, because i’m tipsy and now everyones happy..the world’s a better place. *swigs rum.* If i’m being honest, i did actually find room for one shirtless boy. haha. But please, I’m Chrissie Wunna. I’m the Ultimate Glamour Puss. I deleted one of my real life friends, to actually fit him in. HAHAHAHA! Oopsie! *Wiggle wink*

I’m really happy on Fridays. I think it’s more due to the sun, than the fact that it is Friday. I’ve spent the day laughing in merriment at pointless rubbish, which i believe puts me on a pedastal of ‘Greatness.’ I feel happy, playful and excited..and i can’t wait to get my weekend a started…with (herpes.) I’ve got a lot of options tonight. I’m not sure which one i want to commit to? I’ll have to see how i feel later…

Anyway, i’m now going to groom and i do want you to know that I’ve now labelled @Wazza ‘GOD!’ He is my can do man. My best friend ever. The boy who can predict my move, before I EVEN know i’m going to make it. Basically yesterday, i was all glum and moody. I wanted more facebook fans…we got me 1000 more. I wanted to beable to chat to them. He added a CHAT to my website page…(look below…you can chat with me RIGHT NOW)…I wanted some other things that would make me smile. I really can’t remember what…but with a *thrust-grunt-Wazza dance* he did them all and even in record time. What an amazing being!!! You all need a Wazza! He manages this whole entire site. No, infact, my whole entire world of ‘Cyber.’  I’ve known him for about 15 entire long ass years!!! When i say, you all need one. You CAN’T have mine. You have to find your own.  *Waves threatenning fist at you.* He is telling me to stop praising him, because his ego will definitely be forced to land…therefore i’ve been instructed to go back to calling him an ‘Idiot.’ He liked it better.

I’m off to have fun. Hope you do too babies!!! xx

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