The Sun has got his hat on…and preggo bums


GOOD MORNING my perky pinks of pretty perv! Delicious weather. Great nights sleep, completely enjoying the sunshine..’HEEELLLLOOOO SUMMER,’ and actually looking forward to blogging for you today. Maybe it’s because i’m in a good mood. One of those grand kinda moods, where you feel as though you’re on top of the world. ‘You shall go to the ball Cinders!’

Anyway…over the last two days, during the Bank Holiday weekend, (I’m actually not currently working due to preggoness, so to be honest every weekend is a ‘Bank Holiday Weekend’ to me, yipppeeee,) my hubby and I spent some good old fashioned ‘quality time’ with one another. You see, Keiran and I go through phase blocks. We went from spending every single moment of every single day with one another, to then Tarzan palm swinging to the other end of the spectrum with a ‘Yahoooo’ where work decided to slut strut her way in, with a side of golf and take our constant ‘hanging out’ COMPLETELY away from us, leaving us in the ‘not spending ANY time with one another’ box. Not a bad box by any means, as we’re both independant, yet at the same time needy for love. However, with everything in life, that touch of BALANCE, the old ‘Ying & Yang’ the old bit of ‘Laurel,’ bit of ‘Hardy,’ is essential. Like I always say, a conga line (a line that I truly find detestable) is only great because it STOPS. Fun, must always be punctuated and play must always come with a heavy dollop of work. If not, you’re an idiot and I always use fun and play as examples, simply because no-one needs convincing of having a good time. I think people get more carried away with the aspect of ‘party-party-knickers in the air’ shindigs, than they do work. Unless you’re a money making machine…then you work all the time and have riches. In fact…now I think about it…work does sound better after all. 🙂 Fuck balance. Just make millions.

So yeah, The Hubbilicious and I have spend chill time with one another, which we truly appreciated because we never really get to do it. We cuddled and kissed and well for the first day simply got back into the swing of things. I actually ENJOYED making him his morning eggs and he was filled with romance. Keiran by trade is a love bunyn and you’re really lucky if you’re the apple of his eye because he will wholeheartedly dote on you romantically, even if at times he doesn’t doesn’t show that he’s utterly sprung. It’s a guy thing to him. A typical Aries trait. That night I felt like we were the best couple in the world and married life couldn’t be better. We’re an Aries and a Sagittarius (for those of you who are into all that…I am) so he has traits that qualify him to be my dream man…he’s romantic, loving, courageous and brave. Hard in all the right ways, yet soft in all the right ways and well we sort of at times reach a kind of harmony that other couples never turly get to experience. He’s been the man that’s been able to sort of tame me. It’s been hard for him, but he finally was able to see beyond a mist of boobies, tan and feist. I mean, my  blunt comments may bruise his innocent heart at times, but my integrity is spotless. 🙂 Oh and I have boobies. Bottom line…we’re in love and still falling. Always a nice feeling and wonderful when you’re a family and about to celebrate a new addition to the delicious equation. ‘Oooh, I do say Sir!’

That night we actually ‘300’ as we laid on the sofa tending to ‘quality time.’  It’s one of his favourite films as it ignites his inner ‘Army Keiran.’ I’m quite good in the fact that I’ll watch anything. I’m easily pleased and not too picky. But I will say, WHY THE HELL did those Spartan boys decide to go into hardcore battle in nothing but Speedo’s and capes. Oh and knee high rocket boots. They were dressed like go-go dancers…with swords. I mean, this was meant to be a serious ‘I only have 300 men’ battle…not a Wunnaland 2004 bedroom parade. Where the fuck is your armour? I’m no where near up on my army knowledge..but for crying out loud, I’d know to put a top on. It’s not Babestation. (You know what…I’ve just relaized how old i’ve become…back in the day, I would’ve LOVED go-go dancing soldier lookalikeys. I’ve lost my touch. Kill me now. I’m complaining because big, buff, warrior men AREN’T wearing any clothes…i’m dead to me. I think i’ve become a great deal more respectful now that i’ve grown up. However saying that, I always was. I only pretended to be whorey, with a roving eye for the gents. Now, don’t get me wrong I lvoe a handsome man and when I was single devoured them with my charm. Yet now that i’m a married bird…i’ve summoned my real me…and well I tend not to be flirty with boys or glare at the sweaty male bods of others and simply because i’m satisfied with my own chunk of man that I have at home. Keiran’s lucky in that sense and it’s a trait he enjoys in me…loyalty, faithfulness.  All my other other traits, apart from boobies, he just puts up with. Yay!

Then I went to the kitchen to launch a plate into the sink only to find drunks outside my window ready to take on their next bit of public house merriment.  One chubby blond boy saw me, shouted ‘OI’ (romance is alive) and then decided to remove his top, to show me his delightful chubby body, and swirl his shirt around his head for me. That’s what happens in Wunna land when you fling plates into the sink. Madness. Again..not my type..yet flattered. Drunks love me. The bizarre thing is that when you’re chubby, the shirt fling is only at it’s perfect comedic peak if you’re funny about it. He wasn’t. He was doing it as a straight old drunkard, who thought I might fancy his body? All you heard was me shouting, ‘Keiran, there’s a boy taking off his shirt in the window at me?’ His reply…’Is he still doing it?’ I looked and he had gone. ‘No.’ The end.

I enjoy Keiran’s replies to things…’Babe..why are they going into battle in no tops and just pants?’ His answer, ‘…because they’re ninja’s.’ 🙂

Yesterday was a lovely day…Ruby went to Meadowhall after galloping around the garden with her new bubble lawn mower..only a cheapy…but she loved, it until it broke. Don’t we all. Rube’s is an outside kinda girl, she adores the sun,a frock and a run around the garden. I’m enjoying every bit of being her mummy, especially now that she’s a 2 year old,w hich is odd as they’re mean to be terrible around this time. Don’t get me wrong, she can be a diva, but i expect it from her…meaning it’s water off a ducks back. Bring it, Mini Me. Poor Keiran’s been schooled in the art of ‘Diva-mania’ like a champion. He has Ruby, my Mother and I to deal with on a daily. No wonder he loves golf so much. Anything to get him out the house. 🙂 He’s till asleep now, as I’m blogging by his feet. This has been his only proper lay in day, because his actually didn’t have work at 6am this morning. I’m being noisy..but whatever, that’s life. I think people who don’t like noise or anything really…need to learn to be smart. Smart people wouldn’t tell the people to ‘shh,’ they would just learn to adapt and be able to sleep in noise. BOOM!


(All grown up Ruby doing ‘Summer’ & Keiran, off to do his ‘anything to get him out the house’ golf.’ I can’t believe how grown up Rubes is now and I can’t believe how gentleman like Keiran looks these days.)

Okay, so yesterday since we had no babies…just the bump, Keiran and I took a walk around Junction 32 in the sun, stopped off at a cafe, then public ‘in clothes’ sunbathed on a grassy patch, that I didn’t know we were allowed on.

‘Are we allowed on here?’

‘ a little Chrissie.’ 🙂

As IF, I got told to ‘live a little,’ helloooo…have you not read this blog…rewind a few years. It’s scary. I just didn’t want to get carted off in my big knickers and bump and have a prison baby. Dramatic I know.

Anyway, ti was a beautiful day, a scorcher…and we laid on the grass, in lvoe and bathed in the sun…we were kinda like zoo animals, as there was a wooden ‘don’t cross, this is garden area” barrier around is. So everyone who passed got to see my big, wibbly ‘wrapped up’ preggo bum. Delightful. I didn’t care because I couldn’t see THEM. I had my back turned. Keiran played his tunes and quite loudly sang along to them. I pouted and tickled him, as I laid…like a beached pink, in my sunglasses catching some rays. BEAUTIFUL. Twice yesterday, he looked at me and said, ‘today has been lovely. I’ve loved just chilling and spending time with you like this, because i’ve felt like we never get to do it anymore.’ AWWW. The thing about Keiran and I is that we’re always on the same page. A good thing when it comes to pairing up. I’m only rambling on about him so much because firstly..i love him and I can’t actually believe I ever found someone that is my ideal. Your Prince REALLY WILL COME Ladies…and not just all over you…with a diamond, a future and everything. Then secondly…well..just the first thing really.

Got home, chilled some more…made lasagne…Keiran golfed and Ruby returned from shopping as bright as a cheery button still with her Summer gallop and giddy giggly in tact. I love that she’s so happy right now. I mean last night was one of the first night’s in ages where she actually slept through without nightmares and woke up HAPPY. In fact completely wide eyed and cheery, with an ‘i love you.’ Usually I get a weave pull or a slap. TODAY she managed to lay in until 6.30am. I was impressed. There’s no point ot her waking up early simply because SHE can’t handle it. Yesterday was unlike today as she wee’d all over my bed, spilt milkl in it, then ran off to her ‘Hello Kitty’ bed that she NEVER wants to sleep in and slept in it. Charming. Saying htat, i’ve done that before…expect I was 23 in New York. 🙂 Oh and the wee was vomit. I’m far too glamourous to wee in someone’s sheets. 🙂 Honest! (I have accidentally poo’ed though. But that was okay…I was 19 and I hate that guy now.)

I don’t think I have anything else to report, other than to wish you a very happy day. I’m off to see the doctor at 2.30pm today to make sure all is well for the upcoming birth, with my dodgy blood levels. Sexy! Oh and Keiran is rather excited about his new bed. Almost too excited. Almost child like excited. He’s turned, ‘Babe i’ve bought a new bed so we can tag team the children’ into ‘OMG, I HAVE MY OWN ROOM.’ Apparently, I’m not allowed in it, only for sex and I need a secret password and he’s delighted because he gets to shut everyone out. Lol. He’s turned into a hermit. It’s hilarious. Grumpy old man Thompson.

Last night, as I feel asleep on his pec on the sofa and shocked myself up. You do that when you’re a mum…i think? If you fall asleep any other place…you jump up ad think, SHIT WHERE AM i…I HAVE CHILDREN AND EVERYTHING.’

Anyway, I can’t lay on the husbands pecs without falling asleep because it just feel so comforted and if cuddle him he usually falls asleep out of comfort also. We’re being’s who need love to relax…and money. 😉  So, I jump up, he’d been slapping my arse all evening…which was a bit ouchy actually. I like tender touches not whacks. I’m in a sleepy haze, I get to standing, I’m dreary and need to get to bed and do you think he does? No..he doesn’t clam me, love me and guide me in the right direction, he lifts up my top to expose my boobies, then pulls down my bright orange, with white polka dots frilly knickers (i looked like a whale in them, they were ace) and he pulled them DOWN!!! None of it to be sexy…just to do it because I was ‘man down.’ I moaned, stomped my feet, pulled up my pants and went to bed.

Have a great day. *Wiggles.*













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