The sequinned jiggery pokery


Life is currently amazing and it’s because i’ve lifted up a giant cosy blanket of stress and instead found ‘good times’ and peace, all in one. I actually feel sorry for anyone that is having to go through massive shit right now, as i’ve been there..and well now, all there is in Wunna land is roses.

It’s weird because over the past few years, there’s always been ‘Chrissie Wunna’ and well..just me. And i’m ‘just me’…but some kind of bizarre fantasy, be it a good one, a bad one, or a sexy one…is mentally built of me by others…which stirs them up passionately, when it comes to my existence in their live. At first, i never really thought anything of it, and well now it’s just something that i’ve learnt to live with…but it  can be annoying, because the people that i have in my life, who know me  me in person..they just get me and treat me well..normally. Yet, others..jump to loving me, hating me and or everything in between based upon blog posts, pictures, brief , past, tv appearances or just anything they can Google, find and point at. I’m not one to care, as i’m obviously built of the good kind of glitter bricks and i’m not a force to be reckoned with, even though i may come across as a bit of a glammy ‘ditz.’

But whatever, i’m really lucky. I have lots of love, lots of babies.. :), lots of work,  lots of en route success and a smile on my little kitten face. I’m feeling great right now and well i don’t think that i’ve ever been happier.

This year, i’ve worked hard. Really hard. And i’m really proud of the person that i’ve become and the future that i may create for myself. *Wiggle..giggle.* Y’see, power comes with knowing how hard you’ve worked and seeing a result from that. Knowing that no matter what anyone says…you’re still happy because your life is actually wonderful. I’m really grateful for all that  i have…and for the first time in a long time, for once…i’ve worked hard for it. (I’ve been slack in the past, but now i’ve got this shit down. 🙂  AND i did it all in too much eyeliner! Yeah baby!)

What i dislike about some people is their inability to be positive, open minded or even just (and i don’t hate the word) ‘nice.’ In fact no..worng word…’hopeful.’ I might be sarcastic and feisty, but i have one of those good old hearts, the kinda heart that gets folk into Heaven. 🙂 And it’s that, that matters. None of the jiggery pokery and more of the substance. People who focus on the ‘jiggery pokery’ are idiots. But yes, i still manage to find them funny too. I’m humoured by them. It’s got to be the kicks.

December 1st…my lash line come out to you…I’m really excited and i truly hope you all buy a pair.

Yeah, i’m dashing about, trying to glue it all together and make it all happen…but i will and i can’t wait.

This is the stage in my blog where i’ve got my fingers crossed, however they’ll one day (soon) be a stage, where in which i’m celebrating being moi!

Night tie kitten kisses,

Wunna x






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