The Queen of the night

‘Chrissie you ALWAYS say the wrong thing!!’ Said the ‘handsome’ referred to as ‘Lover,’ to his little Puss of Glamour. He then went on to say that he was going to style my hair (eww, as if) so that no-one would fancy me and i claimed that I was going to put him in a cage, so no-one could get their grubby hands on him. It’s love, it’s got to be. We’ve stirred a little away from the fairytale and to a land of normality. It’s still GREAT though….six mroe months of this to go!

Now, I’m a kitty cat who enjoys to tease others…you know make them walk a tiny, but sexy tight-rope, for my own useless little jollies, then award them with cuddles and smoochies galore, after they’ve tip-toed across the Wunna sky- walk  of ‘mind fuck.’

Loverboy and I are back to being all lovey dovey again and life is A.O.kay. He lost me for a second whilst i ventured of to my little dark place of ‘ooh,’ but now i’m back and filled to the brim with Love. I have hearts in my eye and everything. We had a good day yesterday. Not overly romantic, or completely cold. Just purrfect. That kind of medium where two lovers, laugh and tease each other, in a childlike fashion. I usually tease him by making him jealous or calling him dumb. 🙂  He teases me by…wait? Now i think about it, he doesn’t really tease me? Oops! Hah! he tried to see if i could spell actual words yesterday in a carpark. i could. he was shcoked. Says it all really. I then tired to see if he knew the capitals of the countries of the world. He didn’t…I won! he calims he does know them, but surely if i’ve already TOLD you the answer it doesn’t count and EVERYONE knows that the capital of France is Paris. [Do spacca face here]

Anyway, were back in our bubble and everything is rosey. It always was, but sometimes i take a detour through the thorns. I can’t help myself really. he bought be ice-ream and placed in a wafer cornet. Fro that point on it was love. One of the moments that i really remember about us, is a time when we were at his parents home. They have a big koi pond in their garden decorated by rockery. I was stood upon the rockery edge, with Petey by my side..his arm around my waist…making sure i didn’t fall in.  (The fact that i am 29 and people are terrified i’m going to fall in humours me. Smudge this face…don’t be ridiculous!) He gave me a handful of fish food, (which kinda got stuck in my nail extensions) and together we fed the fish. It was one of those calm moments, away from the madness. One of those moments that i have only shared with him. I was sboer, it was nice. A *Flashback* that keeps me at ease. It’s was one of the moments when our bond was stronger than ever. (Now, i’m a Pregasaurus. The bond is on rollercoasting madness. My hormones really are taking us on a bumpy ride…and not the good kind where you get the money shot’s in focus.)

What i’ve learnt about relationships is the importance to trust your partner and to not get yourself in a tizzy of insecurity. Once you do, your imagination can get the better of you. You can create illusions that only a arab trawling a dessert could find. Keep a clear head. Keep a strength and a confidence. But most of all keep a clear YOU. I’m telling you, my hormones are making me happy, sad, full of life, then exhausted, confident then insecure. I’ve noticed how different i treat Loverboy through each phase of the wave. How we feel about ourselves, really does matter. It effects how we treat others. *Gets off high horse.*

Away from all that, i have Talk back Thames leaving me messages. I’m not sure why as of yet, because television production companies are always quite secretive on your voicemail? They leave cryptic messages, suggesting you call them back. When you do, they just want to audition you for some kind reality show, that you end up not being able to do. I also, ahve a friend from LA, a hot one, arriving in Manchester tonight. I have no idea where he is or anything? He is simply wondering around with his boyfriend and chica. I don’t even konw if his phone is working? But i’m all stressed out, because i want to see him, yet i have to schedule everything in with that thing i have called ‘life.’

I also have to write a quick paragraph for a radio station that is going to have the Little Puss in for an interview, when her book gets published. Helen my agent will get an exact date on the publishing tomorrow i think? She has a meeting with the head honchos, who will fly her a date and’s a venture that i simply cannot WAIT to tango with. [Shimmie here.]

Finally…my scan (thankyou for all my messages by the way) was such an EMERGENCY..(because of the bleeding) that the good people at Pontefract Hospital FORGOT to book me in. I called to cancel this scan of sorts, after seeing a Doctor (my mother) who told me that since the bleeding had stopped, there was no need for me to strutt off to that little appointment, since i’m already booked in for Friday. Called up.. they hadn’t even booked me in and after they had stressed the word EMERGENCY at me. So now, on Friday at 2pm, Loverboy and I are venturing off to Ponty Hospital to check on the little puss that i have living inside me. We’re already causing Loverboy a great deal of trouble, so i need to keep my fingers crossed that upon that merry day, a *heartbeat* is heard…so we can continue annoying Loverboy for another 6 months. Oh what bliss! (God, i’m dying for a wee.)

I had to do business whilst being tucked up in bed today. I’m on bed rest, until Friday..which annoys me. I’m an all ‘cyclinders go’ kinda girl and this first 12 weeks of moping about has killed my soul.  I swear my nipples are beginning to look like beef burgers. I meant to be Chrissie Wunna…sexy much Queen of wiggle and woo! I have sequins. men and tassles on my nipples that suggest a good time and cocktail. NOT what looks like barbequed patties on the ends of my jubblies. It’s devastating..but at the same time hilarious. Pete says i look like an 80’s porn star. I say i look like a…chimpanzee.

Okay, i have to go get showered and ready for a night out. When i think of my life, i think of it as night. I mean i tottered in at 1am, again last under a blue black blanket of night sky, that was littered with tiny stars. I looked up, in my pleated denim skirt and smiled. To me things always look better at night. be it Vegas, the sky, eyes, fireworks and candle light.

I look better at night and NO not because i’m such a minger and it’s better than you can’t see me…before you all start! I just think all things that glow, or have a light, a ‘magic’ about them shine through at night time. We blossom and ooze magic into darkness. I have that energy that seems to be able to guide people through the evening merrily, safely and with a gentle wink.  Wearing sequins helps.  But no-one can stop my ‘ooh laa.’

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