The Queen of F****** Up

Well heeellllo, my little dew like droplets of delight. I’ve accidentally slept through the whole of my Bank Holiday plans due to exhaustion. I mean it’s hard being a Glamour Puss. All the pouting, winking and beating off handsomes with big sticks of ‘umph,’ can actually be more tiring that you think. Add heels to that merry equation, and not only do you end up with killer thighs, (that we don’t actually want to take too far. I mean man thighs on girls, aren’t often labelled as ‘Dainty’)… but you will also end up walking  to your boudior, placing your phone on charge and ACCIDENTALLY falling asleep for four hours straight, fully eyelashed, boobied and clothed. The fact that i don’t mind the missing of plans, ( i’m a kitty cat who prefers to be out and about, smearing shimmie’s and inappropriateness in any town that will have me,) means i must have needed a night off the ‘razzamatazz.’ I’ve been out every night during the last 2 week period. Dinner, drinks, handsomes, heels, and happiness. When the thought of having to eat one more dinner, or have one more bottle of wine, makes you feel as though you’re going to need to take a nap, in order to soldier your way through it…a break is in order. I’ve been far too social. I need a PJ night. Oh and just so you know, i’m not a napper. I find it lazy. I’m a human dynamo. When i say ‘nap,’ i usually just mean i strike a pose, hold still for 5 minutes and *fan myself.* The breeze acts as my moment of ‘rest.‘ However today, i actually did the ‘close eye’ kinda nap… for four whole hours and in my heels. (Yes, i have heels to nap in.) It completely confused my body, as it’s only used to performing such an act, with vomit surrounding it and with *heartbreak* lipsticked upon my every inch . I actually slept and didn’t even *pass out*through drunkardness. Eww much. What have i become!!!

Anyway, enough of the mindless chitter chatter. Today, i went to the parents of ‘Loverboy’ and did

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