The Power of the Jubblies

So this is the most popular (as in viewed) photo of Me, breaking Chrissie Wunna records. I’m assuming it’s because it’s one of the very few ‘post- boob job’ piccies i have here on the lovely CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM. Making it a feast for your greedy eyes. I know, you’ve all seen it a million times, yet without my name strategically plastered across my nipples. (Stop the booing) I actually owe my boobs everything. They’ve been a powerful part of the Chrissie Wunna ‘magic.’ And yes, i do only use that power they offer for evil purposes. I love this little bundle of perfectly peachy purrtography. Simply Delicious. Taken by Byron Newman (the Playboy guy…i call him ‘Big Balls’ and he’s a very dear friend of mine) and in the words of a boy i almost dated, but ended up just having sex with (not mentioning any names)…’Put some E’s on that bitch!’ lol…

Have a Wunnaful Day (that was lame..)

Chrissie Wunna x

6 thoughts on “The Power of the Jubblies”

  1. Just recieved this comment as a personal message in regards to this blog ( I loved it, so i wanted to’s from a lovely guy in London)

    ‘ I had a shit girl friend once. we hardly saw eachother and she could be a bit of a pain

    but she had the most amazing boobs and when we did see eachother she put the power of jubblies to very effective use and all was forgiven’


  2. that is so true though chrissie everygeezer loves a pair of nice thrupneys and u do have a lovely guns babe but just as nice as your mods are your minces and your boat all together

  3. thats ok me old rabbit stew lol. u do look mustard bu u do need to be showing some nip lol . but i wont boo all my booing is for mike ashley


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