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Amazingly random weekend. All i’m gonna say is, you KNOW you’ve officially graduated from ‘Party girl-Player-Player’ status, when you are pretty much doing the walk of shame at 9.30am, in an ‘i don’t know where we are’ kinda town, after sleeping over at your good friend ‘Karans’ home, with your future, ‘very tired’ hubby to be, handsome, trying to find the car, in broad daylight, with a HIGH CHAIR IN YOUR HAND. 🙂 I looked at Keiran (who also like Moi, has a reputation that proceeds him, which i DON’T LIKE hearing about, even though EVERYONE wants to tell me it,) in my fur boots and mini denim skirt and giggled at our life. Well done us. We’ve accidentally reached ‘settled forever’…I mean this time a couple years back, we’d both probably be rolling a stranger out of our beds, booking them a taxi home and hoping that they didn’t hate us too much..or think my refridgerated face pack is…breakfast. 🙂

Anyway, as always a ‘pile on’ of random behaviour got the better of me. The evening before our delicious night skies were littered with bitty spurts of fiery light. (Keiran and I ended up going to the Notton display, because my mum wouldn’t let me take baby Ruby to a bonfire  simply out of fear that Ruby may turn ‘DIVA.’ Does that even make senes?) But yeah, night before, i was sat in a cozy,w ooden floored living room, by a fireplace, in my polka dot knickers with a being named Adeline, a being named Kev (who claimed to really like me..even though he referred to me as ‘this one,’ however couldn’t quite decide if it was only because i was in polka dot knickers? :)) Keiran was there (his house) and oncwe again ‘Turner’ was in the background.

Chitter-chatter, merriement, booze, fireplaces, card games and drinking games occured. One of those fun nights of drunken, silly ‘chillax’ with a group of people, who don’t mind getting sozzled on a Friday, by fire, flat caps, mood lighting and me in a pair of knicker crackers. I’m shit at drinking games because they get really complicated. I hate anything that prevents me from being allowed to have a guzzle of vino. ANYTHING. Therefore having to go around a really slow drunken circle of people,until it was my actual turn to get it wrong and drink, as apparent punishment, was tedious’ However still fun. I ballsed most of it up. Giggled my way through it and ended up shouting at people for being slow, before then having a lovely bit of *rumpy* in the bathroom, in bizarre lighting, with my hubby to be. He was in nothing but a brown farmers flat cap and it all kinda got a bit ‘hot under the collar’ (if there was a collar, after i held his willy, which i’m going to name ‘Pirate’ as he did a wee…on command.)

At 30 you shouldn’t be playing drinking games. Great night. Again random. Yet i love people. I love drinking. I love ‘good times’ and ticking another thing off in the old ‘memory box’ of my ‘not working today’ mind. We had a really great night, apart from now i’ve decided to despise all the stories that people forcing me to listen to, about Keirans ‘player’ past, even when i tell them i don’t want to hear them. I get that i have a past. A big horrific one. Yet he’s lucky to never hear anything about it…even though it will be in book form at Xmas or in the New Year for the world to read. 🙂 If i do it, i do it big. It annoys me now that he’s randomly bonked everyone. Well not the bonking part, just the everyone telling me about it repeatedly part. I don’t find it fun. *Hair-toss-wiggle*

Anyway, the next day and because we ended up staying up and drinking until 7am, we did bonfire night. You know life is good, when you innocently find yourself cuddling and kissing under the most romantic spray of fireworks, by a giant full forced bonfire, by a fair and young children with light sabers, ONLY to find yourself getting a text from ‘Karan,’ ending up on a randomly, looong drive, to lord knows where…(‘Dude, my Google maps isn’t fucking working!!!!’) Finding yourself drinking with a group of fun, older strangers…and Karan, to the point where going home is now no longer an option, meaning we had to stay over, after more booze, pizza and chips, in a spare room, as one of her ‘just as drunk’ sons..poor thing, opened the bedroom door after his own night out and got confused by the fact that there was a ethnic floozy and a handsome boy in his bed? We were actually warned that he may be so drunk, he might just get into bed with you. LOL.

Life is good.

I’m in a new phase right now. I’ve spent the last week on the phone to journalists and talking to them for Reveal Magazine and The Mirror. I had my photoshoot for Reveal in my home, as my mum, brother and Keiran looked after my baby Ruby mid-snappy-snap. I then did my usual family ‘New Miller Dam’ Carvery…followed by the walk. I’m really excited about my book launch. I can’t wait to see it, get it in the stores and begin the campaign. I want all things new. All things exciting. My daughter more than anything and all things stable.

My work life is promising with a few secrets here and there. Lots of struts forward and hopeful change.I think i’m in Reveal Today…so go check. My love life is wonderful. My rapport with Pete is really great now, which we really do need in order to raise our little girl and well not only am i enjoying a wine, with a ‘need for more pamper’ time…i WANT more Baby Ruby time. I’ve committed myself to work…but i just want to be with my little glitzy daughter. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

(I forgot that i did a little candlelit meal the other night. Keiran took me there as his ‘sorry’ after that bad night we had. Thank god we’re good now. I’ve been up since 5.30am, after not being able to sleep all night. I really do hope wonderful things happen.)

Remember that your life is all you have. The moments. The world you live in. Love. Life and memories!! I’ve made mine glitzy and i hope you do too. I’ve never sold my entire story short and documentated everything that i felt fit. Life is a tremendous gift, as are the people you have in it.  Can’t wait til ‘Crimbo. Love that you all have my blog uploaded on your new phones! Yay! Makes me feel amazing.

Make your life WORTH IT. Make your history hot. Just grab an impractical pair of heels and head for the stars dolls…*Wiggle-Wink-Out.*

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