The Lucky Brush Rocks

So i’ve been prepping for my brothers birthday party tonight, and it’s decided to RAIN like a champion. UGH!!! I’m a bit tipsy, as i can never ‘prep’ and not sneak in a vodka…hahah…i’ve heard it’s a slippery slope. Amy Winehouse ROCKS!! I am amazingly getting some WONDERFUL auditions in…i don’t know what happened??? I love it!! So hopefully, now that i am ‘magic’ and have giant boobies…(& fyi/ they are amazing) i will ACE my auditions, as they are auditions i have dreamt about, and i’m not about to throw them away. I can’t believe my luck…and i know i keep going on about it, but if you were’ magic’ , you’d be rambling on like theres no tomorrow also. Everythings just coming together, the way i’ve always wanted…and this is shocking as i usually McTrip trip fall over myself….but not this time!! (ooh-ahh, Can-TON-a!!!)

I’m breaming over with joyfulness, i’m in shock, and i need another drinky ….I LOVE MY NEW BOOBS!!! I feel like i’ve just been smacked over the head with the ‘lucky’ brush!! Woo-hoo!

1 thought on “The Lucky Brush Rocks”

  1. quality chrissie im pleased everything is gonig well for u babe and that u are tucking right in to the vod get it down your gregory babe. i hope u have a good night otnight chrissie and that your magic continues babe. im pleased u are loving your mods chrissie. god luck with your auditons babe take care chrissie tada scratch


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