The Luckiest Little Shit….

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Hi, my gorgeous treats of tinkle. I’m happy as can be. I feel like i’m doing everything right for once? Life is serving up a fair set of cards. I feel alive. I feel loved. I feel lucky. And although things aren’t always that easy. I feel like i’m headed down a more welcoming path.

I’m back on Northern soil. I’ve had the busiest last week..and I MEAN the busiest!!

It’s been filled with photo shoots, meetings, new people, old people, cocktails, train journies, life, love, film cameras, hotels, cities and work.

I’ve tinkered to Leeds, shimmied to Newcastle, waved my magic wand all over Yorkshire, swanned over to Cobham, Surrey, stopped off for scripts in London, returned to Doncaster to give The Wunna Babies everything they wished for and then at the crack of dawn shot back down to London, to film a little something with the BBC.

It’s been the best time ever. This is me.

I’ve managed to have a lot of fun in between. I’ve worked hard. But that’s what I do. That’s who I am. I enjoy my job and I feel like the luckiest little kitten in the world. Work makes me feel alive. (Like I have a purpose.) The babies make me feel ‘whole.’ (Like I have a purpose.) The ‘fun bits’ make it all worthwhile. It keeps the ‘sizzle’ juicy. 😉 (Almost like I have a purpose.)

If you could see in my head, you would literally die of shock…or maybe be a bit a little ‘moist.’ Haha.

But i’m grateful and I’m thankful, that i’m still here, doing my do…with my head held high and a warmth in my heart that glows.

Right, I’ve got so much to tell you that i’m not even gonna begin it until tomorrow. (I’m back now, I can blog.)

I did shoots and cocktails with Chris  @fleekfotography in Leeds, the other day. He actually shot the above pics, and it’s INSANE. He’s gay, he’s Geordie, he’s now my personal photographer and we is ‘BOUJI.’

Let me tell you, his work is he’s phenomenal. When you shoot, you need a connection with your photographer. They need to understand you and you need to trust their creativeness.

Both Chris and I northern, so our banter is on point…Alongside the ‘snippy snaps’ it’s all belly laughs, ‘wish we had wine’ and ‘Geordie/Yorkshire ‘hoo haas.’

It was actually really good fun, having a gay glamour photog. We did cocktails afterwards, because obviously it’s essential.

Me: ‘I can’t believe you’ve already finished ya drink!’

Chris: ‘Ya with a Geordie now. I can handle my drink. Haha.’

But i’m gonna go back to this story, on the next blog because there’s lots more to it…and a guest….But please scroll ya eyes back up to my pic…WE smashed it! I love the shot. Any guy, be he gay or straight, you can make me feel beautiful, deserves cocktails.


So, I travelled down to Surrey and stayed at The Woodlands Park Hotel. I felt really lucky. The place is utterly peaceful, yet grand. It oozes an old school charm, filled with warm fire places, drawing rooms and chandeliers.  It was beautiful and the staff were a dream. The service was impeccable and i’m so grateful because it was the loveliest time ever.

 From rose wines, double espressos, snapchat chitter, new beginnings, love, laughter, truths, no judgement, tales, life and learning….it was wonderful.

Life felt really real. I was happy. It was simple. It was peaceful, but it was exciting. I made secret memories, that no one will ever really know about…and they’re memories that i’ll treasure and maybe giggle about some day.

There were times where I was nervous. Times when I felt enthralled. Times where I felt sexy, inspired…and split my sides with laughter. But most of all…times that just felt right.

There were moments alone, moments of togetherness. Moments with wine around a raging fire. There were times where I enjoyed chilling in my bubble and just walking around in my undies. . whilst swearing, laughing, catching up with old friends and getting to know new souls.

I’m someone who knows what I want. I’m very clear when it comes to that. I don’t always get what I want. But most of the time I try to. Haha.

All i do know is that….

Everything that’s meant to be will always find it’s way to you.

But yes, i’m gonna try and get through all my shenanigans over the next few blogs. But know that i’m back to blogging.

Thank you for all the love on my socials. I couldn’t adore you anymore. Thank you.

Right now my life feels like a dream. I guess, i’m the luckiest girl in the world.

Anyway, i’ve got to go…I have a meeting. (There’s a middle aged gentleman sat across from me and he’s in tears. ;( It’s always really hard to see someone trying to get on with their own version of life…when it’s maybe a little tricky.)

It’s the tricky parts that make us who we are. The best bits. The bits that create us. That turn us into life soldiers.

Do the things that make you happy. Feel free. love hard. Cry if you need to. Laugh whenever you can.

If not…you can always shoot a tequila. 😉

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