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I still don’t like feet. I hate feet. I can’t stand MY feet. Your feet. Anyone’s feet. All feet and piggy snouts are terrifying. That is all. Everything else in the world is lovely. Don’t get it twisted. Oh! Oh! And sausage dogs. They scare me. Not as much as crossing roads used to. But yes, sausage dogs. Terrifying things. Are they a dog or are they a sausage, because being both is creepy? Maybe it just confuses Asians.  I’m one of the only chicks to go out around Wakefield one night and return home at 8am, after getting thrown around a dance floor in neon….with a real life sausage doll. Scary shit. Hated that time of my life. At least everyone saved me, unlike my Saturday day date at THE BLACKY.

Other than that. I’m excited because life has gone back to normal. I’ve had a really chilled night and enjoyed myself, family time, work, blogging and a nightcap. Soooooooooooooo much better than being at the pub. I love a social atmosphere. Yet like i said, i don’t think i’ve been balancing it well of recent. But don’t fret. I’ve got it down. It’s all sorted. I feel ‘champion.’

So, i’m currently doing my list for my Summer party, which i now don’t want to be a giant party for everyone and just a super bouji dinner party in a rented out teepee/marquee. It may not be a dinenr party and more cocktails and food in my teepee of ‘glamourosity.’ Who knows? It depends on whether i want to spend thousands on it or not. Lol.

But i’ve started the list anyway, incase it ends up being a dinner party and so far i only have 24 people on it? But i’ll figure it out and it will be done WELL. Very Wunna. Very delicious. Very *wa woo wee.*

I love throwing a shindig, be it glammy or be it casual. So, i actually can’t wait at all.

However, i have a lot to do before then…meaning i’ll do a ‘Wunna’ and leave it all to the last minute, like i do my weddings 😉  and in a rush ‘ace’ it out my arse.

Nonetheless. I’m throwing a Summer party very soon and well…i’ll see who else i can jab on my list. I like the ideas, the throwing, but no the organizing.

Ruby finally came home, after a day out with Pete. She’s happy wherever she is, but when he dropped her off, he was looking at me funny and not managing a great deal of eye contact???

Now Pete’s shy anyway. I’ve known him since he was 11. But we get on really well, for people in such a circumstance and raise Ruby really well together and with the aid of Keiran. It’s weird how well all three of us get along to be honest and it’s because i’m just not that kind of girl. There’s not that much drama. Just hissy fits, now and again. But on the whole…Wunna land is great.

Anyway…Pete was being all shy and weird. So once the ‘thank you’s’ were done and i got Ruby back inside. I sat back down at my laptop and realised that the whole entire time i was stood at the door, i had my whole blouse UNDONE, fully undone, with boobs out and everything!! HAHAHA. Poor sod. Lord knows what he was thinking. HAHAHA.

I didn’t even realise!?!

My mum was over to see Ruby and see just looked and pissed herself laughing. I don’t think she ever gets me, nor what goes on with men and I. I don’t even get it. I don’t get why i’m not happily settled. Lol. However, i do know that it worries her, as more than anything in the world, she will not ever want to pass, without knowing that i found true love. She needs to know that i’m loved and taken care of. But i’ll just never find someone who adores me the way i need to be adored. Lol.

But yes, Summer party. Can’t wait!

I know what i want, just don’t know if i want it to be chilled cocktails and a buffet, where people are forced to mingle and chatter to one another. Or if it should be a full on sinner party? Sinner party? Dinner party much? Whatever, i’ll pull it out the bag.

Help me please….

Wunna x


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