The In Moda Fashion Showcase


Morning, my darling suckles of little tiny lemon drops!

So, last Friday, after getting my pretty faux furred booty back to Yorkshire…which was after I attended the ‘Bloggers Breakfast’ for The Clothes Show Live…I got the 13.16 train, from Platform 1 at Doncaster train station to London Kings Cross!

I was more than excited simply because my entire system was bubbling with a champagne love for all things fashion, be it high street, designer…the likes of Victoria Secret…or just the new edition of Cosmo. Plus, I had enjoyed a Marks & Spencer’s train Mojito, to get me in the mood. (It is soo much better than a train wine! Plus, a train down to London on a Friday certainly gets ya feeling going! But yes, when it comes to a train tipple..take you’re own booze, but don’t be like those random, shouty, chav boys on the train who guzzle cans of Stella or cider and think they’re being really fun. They just look like plebs don’t they? πŸ™‚ ) I once sat on a train where one of the ‘pleb’ boys started crawling up towards me down the isle of the train, pretending to be a tiger when pissed. Luckily he passed out half way through his journey to Wunna land, via the fine art of ‘le tigre.’ His mates had to carry him off at the next stop because he did a sick. πŸ™‚ Keep it sophisticated. I mean, by all means radiate fun. I’m a sassy bubble of oriental totter…wrapped in a Hollywood tinsel, slapped with a big old Yorkshire pud. πŸ™‚ But I never get carried off trains after producing a vomit, after train lager. Ewww! Take a Marks & Sparks mojito and if you see a guy drinking one, he has good marry him. ) )

Okay…so…got to London. Easy ride down. The air was filled with magic. The mood of the place was sort of pre-evening, after-worky and there was a quiet buzz of excitement, slowly meandering it’s way through the air. (Ooh Fabulous Magazine are calling me?)

Anyway…I checked into my hotel, after performing the usual set conversation you have with a cabbie. Life was good, the world seemed like a safer place. I was happy to be back in the Capital to indulge in more ‘F’ for fashion.

I had plenty of time to chill, have a wine, relax, book my driver, get changed, look online to learn more about the designers I was going to be seeing at the fashion show. My dress…as you saw in my last post was the Grecian collection by ‘Oh my Love’ from Topshop. I think it’s around Β£62. Definitely worth it. And after making sure all was well at home with Ruby and Junior, I slowly began to groom, get greasy, clip in the hair, slip into my bit of sexy and enjoy life with a *wiggle.*

So, the doors for the fashion show were set to open at 6pm. I got to Beach Blanket Babylon (Shoreditch) sort of early. I have no idea why, but I am incapable of being late to anything? πŸ™‚ Even if I want to be’ just on time’…i’m always early. I couldn’t even be fashionably late to a flipping Fashion SHOW. πŸ™‚ I simply don’t have it in me. Maybe the art of tardy doesn’t work well in Wunna land. But nonetheless, everyone in the hotel had been glaring at me because I had walked in in leggings and a scruffy up do and exited the elevator doors an hour later in FULLY GLAMOUR PUSSY, GODDESS-LIKE GLORY! Now word of a life, when those evelavtor doors was like an episode of ‘Stars in their eyes.’ The WHOLE ENTIRE LOBBY FROZE and just dedicated those last few seconds of that moment to ME. (I liek that and it’s all because of the dress. Well, people do always say that, however, it’s not always what you wear it’s HOW you wear it. The funny things is that I Β came out of the lift with a random Australian man, who’s first words to me, as I entered the lift on floor 6 were ‘Where are YOU going?’ He was a gentleman and my total elevator boyfriend from floors 6 to the lobby. πŸ™‚ Bottom line, any dress that makes doors open and people stare is a winner! I felt the glory again. I’m definitely getting back to feeling myself again.

The drive to Beach Blanket was divine. I was slowly taken through the pretty night time streets of London at Christmas. How beautiful. The store windows were filled with high fashion. I peered through doors where I could see London’s young social fixtures having their hair done for the evening. Bright Christmas lights everywhere. It made a cold night cosy. Then Shoreditch scared me with all it’s dark alleys and evil graffiti, as I stepped out of my taxi in my glorious grecian gown…lol…and then ran as fast as I could into Beach Blanket so the baddies couldn’t get me. Hahaha,

I tried to up to venture up to the fashion show at 6pm. But it wasn’t ready yet. They ushers and organizers were so sweet to me and assured me that all was well but they were running a little late. I completely understood though because the ‘behind the scenes’ of everything, especially a fashion show is rushy and panicky. You see the calm, glamorous result of a lot of hard work behind the wings and well…panic. Models had been late and people were trying to set up. It was fine because well what better place to have to wait in. I sat down at the bar at Beach Blanket and ordered myself a Β£10 mojito for kicks. πŸ™‚


The most delicious, yet strongest mojito ever. I could’ve had 40 of them. But I settled to one and enjoyed every last bit.

As I was at the bar a lovely chica came and strapped me up with a VIP band, with me being their guest for the evening…


And well the doors sooned opened. I escorted myself up the stars, walked into a bright white room, sided with chairs for viewers, a pap coven and a catwalk. I could apparently sit anywhere as long as it was at the front. So I did and I loved it. I wish brought a wine up with me though. Yet, luckily I was buzzing off the sheer excitement.

So the In Moda Fashion showcase is a show that I adore simply because it nurtures up and coming designers and talent who one day will make it BIG in the fashion industry. This is no joke. All the top designers have started somewhere and shown their work to all the right people and a great deal of passion, hard work and love had gone into each piece. It’s creative and they bared their soul…and just like this blog, it’s something that I respect. I was there to cover the event and already I was impressed at the dedication and the fact that there was an event that nurtured future talent so that they could show their work. It’s people’s dreams here and it matters.

SO..and this is the dodgy bit…it was sort of awful of me to have bloggers or so called bloggers sit next to me and say ‘Ugh..I don’t like this. What’s going on. It’s rubbish. I can’t believe you’ve come all the way for this! I’m leaving in an hour because I’m going to film The Chrissy B show tonight. It’s just not what I expected. What do you do? I know i’ve seen you before at events on the front row. Oh? your’e blogging for the Clothes Show this year. How do I get in on that?’Β Ouchie!

Lovely lady…beautiful girl..but definitely there for all the wrong reasons. She wanted to get her smooze on and yeah that’s smart, but I grew up in Hollywood and having seen it all…I think there’s a way to appreciate what the event was about. It wasn’t about US. It was about fashion, new design, love, passion, covering the event, In Moda and the actual designers! When i walk into a room and i’m about to cover an event I literally scan everything in a moment. At it always seems like Β i’m not listening..but i’ve written this blog for YEARS successfully now and baby i’m all ears, eyes and peeks. πŸ˜‰ But at the same time i’m positive and I understand where she’s coming from. She was lots of fun and very beautiful. But i think she more wanted to be famous than sort of wanted to blog or enjoy fashion. Let alone witness the nurturing of new design. It’s a big evening for them. It matters. This is why I believe places like The Clothes Show have picked the RIGHT bloggers and people to cover their event. There were only a few at the ‘Bloggers Breakfast’ last Thursday, but they were the RIGHT PEOPLE. People who love fashion and beauty…understand passion and love positively, want to be a success, yet at the same time simply and whole heartedly enjoy to blog. It’s not just something you do for attention if that was the case, like rubbish relationships it wouldn’t last. My blog has always been a labour of love and I always knew that I loved it because i’m naturally undisciplined and my blog is the ONLY THING in this entire world…that I have been disciplined enough to write every single day for years and year and years and i have no idea why? I mean, in Hollywood, I had a whole jealous boyfriend delete it all after I spoke the truth …and i still managed to plonk it up and write it the very next day.

I was talking to Heidi, who is also a blogger. Her site is called ‘heidi likes.’ I LOVE HEIDI. And well she has been through the same thing as me, where narrow minded people from the small towns that you come from, who aren’t that educated on the whole.. have a go at you for blogging and documenting your life…like it’s some kind of sin. She’s had people say ‘Why are you posting pictures of yourself online? Why do you bother?’ I”ve had people say things like that in the past because their brains don’t work far enough to see the bigger picture. They don’t so much now that my blog does really well..but that’s how it goes doesn’t it. Not one of my LA friends or London friends have ever complained and simply because they get it. I mean, how DARE someone actually document their own life and the people and things that go on in it! πŸ™‚ Lol. I think a blogging hobby is far better than spending moments in a dark corner of a club sniffing up lines because ya Mummy didn’t love you. πŸ™‚ Anyway, enough of that! Sprinkles and Light! πŸ™‚ Moving on…

The show was about to begin. The paps where getting ready,


..and just like that

…the show BEGAN!


It was great and started off in good spirits. The designers for the evening, who were showing their works were AARTI, Future Heirlooms, SBC Clothing, See Saw Clothing, Bola Holis, Gabriella Gametta, Philip Turner, Mullalo Designs, La Cint & finally a double whammy by Love and Beloved.

I adore a fashion show and i’ve really gotten into all things designer these days. Yeah, I love a bit of this and a bit of that. But high fashion just seems so divine. I get it now and it doesn’t matter when you understand something…as long as you eventually do.

The models walked, the clothing was divine. The music was great, the atmosphere was filled with a buzz, the photographers were going crazy and the organizers could’ve have been more charming. I was happy to be there and loved every moment of the creativity. Plus, i was being treated really well and when you get treated just like things better. (Boys need to learn that.)

So what i’ve done and simply because most of you know how a fashion show goes down..even if you have never had the luxury of going to one. I’ve picked my best looks form each designer and then i’ll tell you my favourite choice for the evening!



Future Heirlooms.



SBC Clothing


See Saw


Bola Holis


Gabriella Gambetta (Her work was great because it was all very haunting completely inspired by human anatomy)


Philip Turner


Mullalo Designs


La Cint (Loved this look. I’d wear it around Sainsburys. πŸ™‚ It was real fur btw. The arm pieces and jackets looked beautiful. Yet the hanging foxes around the necks of gent models might get PETA in a huffadoodee.)


And the show stealers for me…



The lines, the work, the detail, the jackets…DIVINE. I adored this collection and it’s actually doing really well. He’s getting seen everywhere at all the top fashion events and’s certainly a winner for me.

My other favourite was the white sequinned jumpsuit by Philip Turner. I wanted to BUY IT, it was that great. (Look above.) I love sequins. I adore a low v-cut, glammy jumpsuit. Divine! Divine! Divine”! These are pieces that i definitely want in my wardrobe and pieces that you will definitely be seeing in the future!

The evening and event was a HIT. It was marvellous and sort of got better and better as the show progressed. I mean to be honest I did miss one of the lines because I had run downstairs, in my gown, to get a wine in the break. It took so long to get one that I half missed Bola Holis, I think? I had to stand being the paps hiding.

I was honoured to be there. I loved the fashion. In Moda did wonderfully and I was treated really well to both a creative world of ‘ooh laa’ and a fabulous night! I’d definitely go again and i’m grateful that I got invited! I actually saw one of the Pr’s there who was at The Bloggers Breakfast for The Clothes Show. This is why it is important to show your work. Get out there. Do it. Celebrate it. Be brave! Find opportunity, don’t wait for it to find you.

I actually met a really great girl that night. She makes hats under the name of ‘Madam Cozier.’ Heart shaped fascinators and all sorts by hand. They were amazing. The reason why I adored her (we were both shy at first, but got talking in the end) was because she had CYCLED ALL THE WAY TO THE FASHION SHOW, wrapped up in a cozy knitted over sized cardigan, that hid her fancy dress, and cycled all the way from BRIXTON to the other end of the city! AT NIGHT! That’s dedication. I looked at her with a smile and giggled. ‘I can’t believe you’ve fucking cycled it.’ We laughed and she loved it. So down to earth and funny. A REAL person. She was 30 and a mum. She looked 20 and electic. We talked about life, being mums and men. (The Dad of her son had walked out also.) But she like me had got her swag back and now she was running her OWN business and doing it well. I love women like that. She is someone who you just stay in contact with. I enjoy the company of good people, who do creative things and want to do well…yet are completely down to earth. (And I can see through anyone. Not because i’m so great, but because i’ve been tragic. I’ve been everything.)

I will say that there was annoying guy there who I liked at first because he seemed so sweet. But then he asked to drink my wine and did. I mean I let him because I thought it would be rude not to. But you don’t drink Chrissie Wunna’s wine out of her HAND, when you’re a BOY. Ewww! He was fun and well from Amsterdam. I thought he was okay until he told me how he like the party life, going to festivals, big music events and doing drugs. Not good. Then he tried to scope for drugs, followed by finding out if we (the girl and I) were single. Later on that evening, when we got the message that we weren’t, he found a girl that was..and tagged onto her. Lol…with his boner.

The good thing is that he did redeem himself and I do understand the art of needing a wine, so I let him off with the drinking mine out of my own hand thing. In another break, he ventured downstairs and bought a BOTTLE of red wine up for us to share. That was good manners. So I forgave him. πŸ™‚ He was a good boy..just lost and 25. He’ll find himself. He’s of a good nature. And like I said in life, it doesn’t matter when you find long as you do. Yet try not to lose everything whilst you’re on the path to losing yourself, as when you do come out of the storm…you’re gonna need the people who were there for you. The good people stir you on the right path and positively. The bad people encourage negativity and invite you to share their weakness.

I enjoyed the In Moda Fashion Showcase. Fabulous. I’m loving fashion and beauty right now.

Life is really great!

Give their website a visit…








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