The Hollywood Agent Upgrade

So i’m sitting in my living room watching Celebrity Big Brother…after a hard day of being ‘Greatness.’ (Fyi/ I only like Coolio, Latoya, Terry & Ben and in that order…all the rest are annoyingly lame. Entertain Me Goddamit!!) And as it’s almost finished, my Blackberry starts a ringing and on the other end of my darling pink phone is a big LA agent currently having lunch with a casting director (I know well from drinking & swapping clothes with) in West Hollywood (WEHO as we call it) saying, ‘Hi Chrissie, i’ve been reading your blog. (what??) It’s really something. You’re really something and my friend here says (then he gets distracted and starts asking a waiter for more water…and tells me my accent is cute) that you’re an amazing creature & i think that i could help. I know some things you’d be great for and i think you have a great future ahead of you. So when’s a good time?

I’m sitting on my sofa in England, in the worst possible pyjamas for such a conversation, dunking digestives into my cuppa tea, watching Coolio scrub Terry in a bath tub and talking to a man with major clout, who’s agency i have always wanted to be represented by whilst he’s eating a chicken pesto salad sandwich, drinking water and in my leopard print pop socks….Life doesn’t get much better than this! My mouth is open!!

I ofcourse already have an agent in LA..Who i promised i would stay loyal to, if  something like this were to ever happen. (It’s kinda like when you have a relationship with Mr.Right and you swear down you’ll only ever love him until your last dying days. Then you break up and realize he was only ‘Mr.Right Now’ then you leave and find yourself saying it to the next dashing suitor.) But balls to that! (Hope they don’t read this.) I’m doing the Hollywood Agent Upgrade!! Yay!  Shameful, but honestly everyone leaves their agent for the big guys. I can’t believe it?? What is happenning?? I want to run around naked screaming!!! Best night EVER!! OH MY GOD!! (Shit i just dropped a midget gem.)

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