The heeby jeebies

I looked the most glamourous a little asian glamour puss can look, at 11 o clock in the morning. I was draped in leopard print, golden chandelier earrings and all to show some very important people how ‘GREATNESS’ i am. I strutted off to Manchester, (well went by train at 8am, so i don’t know how i managed to ‘strut?’) I felt like a million dollars, even though it rained all over me, and every other person was staring, (and not even pretending not too,) looking as though they had trouble deciding, if i was a posh famous glamour puss, or a prostitute. Some sat by me and winked, others dragged their first borns away from me! It’s a talent!!

Great day though, especially because i had to pull my glorious dress up, to reveal an even more glorious pair of grey panties, in the ‘Rovers Return’ for a wardrobe lady who was having to suss out my hip size….my dress would not permit her. It kept purring, every time a tape measure went near it. Without telling you too much, i basically spent the whole morning part of the day filled to the brim with nerves…but the good kind!! Y’know when you want to represent yourself as best as possible, but you have to do it under scarily awesome circumstances, infront of a panel of people who can determine whether they want to take you on a magical adventure, and change your life forever. (No i’m not on drugs) Well, that was me, at 11am…in Manchester. I LOVED every minute, every second, but couldn’t help getting this crazy rush of nervous excitement. I had the shimmie shakes! It was scary! Infact, it was GREATNESS!! My mind is all, ‘higgly piggly,’ so i can’t seem to express how i feel???? It’s a first!! OMG!!! I’m still taking deep breaths….i’ve heard it good for you.

Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “The heeby jeebies”

  1. I Love You Baby!!!! And you will do fine… Your the best lil’ Mama!!! I can’t wait to hear your voice… Have a great time!!!




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