The GNH (My new favourite cocktail haunt)

Right so on Saturday, i was determind to make my weekend worth something. I’m like that. I need to feel as though i’ve lived. I’m a fun bunny. A girl who will impulsively throw ‘have a go’ at life and love every single moment of it. My Friday was shit, so Saturday morning i decided that was it…i was headed to London to do the cocktail hour at The GNH (The Great Northern Hotel) which is situated right at Kings Cross station. How handy, right?

I had previously stayed their before and wasn’t staying the night this time as I needed to get back to Yorkshire for Mothers day, to spoil and BE spoilt. And well, during my stay I had actually found the place DIVINE. Like i honestly believe that it is the BEST BOUTIQUE hotel i have ever been to. The service is first class, five star and the quality of food, drink, bar design and comfy beds…is fabulous!!! PLUS, i enjoy that they remembered me from before. That makes a big different to me as i am a complete ego maniac. 🙂

The last time i resided there I was reviewing the ‘Forbidden Nights’ boys show…and i had simply done cocktails there with Emily (who is now in Bermuda) for kicks, yet i never forgot how great the place was and how fantastic the customer service was. Not to mention how hot the staff were. 🙂

I had been to London every weekend after and stayed at The Mayfair (like you do) yet like I said, I never ever forgot how much I adored The Great Northern.

Soooooooo, this Saturday, I decided to rock up, well get on a train and do their cocktail hour, which starts at 2pm on a Saturday. The immediately remembered me,s at me down made me feel sooo incredible special, in the best booth in the house. (It felt so VIP) and almost every manager and every member of staff came across to my booth to greet me, be lovely to me, welcome me back and show me a cocktail list. I loved that and because of that i decided that I was going to drink every single cocktail on their NEW cocktail menu and tell you all what i thought!

Already the service was incredible and the bar is just so glamourous, let alone the hotel being sexy, beautifully designed and modern with an old school shimmie.

This is where i went…


And this is what I had…

And please so know that it was during a 2 for 1 hour and that I doubled up on my fave drinks.

What can I tell you, other than the impeccable service. LOTS!

The GNH do THE BEST COCKTAILS IN THE ENTIRE CITY. Not only are they completely well made, tasty and not only do they look divine, but they were absolutely and utterly creatively concocted that they are cocktails that you will talk about for years..and i’ve done cocktails. I’ve done cocktails all over the globe. And no cocktails are like the cocktails at The GNH. They are THE BEST and no one is doing them like them. The menu is not only unique and creative, but it id delicious and boast a range of alternate drinks that suit everyone…be you young, old, fruity or plain, simple, complicated, dun or dry. They have cocktail for you and believe it or not at such a reasonable price.

I had the..


Kings Cabana, which was absolutely refreshing, divine and modern. It was sort of like a milk mojito and i think i may have had 4. 🙂 So perfectly put together and the staff were so efficient, as they replaced my drink simply because it looked too watery ad icey, 🙂

I also had the…Cheeseboard tini…which is my favourite all time cocktail in the world ever! I’m a savory girl and this creation is nothing short of genius. Creative, tasty, savory, served with cheese and apple and perfect. I had 3 .


I tried the ‘Mind the Gap’ (which was stronger for those who like a lot of Tequila…Tequila. It puts hairs on your chest and makes you see double. 🙂 )



The ‘Plum & Jerry’ (again…another strong one….different, simple, strong and fun.) It was a less playful cocktail and simply got straight to the point. It tipped me over the edge of sobriety…and it was worth every drunken slur. :0


This was The boudica’s smooch… (OMG! For all of you with a sweet tooth, this is your dessert cocktail. I mean, it didn’t even taste liek booze, it actually tasted EXACTLY LIKE strawberry cheesecake. EXACTLY like strawberry cheesecake and it was soooo delightfully presented that for me, ti was juts a girly winner. I had 3.



I also had the ‘Lady Violet’ which tasted like blackcurrant champagne. Delicious, light and easy to drink. Not too boozy and very glamourous in your flute. 🙂

I tried the Paparrazi….which tasted like pure candy, it looked pink frothy and sparkly and is one of those cocktails that you would down and re order..over…and over…and over again. Not too strong…very girly.

In fact, they were the best cocktails i had ever had! They were made with such great care and love.

PLUS, the GNH bar itself is such a lively, modern, classy and stylish venue. It is filled with Londoners with excellent taste and commuters. I even actually saw  two posh kids doing their homework in there. next to business men models, normal men and women who had just had their hair did.

I was seated at the posh booth and at first next to a couple on a date. It was weird because i tried not to ear wig in on them.

Luckily, later, new people joined me…

..and OMG they were the funnest, most sarcastically hilarious folk in the world ever. Their drink of choice was a 40 pound bottle of rose wine. Then we all ended up having cocktails. But that’s what i mean. It’s that kind of place, where you can enjoy posh delicious drinks with really great, down to earth people..who have their own delicious stories. Sarah and Claire, were hilarious from the get go. Very London, very ‘worked at Cartier’ and very very funny. Oh my god, we had the best time and got so much drunker than we dared say. It was a ‘poodle thing’ and ‘amish’ and it rocked. We drank. We loved. We bantered and talked life.

Then Claire’s boyfriend joined us for cocktails. He was quite trendy and posh. Very kind, from a good family and funny. We had a conversation about my love life and my first marriage and it was funny because i narrowed my entire love life down to three bullet points He noticed that and MADE ME open up and when people do that i love them for it.

I like people who have a genuine interest in other people and what makes them tick.

Fabulous folk. Bought they cocktails.

The GNH is THE BEST BAR for an pre evening drink in London.

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