The Flu, Man U and Peach Dresses

Usually i should be served on ice, with a slice of lemon, a hot pink cocktail umbrella and a shimmie. Today, i should be served with a blanket, a makeup artist, the biggest box of tissues known to this merry land and a club to wallop me over the moody head with. I’m SICK. Really poorly. I have aches pulsating through the whole of my body. I’m exhausted, run down and in need of some much needed ‘alone’ time or just a cuddle. I missed my best friends birthday party today, because i thought it was cancelled. (Oops!)  I got fitted for a peach dress, that i’m having to wear to go watch Mr.Brand be funny in. (Sad too, because i looked like a wounded soldier getting measured up for a body bag.) And i’m feeling really bored. Well not really, it’s more a feeling of i don’t fit in here. Infact, it’s just how i felt years and years ago, before i moved to LA. I need to snap out of it, because as of right now, i have to be here. I need to Man Up a little, yet it’s proving to be difficult for a girly McGirl. I need alone time, and then a blast of performance. I miss performing. It really is the love of my life. It brings out the best in me…which is more than what i can say about most men. Oh and quick note to those in ‘love limbo’…i always say if you need to know if the partner you have is right for you..all you have to do is clearly see if they bring out the best in you. If they don’t then it’s a NO GO. There’s always someone who does.

It’s hard being 28 in Yorkshire. 28 in Hollywood is still classed as a very young age of irresponsiblity. It’s fun, it’s wild, it’s exciting, it’s a rollercoaster. Over here 28 is old, it’s done, it’s ‘settle down and watch Coronation street with your husband, 4 kids and 2 cats.’ If i seriously told anyone in LA that i was 28, (and i wouldn’t ever…give me some credit, as my Hollywood age is 23) they’d simply say’ Oh my GOD…you’re still such a baby!’ I mean some of the bitches out there are 40 and still young! They’re still living it and i love that! Not long until i go back now…so i’ll stop grumbling. LOL…it’s just because i’m ill and almost nearly getting my period. Yay! Girls bleeding Rock! I am happy on the inside. Promise!!

So the weird thing is, i watched the FA Cup (5th round) today! Manchester United v Derby and i LOVED it! I’m quite into football (soccer) when there’s a hot man i fancy playing it and let me tell you Cristiano Ronaldo is the sauciest little bugger i have ever seen. He could ‘5th round action ‘me ANYTIME. I adore him and quite promptly want to bathe in his man juices. As soon as i saw him head it into the goal, i was in lust! I wish he’s ‘head it ‘into my goal. Ooh he’s a naughty imp! I’ll be over my crush by tomorrow. Save me from myself!!

Right now in my life, i’m an awful lover, a tired little fairy and a juicy bundle of magic that has too much fake tan on. I’m moving up in the world and life is a goody. I’ve sort of created what i had for myself in LA, over here…but truely by accident. I actually also am sort of sick of watching the 3 rd episode of the show (Paris Hilton’s BBF) now (lol)…i’ve seen it a  million times and yeah it’s brilliant, but i just want it to move along, onto the next episode. I get it, i was there. I lived it. More, more more! next Episode please!  I think i’m just excited to see them all, yet i’m impatient, so making me wait is something you never want to really commit to.. Again got noticed a lot today and when you’re sick it’s not as much fun. Hopefully i’ll pop out of my case of my blues. (hahahahaha) Oh the Queens of Drama are out!

Chrissie Wunna

8 thoughts on “The Flu, Man U and Peach Dresses”

  1. why put soccer in brackets its football u play it with your foot and it is a ball therefor football. take me with u to la im getting bored of this quazi i might fair better in la lol . i hope u get better soon chrissie. ronaldo loves himself more than he could ever love a brid and dont u remeber the wink wich got rooney sent of in the world cup he should still get cut for that the mug

  2. Wazza- I’m still sicky!!! 🙁

    Scratch- I call it Soccer and don’t hate on Ronaldo, just because he’s hotter than you. LOL. He’s delicious and loves himself, just as much as i love myself. Match made in heaven. He’s the only EGO i’ll make room for. Oh and LOL….I’m not taking you to LA EVER…you said you hate the ‘Sceptics’ (exact quote)….i grew up in America…i love them.

  3. u know iam only joking chrissie bloody hell u cant take a joke anymore babe can u. i dont hate the american but they can do me sweade in when they get all cheesy


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