‘The Final *Bouji* Countdown’

Run off my feet! Or should i say, run off my tiny size 3 stilettos, without a wine and with a head (and a happy head may I add,) that is constantly on the glitzy move. The cogs are finally turning (*cheer here*) and well i’ve gotten quite into this being productive and ‘organizing things’ malarky. My career and home life…i’m good at organizing and do it with a shimmie and flair so delicious you could sizzle a firecracker off me. However, PARTIES (be it a wedding, a birthday, a launch, or a pity) i’m rubbish at and well at first i had no clue why, as i’ve been labelled ‘The Queen’ of a bouji bit of ‘party party’ (that’s my past) and apparently been given trophies for it and a career because of it. But I now realize that i’ve only ever been a GUEST at parties, be it a VIP guest, a troublesome guest, a fun guest, a hot guest or the guest that no-one likes. Meaning…i know how to GO to a party, but throwing one is a whole different matter. That’s why my book launch shindig went pear shaped..which i will be doing again next month-ish. Yet, after learning that if you want something to be magical and you’re the delicious ‘Chrissie Wunna,’ you just do it yourself and with nipple tassles on. The wedding will be AMAZING and because in such a short space of time, so much has been managed, juggled, spritzed, glittered and pulled out of everywhere to make it that way. I’m classing it as one of the most important days of my life, because when you choose to fall head over heels in love, at 31, after really thinking you would never marry again, never find that perfect man, due to no-one being ‘worth it’ and going through life all head strong and vixen, but with your fingers secretly crossed behind your back, with your hand over your heart, wishing to one day be loved the way you’ve always wanted to be, by a gent….Only to then accidentally meet the man of your entire dreams and after 5 weeks become his ‘almost wife,’ and an ‘almost year’ later choose to dedicate your glitzy ‘rest of your years’ to him…you class that as ‘big.’ REALLY BIG! I have met my ‘perfect’ and i never ever thought that there was my absolute perfect man out there…but there is…and luckily (and we all know i am a lucky fucker 🙂 ) i’m MARRYING HIM…and IN SEVEN DAYS!!
Okay, so the weekend was busy. I was mildy stressed, but due to a distinct lack of ‘shut eye, ‘ but i’m enjoying it. It was the last weekend before the wedding and well it was all candles, flowers, candy floss, candy, trees, dove releases, confetti showers and madness. All this with my gorgeous little Ruby in one arm and my mother…in the other. 🙂 There’s a point in life where you find yourself rushing around, but still with a glass of champagne in your right, a tree in your left, a daughter attached to your ankles making pretend Blackberry phonecalls to Miss.Piggy, whilst ordering a white dove release for the wedding, followed by 36 bottles of bubbles and 5 confetti ‘shooter’ showers…where you just have to sit back, find your inner Glamour puss and giggle. I mean, at first, i was super stressed and panicking over nothing. When really it’s greatness, to be blessed with such comedic memories…in the name of love. I’m chilled. But i’m focussed…but i’m on it…car bonnet. There’s a lot to do and well up until the last minute…i’ll be thundering away. I didn’t even get it all done Saturday, so it spilt into all day Sunday…and i STILL didn’t manage to get it al done. However, i’m lucky. I have a wonderful family, a lot of support, a beautiful daughter, a career and well i’m marrying the most amazing man in this entire world. We’ve had our ups and downs and always managed to get it back to ‘fairytale’ and quickly. However, Keiran has REALLY impressed me over the last week. I love being impressed..and well when a glamour puss is impressed, you’ll have her heart forever…and he does. (My friend Emily just pointed out that this time next week, will be my first day of married life with the ‘handsome.’) I’ve just thought..isn’t it weird how in the past on this blog, i’ve always referred to the ‘boys’ who have tinkered around my love life with a label. Yet with Keiran…even though i do label him with a ‘handsome’ infront of his name…i’ve always referred to as Keiran. I’ve never done that before..meaning what i feel for him is real.
On the mummy front, Ruby decided to projectile vomit upon herself repeatedly by a sweet shop, then a suit shop, and in a black Mercedes. THEN when she felt better, witnessed me cuddling her Disney Store ‘Miss Piggy’ and in a fit of absolute envy, screamed ‘NOOoooooooo noooooOOO,’  at her, as she thundered across the room toward me, RIPPED her out of my arms, flung her across the room, MADE ME tell ‘Miss Piggy’ off, only for HER to re-tell ‘Miss.Piggy’  off, then when she was down, (with her curly piggy locks, and evening gown) STOMPED ON HER HEAD!! #jeepers. Either she doesn’t like blondes, she doesn’t like pigs, or she’s jealous. I have no idea where she might get that from? 🙂 But don’t worry good folks…she recieved a stern telling off, a finger point, a lesson in love and now they cuddle with an ‘aww.’ (…ish.)
On the shocker much….Keiran’s home. He left on Friday to Amsterdam to tend to his ‘do’ of ‘Stag.’ He wasn’t meant to be back until Tuesday…infact maybe even the early hours of Wednesday morning…last night at around 10am, my garden sensor light beams, i have a little window peeky, as i’d have no idea who it was…and knocking on the door, is ‘The Stag,’ MY Stag….home early…and after only two days away? I mean, i was really happy to have him home and we had a wine whilst watching the ‘Sex and the City’ movie…but i was in total *shock,* as i didn’t expect him home? It kinda makes me feel bad, as i told him that he was entitled to a ‘stag do.’ But, he says that he felt bad, as i was having to run around organizing the wedding all by myself and i didn’t end up going out over the weekend or doing my hen do, due to a distinct lack of time and a whole lot more to organize, stating that he wanted to be here for me and help..and therefore came home early. Then he wanted cuddles, talked ‘love’ and wanted me to tickle him non-stop until he fell asleep. (He’s currently in bed sleeping off his weekend festivities. If anything he’s the one that needs the rest. Not only has he been working away for hours on end, under fed, under loved and with all that dipped in utter exhaustion. But, when you add partying to that…the picture ain’t too pretty. In my mind, he has a few days to recover ..y’know get back to ‘normal’ and the final days to salute ‘normal’ and move forward, upward and merrily, filled with a strong ‘ooh laa’ to ‘Yeah baby’ happy.
Friday is our joint family dinner and then Sunday…we get married. 2pm Oulton Hall.
Welcome to Wunna Land.
Thank you for following (well i always say my, but i guess i should say ‘our’) lives.
We love you. x *Morning wine here*

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