The fear bloody factor

A lesson on ‘Fear’ was taught today! I had a great early morning phone convo, with a delightful man, who was wanting to book me for a job. During the phone conversation, (that was a bit too early for my lazy arse,) i spent the majority of the conversation, being scared, and thinking about what ‘others’ would think? I was infact quite pathetic. It was GREAT!! My mother looked at me, shook her head, and said, ‘Don’t NOT do something, just because you’re scared, about the opinions of others. You only DON’T do something, if you really hate it, or if it comes back on me…badly’ (lol..)

So i went outside, fed a horse a carrot, (bizarre i know,) and after a jolly old ‘cigarette of thought’, i made the executive decision, to just  fuck it, (oh wait, not the horse..haha), find my Va voom, and do as many jobs as i possibly can!! I’m doing it and with GREATNESS!!

So this blog, is for anyone who is wanting to do something, it can be anything, yet NOT doing it, due to the thoughts of friends, or negative thoughts of others, or just because people are telling you not to do it…just dust yourself off, put on your best heels, and take the job on with a bloody smile on your face!!! Only you can play you best! Plus,a smile always fools everyone! (evil laugh) God, i’m so ‘inspirational barbie, ‘ today. I love it!!

Anyway, i’m off to ‘Xscape’, to go watch a movie…’Step Up 2′ here i come!! So excited!!

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