The Ego has Landed!

Most AMAZING day ever! Oh my word! This little kitty cat is making cleverly ‘sexy‘ much, stiletto shaped marks of  glory, va voom, giggle and what’s that word i’m looking for? Oh yeah…stardom! It was meant to be a dandy little

3 thoughts on “The Ego has Landed!”

  1. Hi I liked this blog so much. I think it is great that at two different places you let fans approach you and you where nice to them probably made there day for a long time to come and made yours too. I the shy type so heck I knew I would have ran a mile. But I am glad that you are accessible to your fans. Hope u have a good week and that things keep going good for you. Cheers. Yes ok Love you picture at the top too you look very sexy !

  2. Andrew: Aww u are quite the darling. I love you. Yeah i can be found and accessed quite easily. And yeah i’m told i’m really chipper, even when sober. 🙂

    Brett: *Bump Bump* 🙂


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