Good Morning, Dolls!

I’ve just woken up after falling asleep to meditation music (yes, it has got that bad πŸ™‚ ) and I’m blogging from my bed sheets and my leopard print jimmy jams, with a left over wine on my bedside table, that I forgot to drink last night, which oddy has a bottle of ginger beer (my new favourite soft drink) sat next to it, like buddies. Β (Don’t worry…i’m not going to make like it’s coffee and get it to wake me up.)

I’m still feeling like i needed that extra hour sleep, however I’ve got to go get my glasses refitted, pick up contact lenses, get petrol and send out 70 pairs of my Chrissie Wunna Lashes this morning…and all before 11am, because the wonder that is ‘Pete’ (Ruby’s biological Father) forgets that i’m quite a busy gal and alters and changes his ‘See Ruby schedule’ whenever he so wishes. The babies are at Keiran’s right now, as it is their Friday night ‘stop over,’ meaning it was my Friday night to refuel, as I never get a ‘Refuel Friday.’ Pete’s obviously not so keen on the this Friday night ‘stop over’ so he’s insisted on having Ruby at 11am this morning, (under the guise of ‘i have to work Sunday,) which kinda balls up everyone’s plans. But ah well…Lol. It doesn’t matter, as long as HE’s okay and it works for HIM. πŸ™‚ I mean, he shouldn’t actually be frustrated with Ruby and Junior doing their ‘Daddy stop over’ at Keiran’s…as well Ruby isn’t allowed to stop over at his frequently…or ever? They have a room and everything at Keiran’s and more importantly…the can stop there TOGETHER, which as a Mum brings me sooooo much more comfort! It’s weird because even though the babies bicker, they are incredibly close and genuinely miss each other, (heartache and everything) when the other is not around. Mainly Junior. Ruby’s a bit more independant. I now, never take any crap from ‘the daddies’ (ooh , they could form a club) because I used to let them get away with murder. Now, it’s all on my terms and because i’ve raised my little family on my own, with my Mama. It’s really weird because Pete comes across as really sweet, kind and nurturing,..and he is! Yet he doesn’t see Ruby much and she isn’t allowed to stay over and he doesn’t pay any form of child support? Or anything towards childcare costs or anything….Keiran on the other hand comes across as more brash, ego oriented and well you’ve followed the blog and read the story…YET, he’s the one out of the two that changed his life around for them, has paid child support for almost a year now and turned his home into their home, created this amazing new bedroom for them AND he also consistently sees and has the children twice a week, on days that we have worked out together. ALWAYS. So, it’s weird isn’t it, how men work?

Rant over!

Single Mums are better than Dads! πŸ™‚ (Apart from the great daddies who help out a lot and share their responsibility evenly.)

Okay, so life is busy right now, hence why i’m not getting to blog 3 times a day, which i’m sure is stressing me out, because if anything this blog is my therapy, as it’s much cheaper than ‘Dr. Help My Mind.’ And, funnily enough I get applauded for it.

I’ve worked really hard all week and been given much support from all of you for my eyelash brand. I’ve been busy. Really busy. But i’m happy. However, everyone keeps assuring me that i’m subconsciously stressed, because of this fucking rash. (And i’m allowed to swear infront of it now because i swear it swears at me.)

I’m telling you…IT IS CRAZY. When my face comes off, my neck looks like it’s been poked and butchered by apes…angry ones. Then scratched at by a million horny squirrels, who hate life or just me. I look like i have a skin disease…which doesn’t go well with my vanity.

I was eager to go out drinking last night, but i didn’t and i’m glad. Instead i rested at home, in a bath, did vino, watched telly had my Mum come over. I think i only wanted to go out because it was Pay day Friday’ and i thought i would be coming home to an empty home. I just wanted fun and t be occupied. Well have my mind occupied. I would’ve hobbied boys and drank cocktails. The usual old stuff. I’m never online dating again because i’ve realised that i don’t have toooo! The are so many delicious men right on my doorstep that i didn’t even notice. It’ll only take one Friday night out and BOOM, i’ll be hitched by next week. HAHA. I’m getting offers, but concentrating on work. At least I know there’ s dinners there if i want them. πŸ™‚ Shame i’m on diet really, I could do with a chow down.

Okay, so i spent the evening being determind to get rid of this rash because i refuse to be labelled ‘stressed’ and well because it gives me another thing to conquer over the weekend! Another thing on my ‘to do’ that I won’t get down to ‘doing?’

I stripped my face bare…i bathed. My bath looked disgusting afterward, as all my fake tan had glided off into it. It was certainly a glitter swamp, but smelt so good, as I used my lemon, glitter bomb form Lush! πŸ™‚ I moisturised with this killer bitch Psoriasis cream that stung my neck like a BASTARD. Dermalex. Don’t use it. It’s a BITCH. It kills….EVEN ON DAMP SKIN!

Then i waited to not feel in agony and smoothed my neck over with Vaseline and then Nivea night cream because Hayley had told me too. (The Nivea actually felt Β divine on my neck as it was all cool, and thick and scrummy.) Then I drank water. I laid flat and watched calming telly. Ate carbs with my dinner! I KNOW! The Devils work! Consumed more food than i usually would that wasn’t exactly what I’d call ‘healthy’ and then i made my Mum massage my back, as i didn’t find the time to book a massage.

I then tended to calm, slow breathing, zoned out, even contemplated ‘girl time’ πŸ˜‰ in order to cover all ground..then plonked on some meditation music and fell asleep after midnight..

Woke up…my rash is still there. πŸ™‚

Must go…i’ve got to do my face, get ready, rush off to Ponty, send out those lashes and rush back to pick up the babies, before heading off to Doncaster for errand running.

Life at 34.





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