The Art Of Happiness

That sounded negative. You’re a lot more positive than that. I’ve known you a very long time. Don’t be like that…’

Me: ‘I’ve just…’

‘Be who you are. Don’t worry. Rise above it. (She points at Ruby) She’ll look after him!’

Then she gave me that look, that psychic people give you, when they can see more than you, like a story is playing out right in front of them. (I don’t even know if she’s psychic? Lol) But I liked the feel of it. There was a comforting warmth to her.

(I always think people don’t understand what you’re going through unless they’re going through it themselves OR they’ve been through it. Yet, I believed her…)

This lady I saw in co-op yesterday, late afternoon. She was getting her bits & bobs from the supermarket. She’s older. She’s a no-nonsense, open minded sasserilla. A great human. I’d say a glamour puss. Lively! Fun! 

But she got struck with cancer a couple years back & it pretty much shocked everyone. She doesn’t pretend to be happy about it, with a cheery disposition. She’ll say it’s ‘shit’ but she’s merrily getting on with it. 

Her story has given her a good grasp on reality. I’m inspired by her.I respect her and I’m glad she snapped me out of it. (I didn’t even think I looked down. Haha. I thought I looked chipper & upbeat!!) 

Lady: ‘You don’t have to say anything to me, but I can see & feel everything. It’s going to be ok. Trust me.’

(I keep meeting people who are reminding me that everything will be okay. That I’m wonderful etc Which I like!! Haha. Yet more importantly, they’re reminding me to be strong, positive & to be who I actually am!!!) 

So I’ll say that during a time when I’m being taken on someone else’s troubled ‘rollercoaster’’s uplifting to have my friends, family & even strangers root me back upon my glittery grounds. The soulful soil of Wunna Land. 

Then the kids bought Halloween window jellies, ghost bunting & pre-bedtime snacks…and started running around the store with ‘Scary Movie’ scream masks on. #lovely

We did our tea at Ego (@egomediterranean) yesterday, straight after school.

Ruby got the rare steak. Junior the ‘Make your own pizza.’ They started with cheesy garlic bread & a rustic bread board and finished with the pistachio & strawberry ice-cream.

(I did the Spiced Moroccan chick pea cakes & learnt about Vegan wines. Did you know Ego do vegan wines!! Did you also know that you can WIN I think it’s either a 2/3 course lunch or dinner right now, if you book a table for Christmas time! They have a game set up at the restaurant, where you can open a lucky Christmas calendar drawer.)

I’m always up for a Christmas calendar drawer!! I love it! 

The kids & I go to Ego quite a lot for lunch or tea. You’ll all know that! The staff are always a delight! So it’s wonderful to make so many memories there. 

Ru & Ju Ju went outside after dessert to play ‘acting.’ Haha. They’re so cute. They make my eyes smile & my heart swell! I smell BAFTAS all around! Lol 

I’m SO proud of how close they are & how free they feel right now.

Queen Ruby made me film some of their ‘video treats.’ (Yes.They’re quite naff. But I love it because the glee on their faces when they watch themselves back is just bliss! Haha.They’re making fun memories…and when they’re older I’ll be able to show them what they were like at 8 & 6.) 

I encourage them to be themselves, be creative and to have fun. Ruby kept telling me off for not filming them correctly. Lol. Junior got really into it all & started directing. It was a hilarious shambles. A true Wunna Land memory. Lol 

When you’re so child you’re so fearlessly creative! It’s beautiful. They didn’t even care that other kids were watching. They loved it!! They put on a show. 

Ruby: ‘Well you said, you only live once & we had to enjoy it!! So we are Mum!!’ 

Mum: ‘That’s exactly right baby!’ 

(I even learn from my 8year old! Lol)

My body’s properly aching from Pilates yesterday. I don’t even know why I’m mates with Meli, when my body hurts this much?? Haha. If Nat isn’t feeling it this morning, then I’m literally super unfit! 

I’m meant to be back at YAFTA, Leeds tonight, for acting class, but I can’t make it because I have to prep for court next week. (It’s awful when things get in the way of your happy place, isn’t it!)

I always think it’s important (when you’re an actor) to always be in matter where you are career-wise. That’s why it’s frustrating for me, to not be in class tonight. You could be naturally great at the fine art of acting. (I do find it easy.) Yet, auditions & opportunities pop up, out of nowhere, when you least expect it! 

Training’s really important. Therefore, it’s better to be on point & ready, for when you have the opportunity to ‘nail it.’ You’re one more‘Yes’ away from making your dream, a reality.

Plus, that way you don’t have to panic. You’ll always give an amazingly confident & solid performance. Instead of a comfy average one. There’s lots of ‘comfy average’ performances. They’re good. But they’re not GREAT. Right?

Everyone around me is getting ready for Christmas and I love it! All the stores. All the restaurants. Everyone in the industry are a ‘Christmas’ filming. It’s my favourite time of year!

(I wish someone would massage my back right now! It kills!)

Anyway, on the whole, all is well. The kids galloped happily into school. Ju is so cute. He’s always so ‘I love you Mama,’ and filled with kisses. Ruby loves a kiss, but runs off to do her do! 

They’re really putting in some serious effort at school right now & I’m really pleased. It’s come out of nowhere!

 This year Ruby’s really wanting to work hard and get noticed for it. She’s smart, (as in last year, in Year 3, she did a Year 6 assessment.) Yet she’s someone who needs to feel challenged or she slacks off. (Kinda like moi! We have the exact same personality.) She’s not slacking at all this year? It’s almost as if she has something to prove? 

Junior has always worked SO hard. I’m talking 1000% effort. He’ll always want to do his homework on time. He always ask to read his book & will make sure he reads it to the end. Yet he’s always been behind. It was only since January this year when he found his self confidence and started to do much better, instead of feeling withdrawn or just giving up! 

There was a big noticeable change.

I mean he even has an extra tutor with him in class to help him keep up.

Right now, it seems his 1000% effort is utterly paying off. He got his ‘Special Mention.’ He’s coming home with full marks on a times table test, after a happy weekend. He’s wanting to show everyone what he’s made of now and I like it!!!

It’s a thoroughly emotional time for them both, as like myself they have also been forced on another humans ‘rollercoaster’ of turmoil. I feel for them because one minute we’re having the most beautiful time…and the next, we’re dragged into the unsteady drama of another.

However, their resilience is proving to be phenomenal. I’m very proud.

I’m just so happy that they have so much love and support. And I’m SO happy that they also see school & their friends as one of their most treasured places. It’s so treasured to them, after the support they’ve experienced, that they want to make a difference and they WANT to do well! 

That makes me happy! ❤️

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