That Little ‘Gotcha’…and Lashes.

Just got diddly done with my day of work. I’m on a long stretch of a work week and handling it with panache, a wink and a good solid bra. (Team Girl.) Unfortunately i’ve been doing it in FLATS and if i hate anything, i hate FLAT SHOES. They’ve done fucking ankles in. I‘m hobbling around like a wicked hibble hobble, under the bridge troll. Fucking flats…Kiss my hot hiney. Everything should be done in heels. Flats are dangerous and break your kitten ankles. πŸ™‚

I’m actually quite shattered, as i’m tending to ‘day job,’ beauty school, babies, life and beauty line. I’m still smiling, but there’s a lot on my plate, yet instead of looking at it and hitting ‘panic button,’ i’m being ‘Cool Like Fonzi’ and trying to swagger the positive out of every situation that i’m dealing with. It works. So you should try it. There’s a positive to every situation and those of us who only focus on the ‘buts’…the ‘if onlys,’ or just the flipping negative about a everything that have going on in their lives…be it a person, place, or thing are shitty. The prettiest girls are the happiest girls, so crack that smile and get on with it, without moaning. πŸ™‚

Y’know, a lady, who accidentally sees me every day, or watches part of my life every day stopped me in my tracks this afternoon, with a calm, peaceful manner. She was a middle aged, white haired, beautiful, short haired lady. She was in a white jumper, with white comfy joggers on. Plain, yet oozed dignity.

Anyway, she *paused* in on my life and simply said,

‘You are ALWAYS smiling, no matter what and it’s so refreshing to see you and watch you every day because of it. You really do spread happiness. I mean, I can’t imagine you EVER not smiling. You look really happy and i just wanted to tell you that you do a GREAT JOB. You work hard and you’re a great mum. Y’see all children need is not just love, but to feel special and that’s what you do. I saw you at Morrisons with your babies, the other day and your were remarkable, as you knew how to make your little ones feel SPECIAL. I struggled through life and had to do the same also…I single mummed it…and my children are now doing tremednously, so i just wanted to tell you how great you are!’

HOW AWESOME! That *pause* was great. A gift from GOD great. One of those things that you just need to hear and from a stranger…as it has less impact when it comes from someone you know, as it’s their job to say that to you.

I smiled and told her how happy she had made me. A calm stream of happy warmth, eased through me, after that and it’s people like her, that the world needs more of!

So, yeah, away from that, i’m working hard and really getting excited for my lash line. It’s my other baby. Lord knows, i have enough. πŸ™‚ But the best thing about my new eyelash line, other than the fact that it’s fabulous that I finally get to produce something that i created myself….is the fact that i’m currently in the ‘naming of the styles’ phase. I enjoy the naming of the styles phase, simply because i reckon i’m naturally creative, a wee bit ‘out the box,’ but creative. I come up with good ideas…and well when there’s just ME and my title is BOSS…then i feel as though i have complete control over what I want and it is THAT that makes me happy. πŸ˜‰ I get to truly celebrate being ‘Chrissie Wunna,’ without feeling shy to do so!

Okay, i’ve chosen my initial styles for my lash range and i’m going to name my first range of eye lashes..and they are of the mink fur variety, after my FAVOURITE LA boys. So, the boys i haven’t just met, but KNOW and grew up around in Hollywood. Some i’ve romanced, so i haven’t (not many though πŸ˜‰ ) some are my best friends. However, most importantly they are all boys who i have a story with and when you have a story, you have a life. Your life is pretty important, making each name that i’ve titled as a lash style is part of my world, my life and means something to me. They are real boys, not just made up American names and well if it’s all about ‘Embracing your inner kitten..’ (and it is) then what better way to start than with my bitches. πŸ™‚ Boy bitches that is. πŸ™‚ They’ll actually LOVE that i’ve named stuff after them. πŸ™‚ Infact, each package that you get, depending on which ‘lash’ or boy you picked, with come with that story.


PLUS, it’s actually hilarious when i’m taking my meeting for the lashes, as Β they’re referring to each style as a boy…and in a manner that would state that they are hot little objects to purrrchase. πŸ˜‰ ‘Corey…this…Dylan…that.’ It makes me feel like i’m selling gigalos to ladies of leisure for a living. Lol. Pass me my sequins, as this shit is gonna get FABULOUS!

Yet, that is the total point, you can take ‘Ronnie’ out for the night, date with ‘Theo,’ take ‘Brandon’ out for a sunny day trip, or work with ‘Corey’ through the week…Fun right? I know, i’m a genius. πŸ™‚

There are more boys names to come…and i couldn’t be more excited. Stay tuned. They are initially being sold online for Christmas. The Christmas bunch are my Limited Editions. They make great save up. πŸ™‚ It’s a luxury brand…and totally worth it. And i KNOW eyelashes, i’ve worn falsies EVERYDAY for years.


Anyway, it’s wine time! I need all the rest I can get right? Especially because an extra ‘day job’ day has been added. I’m gonna need more than a kick up the booster seat. I’m gonna need an entire army of fabulosity and booze to cradle my exhaustion. Lol. *Fan me here.*

I’ve been seeing the odd really hot being here and there,which is always nice as i enjoy eye candy, but HOLY MOLY, they’ve all been spotted working really rubbish jobs. Hot people are absolutely wasted on mundane shitty day jobs, that don’t suit their attractiveness. πŸ™‚ I spy on them and think, ‘Wow, you’re better than this place.’ And to me..they really are! I love Tam Sexy and i never want them to be wasted. (Not as in drunk, as that is completely fine. Especially if they are around me.)

Lots of boys are asking me about love and dating right now and all i can say is that, to me… it’s about a spark, a chemistry and an energy. A history, a story, a past or no past doesn’t matter one bit. It’s all about chemistry and if you’ve got it…you’ve got it and you know if you’ve got it, because you’ll feel it right away. You’ll feel a connection zap between the two of you always…no matter what…even after time. I don’t think love grows on you. I think it whams you in the face with a big giant ‘GOTCHA.’ (Or kipper, if you’re a boy. It’s ace if you’re a girl and shitty if you’re a boy.)

If you don’t have that spark, you don’t have that ‘gotcha.’

And it’s that ‘gotcha’ that keeps you excited over the years.







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