Thanking You Kindly




Just a quick note to firstly say THANK YOU for reading this little blog and following my life as I ‘L’ plate along.

And secondly to REMIND you that YOU…yes YOU are reading this blog with thousands of other awesome human beings with excellent taste in glamour pusses.

This blog is currently read in EVERY CONTINENT OF THE WORLD and in 174 different countries!

(Look below. Every shaded country is a country that follows The darker it is shaded…the more readers there are in that country. So obviously Greenland have poor taste.)



It is also translated into 40 different languages daily and all began on Myspace, before my best guy friend ‘Wazza’ gave my blog a home by hosting this website…and coming up with the idea in a Pontefract pub.

The blogging began in Los Angeles, when I had just divorced my first husband and become a tragic Hollywood party girl. EVERY DAY I wrote an entry, telling everyone what I as up to and simply as a form of therapy, because ‘DK’ who made my coffee every morning at the bookstore on 3rd and La Cienega, told me to, as he believed my daily ‘over the counter’ rants to him about boys, and partying were shocking!! He actually wrote my first ever blog on Myspace. 🙂


Then my balcony buddy Cletus, told me to start a diary in order to keep me moderately sane…

I did…

and i all of sudden became a blogger. In fact, back in my 20’s I was much cruder and honest …so my blog was actually ace…meaning it became popular FAST, as I took no prisoners and didn’t really care what anyone thought. 🙂 Yipppeee!

At first only 8 people read it a month.

Now, it is read by tens of thousands of you monthly…and I couldn’t thank you enough.

I’ve met, loved, laughed and hated on soooo many people ALL over this entire world, throughout my life, each day, month and moment.

So far i’ve learnt that i’m a lot happier, stronger and more awesome than i every thought i was.. 🙂 and most of all that no matter where we come from, what path we’ve found ourselves walking upon in life, not only could anything  happen, yet each one of us is simply as important as the other.

Being 34…simply means that i’ve learnt what matters, what actually matters in life, which is really different to the 24 year old version of me. 🙂

This is just MY story…and it is no more important than yours…

So I guess, i’ll just thank you and tell you that i love you lots,

Chrissie x


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