Thank God Im flippin’ Buddhist…

God, my toes are killing from wearing shit shoes. All i’ve learnt about wearing shit shoes is that not only do they make your toes *ouchy* as you Bimbo along to the merry music of your existance. Yet they also *trip* you into your next life chapter. When *tripping* turns into actual FALLING instead of simply being used as a term for ghetto anger…then you’re fucked. How you *strut* informs the world of your Greatness! Real Glamour Pusses work ‘it.’ Infact i’ve actually committed a kitty cat crime…as a true little jewel of ‘Le Puss’ would NEVER admit to having sore feet from her choice in footwear.  The only time complaining is permitted is in the rare occasion that your tiny bit of ‘problemo’ cannot be fixed via the delicious art of cocktailing.

I haven’t been able to blog in a few days and well really because Loverboy forgot to pay the internet bill. I tantrumed. Boy did i tantrum. There were feathers and fuss everywhere there were, I tells ya! Then in the end i simply decided to pay it myself, whilst screaming at my ‘Handsome’ on the motorway, squashed in the back of a tiny grey and orange B

2 thoughts on “Thank God Im flippin’ Buddhist…”

  1. Hi I enjoyed reading this post. Ok so with the shoe thing that is when you need your man to give you a good foot rub. Sooth some tension out. Oh and Yeah being without the internet that would be horrible. But I am glad to hear you all are doing fine. Glad the book is coming along still want to read it let us know when we can advance order it. I got to thinking a book usually sometimes means a movie. Oh boy I can’t wait for that movie too. Okay that’s it for me. Keep being yourself, You rock the world. From a Fan and Friend!

  2. Thankyou so much for reading all my pokery. You comments are always the best!

    Yeah, i’m deffo in need of a good foot rub *any takers* 🙂 and nowi’m quite confident that my books gonna a bit of alright afterall!

    I love you and i hope ur journey of life is delicious… x


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