A day of ‘rushy-rushy.’ However, it’s ‘F’ for FRIIIIIDAY, meaning the world is a better place and simply because, (oh yeah baby) we finally made it to the weekend! In fact, well done to all those who actually made it here still in tact and in one solid, maybe a bit bruised, but dandy PIECE!

I’m all done. There’s no more work that I can tend to right now. I could possibly even have a rum for lunch if I so wished and well I’ve gone so loopy that I’ve managed to find time to actually clean the house, a task that my body is simply not made for. Build for pleasure. Not for hard labour. I mean, I don’t know how anyone can be a cleaner, simply because it is KNACKERING. I can’t even hoover without my arms KILLING me due to the pull. Let alone carry ti up the stairs or to the next room.But whatever, it worked for Cinders, so it’ll work for me. I’m a creative kitten filled with love and ambition. I’ll leave the cleaning to those that know how.

Woke up to Junior smacking himself on the forehead and then giggling because he found it so hilarious. πŸ™‚ I have a comedy baby boy. He really is the happiest baby in all the land, like he literally cracks up at anything. Belly laughs through life! I mean, thank go he’s charming as if smacking his forehead and giggling is his future…then we’re in trouble. He’s simple, pure and happy. Ruby on the other hand is complex, extremely loving, but diva. She’s been through a lot though and in her mind it all went balls up when Junior arrived. When it’s just her and I, she is the most delightful blessing any mama could wish for. When he’s here and only on occasion, I mean she’s a good girl 84% of the time….she does naughty things for a bit of ‘look at me.’ Junior takes it in his stride though. I kissed him on the cheek this morning as I left nursery in a rush and he beamed with a cutsie eye look and a gummy smile, like it was the BEST KISS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD EVER. πŸ™‚

The kiddies are dandy! I have no idea how I’ve managed to do these last 2 weeks on my own with no help, but I have and I have never felt stronger. I’m INVINCIBLE RIGHT NOW. I feel like nothing on this merry disco earth ball can conquer me! I’m on KITTEN FIRE DOLLS! I’m doing it all and making my dreams come true with it.

Work wise, well..I said it was all getting the better of me, so I just took a moment, a time out to read through it all and manage it. Then come Monday, it’ll be right as rain. I have the right people, the right help…I just need to make sure I do the right things and take the correct steps forward.

I’ve got another week before my Mum and ‘rest of family’ are back, so i’m just gonna enjoy it and well try and work as hard as possible in the time that I have spare, when the ‘winkles’ are nursery bound.

The eyelash line is going to do really well and my next audition is being lined up for me. I tried to also practice my songs yesterday, but I was rubbish, so it was funny. I was howling in my kitchen, thinking I was Madonna, but without the leotard. Thursday is not leotard day. πŸ™‚ Then life got back to normal as I had popcorn and bubble bath night with the kids, which is there FAVOURITE night.

I’m lucky, i’m really lucky. Everything’s coming together now and I think i’ve got the best addition to my ‘Chrissie Wunna LTD’ team for the lash line, who is in charge of the strategic marketing, business management and accounting. He’s in America and went to Purdue Uni. That’s good enough for me. He knows what he’s doing. Now to get the rest of the angel investors on board with a kick arse business plan! So far everybody loves it and i’m lucky to have PR awaiting it all. Fingers crossed, boobs adjusted…and lets do this. (OOh just remember that Ruby has a birthday party tomorrow and I need to venture off to buy a pressie.)

So yeah, it’s Friday wind down now, meaning i’ve just made it home, i’m gonna do my hair, watch Made inChelsea re-runs and relax for my busy weekend with the babies.

Love you all,

Wiggle-giggle-wink x


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