Texting Titilation

How hot is texting. Like honestly…(yes i’ve had wine)…look if you really think about it. Whenever your phone *blips* at you, you are flown over words from the mind of another being. A being who is too far away from you to *yell* yet close enough to you to beable to send you a few brief pieces of their mind via word.

The sexy part of it, is the fact that there could be a boy who sort of thinks about you, more than he lets on. He’ s sitting alone at home on his sofa, with the tv on for background noise. Or laid in bed, unable to sleep, with a mind that refuses to calm. OR even be crammed in the middle of an over bodied club, with his head anywhere but on the party. In a moment, he picks up his phone, looks at it and begins texting the ‘being’ that he can’t get out of his head. He empties his head to you a little, so that you know that he cares, or so he can ease a frustrated.

You’re sitting at home putting rollers in your hair, wishing you felt loved, or hoping he would text, then all of a sudden it *blips.* It *blips!!!* You rush to it immediatlely and click scroll like a maniac, then read a piece of his mind, a piece of his time that he took, in order to let you know he cared. It always makes us smile…(well it always makes me smile) and you wait a few moments ( i mean you don’t wanna look too needy) then you reply…

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