Teenage dirtbag baby

Just woken up and already having a great morning. It’s quite surprisingly really, but yes the ‘WUNNA’ is ‘Woo-Na-Na…ing?’ (Sorry, thats quite crap!! lol..) Anyway, along with happy chappiness, auditions, shopping, and ‘only 2 weeks now until i do something fun’ syndrome, i’m wearing a too big for me gypsy top, and wondering why they’re called ‘Gypsy tops?’ Gypos, don’t wear these?? They play flutes, and wear sacks or something, right?? Already this morning i’ve been enlightened by the term, ‘you look like a bulldog chewing a wasp’ and recieved a marvellous email from my ‘showbiz mum’ (who’s a man) in LA. Made me smile, as for once his email wasn’t miserable. He was actually HAPPY!! I like to see happy…makes my entertaining a lot easier. Although he does seem to be chasing ‘too young’ anorexic girls again. UGH! (moan, moan) He use to make me stalk them with him. The story is too long and tediously boring to tell.

Other than that i’ve noticed a lot of my darlings are chasing after ‘too young teenage’ girls. Some are cyber dirty, some have just graduated from ‘Hogwarts,’ and some are starving to death??? Do not start obsessing over the young…(like i’ve said) it ends badly. (haha) Why do this to yourself?? Teenage girls, just grow into big girls, that grow into, pains in your arses!! Three cheers!! You boys never learn. You’re making it too easy for us. The the olden days we had to come from the proper schooling, be beautiful, have a flowery background, and an estate somewhere. Now we just have to turn up naked with a beer, and be interested… it’s LOVE!! Unfortunatley, you (as dashing potential suitors) still have to die for us, love us, fight our fights, brings us jewels, romance us in exotic locations, and marry us, before you get a proper good blowjob. Sucks really!! (b’dum cha!’)

I’ve got to go, my hair needs curling!!

3 thoughts on “Teenage dirtbag baby”

  1. im sorry if i might of offende u with the bulldog chewing a wasp thing babe? im pleased u are happy chrissie. i dont like girls to young they are to chatting and divvy young i like a girl who likes football beer and boxing and is a sort

  2. im pleased about that chrissie coz i think u are a lovely lady and i wouldnt wanto t of offended u i undertand they dont get our humor or our tellling it how it is ness have a lovely bank holiday monday today chrissie u ogt anything planned


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