Tee-fricking’-Total MUCH!

Morning all. I’m up early. I have a busy day again today and not only am i under the misconception that i really do smell like chicken…even after my 7.31am shower, but i’ve moped up kitten sick (not my own 🙂 ) and talked about opening my own Beauty Parlour….now that i have my own cosmetics line and everything!

I’m going to be in Wakefield, Yorkshire ALL day today. Meeting…greeting…winding the masses up with my silent but deadly *wink.* I’m in ‘Business Barbie’ attire. I have wisdom toothache, after chewing on coconut chunks all night. I can’t figure out why wisdom teeth are called such a thing, yet i’m not impressed that mine are achey and i think i should commit to star jumps, simply to celebrate life!

I’m doing this weird thing right now, where i’m living a really healthly life! I’m pathetic i know…but i can’t even believe that i’ve fooled my pretty self into thinking it’s the correct thing! 🙂 I went from being the drunken, boobied, floozy at every ‘you want to be there’ party, smoozing with the celebs, finding answers in the bottom on 10 cocktail glasses, and falling into the arms of hotties, who told me i had beautiful eyes, and promised to love me, due to my cup size and my telly stint! That time of my life has now become a glorious *blur.* I don’t know if i did that deliberately, or accidentally? I always thought i was having the best time ever, during those times of glory…yet now it seems i wasn’t? I don’t get it?

I didn’t have a decent boy. I had plenty. I didn’t one decent job…i had plent of indecent ones. I partied every day, with people who i really didn’t know too well and i told a bunch of boys that i didn’t know that they were going to be my ‘forever.’ WOOHOO! My body was running on menthols and pure booze alone! (Oh and maybe sex. 🙂 )

NOW, and since my body has been forced to go into ‘tee-total’ i’m all detoxed, with no rum in my system, and actually oddly loving my new healthy lifestyle!! I spend my week AT A GYM!!! I’m their face of promotion!! WTF? I’m in business suits, i’m calm, i’m loved, i’m smiling and have everything. I’m working. I’m amking money. I’m making correct choices and haev been blessed with a showbizzy flair.

I have the book, the makeup line and the gym thing. I also have a pilot tv show that i’ve been asked to do, in regards to Paris Hilton…It’s comedic…like Celebrity Juice funny.

Right now, i’m in my living room, with ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ on my telly, a cuppa tea and a brooch. I’m hiding my bump and thinking that i should really be getting my things together if i am to leave in 6 minutes!

It’s a gorgeous, crisp Autumn morning…and kitty cats…It’s WUNNALAND!

FYI, I love that @GaryPonty claims that my baby labour, will be like a sick version of ‘The Million Pound Drop.’ (Except i won’t beable to buy a Carribean cruise with it? Well I might? )

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