Teddies, Teeth & True life…

The ‘Tooth Fairy’ has visited. Two giant bears now reside in ‘Wunna land.’ I’ve just read an 88 page script. I’ve just this second received a revised script of another film. (‘Stained Canvas.’ A beautifully devastating story.) I’m learning my sides for an audition I have tomorrow and Ruby’s currently trying to have an argument with me over dough balls.

If I’m being honest, she’s not really argumentative or shouty. She argues with her eyes, silently like a ‘ninja.’ You know she’s unhappy because she has this ability to pout & glare directly at you, with a stone cold face of ‘watch your back.’ Haha.

I fortunately have the same face…Therefore it’s battle of ‘ninja glares.’

This is all because she preferred mango mochi and was presented with garlic dough balls. 🙂

Now she wants to cast spells…which is cool with me.

Junior’s in the bath, watching a movie on Netflix, happy as can be. Lost a tooth. Couldn’t be more delighted. Haha.

Its quite a hectic weekend, followed by a busy week of auditions and filming. So it’s a lucky week. The kids are also working and it makes me smile to see them so excited. Every moment is like a really ‘big moment’ to them and the freshness, the innocence of such, is something I adore! More adults should be that way. I’m excitable anyhow. Yet they make ME even more excited whenever I see them ‘glow’ or when they’re on set.

It’s cute. I love it.

I posted a teddy bear video today on my ‘socials’ because recently i’ve just been really focused on work and I’ve been studying characters…that I haven’t had time for it. I haven’t prioritised it. However, I realised that there’s an audience awaiting to be entertained. So before I arrived on set…I boshed out a Tiktok. 🙂

Literally 4 minutes after I posted it on my Insta, some idiot reported it. (Yawn.) So I appealed my case…and ‘boom’ within minutes it was restored for all viewers to enjoy.

Nice try! 😉

Life is good…away from the ‘crazies.’ I’m keeping myself to myself and doing what I love. I’m also what I want, which delights me. Lol. I’m kinda wallowing in my ‘happy place.’

There’s not really too much to say other than that. I’m just focussed on work. I’m happy and I’m lucky that opportunity is a knocking.

(A lot of actors are dmming me personally with questions. You’ve all pretty much asked the same thing…and my answer would be…you need the right agent to get you through the right doors…otherwise you’ll never get seen. Once you’re in the door…you HAVE to be ready, otherwise you’ll blow ya shot, completely.)

I’ve been chatting to lots of creatives over the last month & I had a look at some of Rene Turrek’s works. He’s an artist. I love art! Most of you will know that. So it was great to chat and see inside his mind. Peek into his world. You should check him on insta. What he does is so cool!

I adore peeking inside the private minds of other creatives. It’s so beautiful.

Oh, and everyone is still asking me about my love life, but there’s nothing to report? It’s far less juicy. I’m still extremely picky. I’m almost more cautious than anything. 🙂 Yet these days, I’m no longer foolish.

Thank the good LORD! Haha.

On the next blog…because I’m a tiddly bit busy with work, I’m going to be gathering in your questions and answering them right here on the blog!


I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend!

All my love,

Chrissie x

Ps/ I keep dreaming of the number ‘5.’ (Then it turns into ‘15.’)

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