Tears, Wine and Doing Life….



So…my ‘talky date’ got cancelled. Just my luck.

I was all heeled, knee high socked, and Christmas Jumpered, ready to take on ‘new beginnings’ with a refreshing intimate moment of love, chat and moving forward…and I get a call from nursery saying that my poor little Baby Junior was super poorly, with a grandly high temperature, a pooy bottom and a vomitty disposition and it would probably be best if I came and picked him up.


Just like that!

I was actually internally excited for my lunchy, which was to take place after a big old ‘beauty line-China’ meeting, however, when you have two kiddiwinkles, life isn’t as easy to schedule as yo would imagine.

Luckily all was fine and the being that I was going to do the ‘talky date’ with came to nursery with me to pick up the kids. #sexy. 🙂 There was banter, Burger King  and a Doctor’s surgery visit for postponed injection. (Junior didn’t even end up having them.) And well the rest of the time was allocated to the children with love. No real talking could take place and no real rekindle could happen.

Infact even thohugh all was well and normal, I ended up spending the night drinking 42 cups of tea and CRYING HYSTERICALLY for hours straight, after Baby 1 had surrendered to dream land.

It was awful and wel I didn’t enjoy a trip to the past at all. Dragging things up that don’t need to be placed in your present never works. New starts, mean NEW and sometimes sweeping things under the carpet with a shrug, a more positive approach, a change of environment and manner is exactly what needs to happen.

The kids slept fine but I went to bed at 2am, weeping like a baby. LMAO. I looked like Jackie Chan in drag by the end of it all. I enjoyed my synthetic clip in. 🙂

Last night I learnt that trust is a massive thing when it comes to relationships and that I’m a decent human being simply because it’s the little things that people do that upset me. They’re the things that mean the most. I’m not seduced by grandeur afterall. The simple things are what matter and when I heard that one of the simpliest things had been altered, it made me weep. It was humiliating.

Anyway, I woke up with the happiest children in all the land, That perked me up and even though I rocked puffy panda eyes and a mushed up head…oh and had a phone bill paid that randomly came to £303???( How the hell did that happen?? I ignore ALL calls and never make calls?? )…I managed to find the ‘happy palce’ in Wunna land.

Life was great…the I got to nursery and found out that Junior wasn’t allowed back for 48hrs due to him being sicky. Ruby adored that he was banned and the sheer glee on her face weirdly made me feel chipper. She;s adorable. She loves her own piece of ‘look at me.’ Juniors been fine all day. Moany..but fine. He’s gonna grow up to be a man after all. They’re all moany…I don’t think that can be helped.

I’m home now and after finding out who the people are who truly care for me are and having a lot of help, I’m back on track and having a vino. A red vino., Good for your heart and all that! Ruby was as good as gold and after a story read with a Reindeer book, she passed out in front of the fireplace. Very Christmasy and Junior decided to enjoy a bit of a kip too.

Tomorrow morning i have my thyroid scan FINALLY!! I’m nervous but want it removed. I hate my random throat growth. It’s come out of nowhere!! However, i’m lucky ot have support and of course #bannedfromnursery Baby Junior.

I went to Morrisons today and accidentally bashed into a shelf. Unfortunately for me, the shelf was one that held up WINE. I thought I was going to be in massive trouble, however the good thing about being from Yorkshire and IN Yorkshire, is the simple fact that as soon as a member of staff heard the wine bottle gracefully fall off the shelf and SMASH on the floor, she said,

‘Everyone get a straw!! It’s red wine n’all! ‘ 🙂

The she looked at me and said, ‘I don’t get out much. They never let me work around booze.’


Hope your Thursday panned out better…

Chrissie x




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