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Holy Sugar Drops! That was the easiest supermarket shopping trip in the world ever!Well…if ‘easy’ meant ‘THE HARDEST TRIP IN THE WORLD IMAGINABLE.’

Right, we all know I have rubbish working arms. I’m not Bulky Betty-Gym arms. I’m kitten delicate. I hate working out, so building arm muscles is a bore tome. Yet everyone picks on me because they think that I’d be unfit. I’m not. I was a dancer for flipping 17 years. I trained 4 days a week for 17 years! Lol. My body and I are just friends with each other. I can have a wine and it usually obeys the law of ‘keep trim. But yeah…my arms are shit at working. I’m not BUTCH.

SO, I can’t carry Junior, without a back tilt, or 22 hutch ups per second and I certainly can’t carry him when he’s laiden like Buddha in his car seat, as to me…that’s like carrying 42 ‘after dinner chilling’ pigs in a flower girl’s basket. It feels that heavy.

However, ofcourse, it’s the weekend and we’ve run out of baby essentials all at the same time, so I am forced to venture out and provide! I’m good at providing. Yet rubbish at the tedious manual labour of life. I’ll throw you cold hard cash or a card. But the ‘braun’ part I find difficult. Not because I don’t like to do it. I’m an ‘all muck in’ kinda girl. But just because my body just won’t physically work that way.

Luckily, I was surrounded by ‘do gooders’ and just happy people, who adore me, saw me struggling and just offered to help. I did that, ‘noooo…nooo, i feel bad’ thing, which we all know is code for ‘PLEASE HELP ME.’ Very British I know. And just like that, like The Gods had heard my prayers…2 women and a gentleman aided me on my way to checkout bliss. Whoever you are, I thank you SO MUCH FOR IT. Junior had to literally sit on the end of the till, because we had no where to put him. The people at the supermarket love me though and they follow my blog. So, they were happy to lend a hand. It made me feel good, like there’s loads of GREAT people out there. I never forget the do gooders, they make the world go around.

Now, nothing is better when not only do you get help, but the person who is helping you decides to pass on some wisdom. I have GREAT respect for all those who are older than I, as they are wise because they have lived that little bit more and because i’m not an idiot. I look up to my elders. I wasn’t raised to ever be disrespectful to those who have made it on this earth smiling through decades and decades of life. I’m Asian and well internally (even though I may act a fool) posh. 🙂

Anyway, whilst the baby formula as being scanned and I had Junior in my arms, breaking my kitten back, the lady turned around, smiled and said, (as she helped place the rest of my goods on the cashier belt..)

‘Don’t worry, it’s all going to be fine. I’ve been in what looks like the exact same position and you are doing an amazing job. It’s not easy, but you’ve got everything to be proud of.’

She then picked up Junior and placed him at the end of the belt, by the bag packing 🙂 It was like having a Fairy God Mother.

‘I was on my own with the children and at the time I thought all was going to pot. Now, I run my own bakery firm… nationwide. Girls like you…and I can tell you’re a good girl…will always overcome anything. Luke, grab this lady’s bags and take them to her car. Did you come in a car?’

I don’t know what happened? Or who this lady was, but she was older, glamourous, classy and in that moment…it was like nothing else in the entire world existed, but that conversation and I felt that at ease and that comfortable. I felt empowered.

Luke was her now early 20 year old son. He carried my bags to the car for me, as I hutched Junior up. Then they left in their BMW something or other? Waving all the way.

I AM LITERALLY BRIMMING WITH CONFIDENCE RIGHT NOW and i’m an easy to make feel empowered because i’m used to empowering others and well i’m confident. I’m a good person, strong, glittery and well…successful. I’m going to be even MORE successful because all the work that i’ve done as led me to the right place, at the right time. Once I flourish, then I can relax, spend my riches and finally thoroughly enjoy every inch of being ME. I always put myself under pressure,  because I want o accumulate and want to achieve. I’m doing it. I mean I took time out to have babies, but now..and I can feel it…I’m back on track. YOU WATCH. THIS YEAR, I’LL MAKE MY MARK and those that love me will celebrate, support and adore and all that don’t will *shock- face.* Of course, they hide *shock-face* behind pretend laughter, or the fine art of making fun of me, with a side of hate. But the only funny thing,is the simple fact that i’ll not only be laughing to the pretty sound of merriment. But i’ll also be laughing my little Burmese booty all the way to the ‘B’ FOR BANK, dolls! Yeeeeehaaaaaaaa! 🙂 🙂 *Confetti shower here.* I’m not starting from scratch here. I’ve done well. I’ve saved. I have a mark that I just need to develop. It’s not easy to make your initial mark, but once you have…you’re rolling. I say it all the time, but you can’t keep a good kitten down. I’m a fighter and life doesn’t usually get the better of me. I’m the girl, who you might wrestler with and I might even fall to the floor, but i’ll get back up in that last second, wallop you with my hot pink bra, still in my heels… and WIN AT LIFE! All of us have it in us. You just need to ignite it and feel that passion.

See! All it takes is to be reminded of how beautiful and talented you are. Reminded about where you are in life and how you’re about to achieve and how grateful you should be because you’re actually in a better position than most! If you haven’t begun your mission in life…START IT. Don’t make excuses. You can have, do and achieve everything in life. I’m gonna be living proof of that. I’m over three quarters of the way there. I just need to take a couple correct bits of footing and there you go… GLITTER SUCCESS STORY!

I’m excited again and i’ve got my va voom back!

I have a PILE of kitty work to get through. LOTS. But obviously it has to wait until tomorrow, as the weekend for me is about ‘family.’ Tomorrow, I have annoying hospital trips that i’m going to find difficult and pointless. Bit dodgy, but i’m mentally prepared! Hospital trips seem to take up the whole day for me. They annoy me terribly. I’ve never really had to go to hospital so much. Especially when you have doctor parents growing up. You just get sorted at home.

Anyway, I wanted to end this blog on a good note and that good note would be to say


Yep, whilst i’m at home with the babies in Pontefract, my entire family and 50 of my MUMS old school friends have gone to BURMA, TO CELEBRATE HER 60 SOMETHING BIRTHDAY ON A TROPICAL BEACH, WITH A NIGHT TIME BONFIRE PARTY. Lol. I’m in Pontefract!! You just can’t venture places abroad with newborns, until they’re much older. Yet that’s just part and parcel when it comes to parenting. I’m happy and  lucky to have the children in my life and to be here for them!

So yeah, Happy Birthday Mama Wunna!

I have a great mum, because i’m really close to her. Shes the ki nd of mum that would give up every inch of her  utter being to make sure that I was happy for a second. She’s taught ME how to be a GREAT MUM.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my mum and I are both feisty and in the last FOUGHT, BAD FOUGHT, like cat and dog! We’re both opinionated and passionate, but with these marvellous hearts of gold…not just for each other, but for everyone! I’m a lucky girl! We understand each other and sooo grateful to have such a wonderful MUM. Thank you for EVERYTHING MAMA. 🙂

We have honestly had our ups and downs, our ins and outs…but she never ever gave up on me, when i was naughty. 🙂 She went through the ringer and back with me, yet stood in my corner, in the wings knowing confidentally that i’d come around and be back to being her little angel. It took YEARS, but I did it. She’s never been prouder and as a thank you for that, I have never been more prouder myself to call her my Mum.

If anything, she’s taught me what love is. Unconditional love. Love that comes without condition, that deep rooted, no matter what kinda love. That kinda love that lasts a lifetime, not just because it has to, but because you’re heart wants it to. Without that in your life, you’re lost. Even when we’ve fought, she’s always loved me and always stood her own ground and stuck to her own beliefs…mine were always different at one time. But no matter what, it always got resolved and each time it did, we became closer and closer. I mean, there is literally nothing, nothing AT ALL, that I couldn’t tell my mum. I have a very open relationship with her and the good thing about it, is that she loves me for ME, bonkers and all. She’s so proud of me…even at my worse when I was younger and foolish and when i’ve hurt her or taken her for granted. She’s been there….like a mum should! I can be ME and she can BE HER and I don’t mean a pretend version of me…I mean ME. Those bonds are the truest bonds in life. Even when I fought her as a teen. Big fighting. She would always tell me that it would take a lot more than that, to get her out of my life. Lol. Maybe that’s why I’m so strong and quite resilient? I’ll steam roll over anything in my way, with passion, glitter and heart. But i’m loving and i’m understanding and I think that’s down to her. She’s been through a lot. I’m happy that she’s having an amazing birthday. Boats and everything. #jeeze (It’s drizzling over here.)

I’ve said it a million times..and i’ll say it a million more…I AM SO LUCKY.

Happy Sunday Folks! 🙂 xxx



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