Taste of my Cherry chapstick

So, you know when you really don’t want someone to use you’re ‘Cherry Chapstick,’ yet you’ll look super rude, if you don’t. All i’m gonna say is, Katie Perry got it ALL wrong. She had to kiss a girl, to taste it, whilst I had to reluctantly stare at a girl, as she joyously slid my poor Cherry Chapstick across her wart encrusted lips!! I didn’t like it! It’s not fun, or dangerous. It’s just mucky and kind of in slow motion! I died every time, she hit a crusty bump. When i got it back, it had flaked off wart left-overs stuck to the tip. Nice! I should’ve given it to a baby to lick, or something.

Shopped it i dropped today, and bought a whole bundle of the most ‘OOh Laa,’ clothes. I actually didn’t find anything i REALLY liked. I think i’m losing my touch. But the sun was out. Life was good, then i saw 3 girls get arrested for shoplifting, right next to me, in ‘Boots,’ by 3 buff policemen. Followed by 2 of the most miserable fairies, i have ever seen in my life, asking me to come into their shop, to buy jewels……for cheap. I declined their kind offer, after telling them they looked, ‘MISERABLE,’ for a couple of teenage girls, who actually get to wear pink fairy wings to work. I think they flipped me off, behind my back. (ha-ha) I love angry fairies. I always want to spank them with logs.

I have to go, as i’ve been invited to a gzillion parties. I’m not too sure if i’m up for it, as it’s a bit nippy, but i’ll see how i feel after a couple strong shots!! Woo-hoo!

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