Taking Over

So much is going on right now. It’s all a bit too much of the ‘crazy.’ My life has changed over night and the last couple of days have been almost nearly ridiculously amazing. I need a moment to sort it all out in my head, pinch myself and buy diamonds, before i can scribble down my acts of jiggery pokery that seems to be leading me to this merry thing called ‘Success.’ Oh My God! What is happening? I need to breathe!! (Chrissie is currently spinning around as fast as she can, laughing, screaming and fucking LOVING her life!!! Aaaaaaaaah!!!) I’ll get back to you later on today. This afternoon i’m in Doncaster…getting my ‘shop’ on, poking purple haired grannies and being a basic boob jobbed nuisance. Join Me! (But not really! hahah)

3 thoughts on “Taking Over”

  1. u deserve all the sucess u are getting chrissie u are bang on the level babe and i hope u get all u want and all treacle right im gelling down the boozer to go beer garden have some shampoo for me tada


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