Take Two & Makeup

I have ants crawling upon me, random 20-somethings are running through my garden (pointless if clothed,) Harriet & I are wanting Wazza to have a kebab holding child, out of his OWN vagina, and although my cosmetics line is ‘almost’ ready, it is not ready for the big old launch just yet. I did ask  to name my own products. However, the head honchos went with ignoring me (lol) and simply pretending that i didn’t even ask the question. Yippeee! People fear that letting me label my own individual products would be mildly terrifying, because of my lovely decent inapparopriate ways! Yet…that’s who i am? That’s what i represent! I always think MY ideas will work better than everyone elses and quite frankly…i’m RIGHT. I know ME, better than anyone. I know, what I like about me AND what others like about Me. I know this because i take the time to TALK to each an every one of my fans and friends EVERYDAY. I want differerent and not ‘formula.’ For some reason people look at me, adore me and then want to attempt to mould their version of what they want to see from me. (Wazza and I created my blog, by ourselves, from scratch.) I write my blog EVERYDAY, by myself. My heart is all ‘Wunna’…an if you don’t use every inch of the power of your heart..you will not make that *stamp* of boldness on the earth! (I still have ants crawling on me!!  Why was i watching gorillas *hump* at mignight last night???)

Other than all that, i just wanted to tell you that TOMORROW at 6pm i (once again) find out whether i’m having a girl or a boy!! Woohoo! *shimmie-shimmie* If you’ve been reading my blog, you will realize that i attempted to do this on Monday Oct 4th…yet failed my mission ever so terribly and purely down to ‘accident’ and evil midwifey whores of bitcheroo. Tomorrow at 6pm…i get to find out….again. To be honest,  RIGHT now, i’m not  feeling as excited as i should be and simply because last time I ballsed it all up merrily. Until i’ve tottered out of that joint, knowing the result…i will not be popping out the party banners! Premature *popping* really is embarassing.  As far as i’m concerned…. 24 hours is a looong ass time. If i manage the art of ‘smoothly smoothly’ for that whole entire length of time, it pretty much is a miracle!! (OMG, did an ant just bite my FACE!!?!! How come my living room’s like a fly infested Burmese hut??)

I’ve just eaten bread, soaked in warm milk and honey. Bizarre craving…but let me tell you…it is delicious!  I’m also dehydrated and been needing jugs of water all day. (Ugh, i hate my jumbo nipples right now.) Earlier i pointed at a particular jug that i so wished to guzzle down. I apparently couldn’t have it because it might have been ‘HOLY!’ Lol. No word of a lie. I literally had people mincing around me in a panic, trying to find out if that particular jug of H2O was far too ‘holy’ for my greedy devil like consumption. The pretty peek of hilarity, was the actual fact that the water DID end up being ‘Holy water’ and therefore i couldn’t drink it!!! This is what happens if you get thirsty by temples of worship.

‘Yep it’s Holy. You can’t have it!’

‘But i’m pregnant and thirsty.’

‘Yeah..it’s Holy Chrissie.’

‘That’s not very Godly of you. It’s not gonna matter, if i drink it.’


Can i have it. PlEEEEEEEAse???’

‘It’s FUCKING HOLY WUNNA.’ (I guess it’s the only water i could’ve drank and actually maybe burst into flames afterward.) 🙂

I’m not as stressed now. I’ve calmed right down and i think it’s because i’ve had oranges. They comfort me…before ‘the runs.’ I’m watching 16 yr olds, give up their baby for adoption on my telly box. It’s a really emotional thing to do! I could never find the strength to do it. I couldn’t imagine giving away my bambino. Loverboy was actually adopted, therefore we follow lots of these ‘on the telly’ documentaries…and ‘What Katie Did next.’ 🙂

I have a busy week. It’s insane. I’d tan if i could be bothered. But until i can actually see my vagina again…there really is no point. Yay…i have a cosmetics line!!

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