Flat Caps, Prosecco & What I Think About Love

I’m totally sat in a quiet bar filled with gentlemen in tweed flat caps and it’s amazing. You know you’re in full blown Yorkshire when that happens and you know that the ‘flat caps’ aren’t bothered about Wunna Land. They just get to tending to their simple, happy, daily routine….Oriental girls who take selfies in dressing rooms, don’t matter, unless she’s buying them an afternoon..

‘Pint of Johns, please..’

I’ve been thinking about love recently. Probably because I’ve been chatting to all my friends, be they near or far… and most of them have chosen a really different existence to mine. I adore that. I love it when people own THEIR VERSION of life.

Everyone’s starting new chapters or relighting old ones, shaking off baggage, for more suited loves and no ones seems to be going ‘solo.’ Everyone seems all loved up. It’s everywhere. It’s everywhere I look…and yes, i think it’s wonderful…BUT…


(Bad way to be…)

I love, love…but here I am, sat amongst the ‘flat caps’..in a corner on my laptop…alone…with my prosecco. I’m happy…I am. Who wouldn’t be with a morning prosecco? 😉 But GOSH, i’m ready for a bit of ‘cosy,’ dream come true, perfect kinda love now. I’m 37. Whop on that piece of armour, jump on that stallion and hurry yourself to Wunna Land.

Guy friend Fox: ‘You chose a different kind of life…and well you’re just too picky..’

Me: ‘You probably shouldn’t refer to yourself as not THAT picky when you’re just got engaged. lol’

Chick Friend Tess: ‘You’re picky…I think you’re picky. But I guess…’

Me: ‘No, but obviously I get a lot of love from my socials…but that’s not real…and well, whenever I like someone…they never like me back. Or if I do, we date and then something goes wrong…’

Guy Friend Fox: ‘Do you fancy someone now…?’

Me: ‘Yes…’

Guy Friend Fox: ‘Would they know that….?’

Me: ‘Yes…’

Chick Friend Tess: ‘Then what’s the problem…’

Me: ‘ No problem…I love that you’ve assumed that he must obviously adore me…’

Chick Friend Tess: ‘He must, or he’s blind, his bits don’t work or he has no sense of humour…’

(Lol…You can always count on your girls to make you feel mighty!) 

I kinda like ‘Firmonnell’ more, because she’ll tell it to me straight with a…

‘Cry me a river and all that, Now shut ya face and crack on.’

Yet is exceedingly supportive in all that I do. All of the girls are, Double B, Fairytale, Hustle, Mel, Lady Shizzle…the lot….

But back to lurve…

To me, there are three stages to love (and i’ve nicked this off Ellen Degeneres, my girl crush, who is happily married) …there is ‘HAPPY,’ followed by ‘LOVE...,’ followed by ‘COMPLETION.’

What stage are you at?

We’ve all been happy, we’ve all been in love….yet i’m at a stage where i kinda fancy being someones ‘completion…‘ I fancy that. Doesn’t everyone…? But isn’t that saying we can’t be happy or ‘complete’ by ourselves?

Wait, i’m being ‘negatory.’

We all want different things. We all have a different’ version of ‘completion.’ It’s such a lovely phase. I definitely don’t want to be 72, alone…with all my cats…and no company..and that’s coming from one of the most independent girls, who LOVES HER OWN company.

I’m one to just happily wait around, doing life merrily, making a name, making some money, loving my kids…under the conception that fate will simply throw ‘my hero’ at me… he’ll ‘roddle‘ up from his fall, look toward me and think..

‘AAAAH BLISS. COMPLETION. The only girl I could ever share my entire life with!’

Guy friend Fox: ‘I love how you’ve just read out ‘someone’ like it can be anyone….’

Me: ‘SHUT UP LOL. I’m writing my blog! Get me a drink..’

Chick friend: ‘Do CAREER FIRST Wunna… You could’ve been a star right now, if you didn’t waste previous time on dickheads from 2000 and something past. Total planks. You’ve never been treated well enough.’

Me: ‘Get me a drink.. Ooh, my agent’s Whatsapped me.. And shush, I AM DOING CAREER. I’m loving career. *&&*&*****$£$!!’

Away from all that. I’m excited about life. More good work news came today and I’ve just signed up to THREE MORE collabo’s which you don’t have to worry about, because you will know when WUNNA LAND has shimmied into their world. I also have two more auditions. Good ones….

I currently have my


..competition going on. Mainly on my Facebook fanpage. You save me as your phone or laptop screensaver…inbox me the shot and you will recieve a personally photographed and signed photo from me…to you…that no one else will have…



I’m loving all the screensavers that are coming in! They’re great and i’m rubbish at running comps and being able to deal with it all. But i want to interact with you all more and bring you into my world. My diary. This diary.

I’m getting lots of SOCIAL LOVE. It is so hard to keep up with all the replying, but i’m trying my best and only replying to my ‘comments’ or any current screensaver inbox pics.

Replying is so difficult when it comes in MASS LOADS, cos part of me can’t find the time…without being on my phone all day…yet that is kinda my job. …so what am I moaning about? Then I don’t want anyone to feel ‘left out,’ so I don’t want to only reply to some and not them all…It’s all very tragic. Lol…

Kinda makes me need prosecco.

But I appreciate the love…

Here are some of the pics you’ve missed, if you haven’t been following my Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram…

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, selfie and phone Image may contain: 1 person

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and phone

One of my good guy friends, who plays,..’London Business Man‘ in this merry little blog, is currently messaging me and giving me a lecture on ‘nudity.’ Followed with a..

‘Listen, I think you look mind blowing. You know that.I completely fancy you.  So I’m not judging you…but…/Don’t even give me the, i’ve got a jumper on line…’

I don’t need a lecture. I’m a grown up. I think my pics are great. I wave the flag for womanhood and for women being MORE CONFIDENT, in ANY WAY WE CHOOSE….And technically, if you can’t see a jumper, then SIR, you are simply BLIND.


FYI/ Dear any future friends or  ‘Completions…’ You have to be okay with Wunna Land, or I will rebel and not like you.


Happy Tuesday!

Chrissie! x








Gift Number 7! It’s my ‘little bit’ day of GIVEAWAY! #WIN

Morning all! It’s DAY 6 of my GIANT GIVEAWAY BONANZA! I’m adoring being for very lovely…

…this Christmas and well whilst you’re reading this I will be on route to the Birmingham NEC to deliver all the best bits of utterly glamourous news from the…


I’m ever so excited and well I can’t wait to zoom around each and every station picking out the best it’s of ‘ooh laa’ for all of you to enjoy!

Well done to yesterday’s gift winners! Kim Axford won the pink tote and fragrances and Samantha Goodhead won the 25% off a luxury forest getaway! REMEMBER THAT YOU ALL GET 10% OFF A LUXURY FOREST HOLIDAY AT www.forestholidays.co.uk for simply being a fan of this blog. All you have to do is type in PROMO CODE: CHRISSIEWUNNA13 when booking and *BAM* just like that..10% of your cabin price will be deducted from your booking! Yippee!

Anyway, whilst i’m travelling I figured that  I would throw you what I call a ‘little bit.’

We’ve enjoyed the first ‘GOODIE BAG’ day and let me tell you the £100 Monsoon goodie bag is in EXTREME DEMAND. My inbox and online feeds are full of glamourous darlings ALL WANTING to snatch that bit of luxury up! The winner will be announced tomorrow and well may the best kitten WIN! Good luck everyone! However, don’t fret…because if you don’ twin that GOODIE BAG, know that I have 3 more ‘Goodie bag’ days of Wunna gifting instore for you over the coming days! 🙂

So yes, right now because i’m travelling or if you’re not an early bird…I’m already AT THE CLOTHES SHOW LIVE as we speak…I’ve decided to make today’s day of gifting the ‘Little bit.’

Let’s rejoice 🙂 and get started…

Here’s gift 7,





Now, i’m a massive fan of this classy, yet cool store. Their quality is impeccable and well it’s a household name that we’ve all grown to know and love. It’s a store that caters to EVERYONE and well HAVE TO ADORE THEM simply because the good people down at Next have shimmied over a delicious little treat for one lucky blog reader to enjoy for Christmas! Yep..i have it ready and waiting in Wunna Land and well I can’t wait to introduce you to the ‘little bit’ which is the theme of today’s GIVEAWAY.

How yummy is THIS piece of luxury…


It is the OVERSIZED, SEQUINNED, UNION JACK CLUTCH by NEXT! A truly traditonal, glitzy bit of BRITISH fashion, that EVERY GLAMOUR PUSS with a love for all things BRITISH should own.

This glitzy baby retails at a glorious £30!

It could be YOURS TODAY…not just for Christmas, but also FOR FREE!

A gift from ME TO YOU!

It;s a ‘little bit’ of glamour that will spruce up your night with a shimmie. For the ladies who know how to dress something up, dress something down and OWN their title of ‘FUN.’

Who wants it?

To win this deligtful clutch from Next…all you have to do is answer this Chrissie Wunna question…

Question: I am born and bred in Britain…a Yorkshire girl to be precise. However which town in Yorkshire was I BORN IN?

If you really have no clue…the answer is in my ‘About Me’ section! I always refer to it as ‘the town that birthed me.’ 

Good luck with this one!

Hope you enjoy your ‘Little bit.’ Oh and just so you know, I do have a NEXT GOODIE BAG coming up over the coming days! So keep your eye out. It again is worth £100!! #jeepers Being glammy on ME…ROCKS!

Answers to me via any online channel…Tweet, Instagram, facebook..email….get it to me!


Gift 6!! It’s WORTH £100!!


Morning folks! I’ve had a loong night that was spent dazzling the bright lights of the A&E department of Pontefract hospital. I’m juggling a lot right now, with my mind all over the place. I have the babies, the giveaway, the beauty line, Christmas and The Clothes Show Live tomorrow and even though things seems stressful I am over the moon and brimming over with a glitzy excitment.

Obviously today is a busy day in preparation…so I’m going to SHOOT the NEXT DAY OF GIVING right at you with a *BOOM.*

Gift 6:



As you know I recently got a very lovely goodie bag form the darlings at The Clothes Show live…


Therefore I figured if I was Glamour Puss enough to be treated to such yumminess in a bag..then so should you!

Has anyone heard of ….




In celebration of The Clothes Show Live and the fact that I get to cover all the glamour of  it, this year here at chrissiewunna,com, I am giving away a very glitzy gift a day, every day and for 12 days!

The very kind Gods of Glamour at Monsoon/Accessorize have whirled over an AMAZING TREAT for one lucky winner, with a distinct eye for luxury.

In the name of all things ‘goodie,’ I came up with the idea of choosing some deliciously, luxurious winter and somewhat fun items…that I adore and placing them ALL IN MY BAG of ‘GOODIE’….for YOU! *Cheer here.*


In your bag…there is one of these chunky, woolly Winter knitted scarves…A definite must for cold kitten necks this season! A Glamour Puss loves to snuggle up warm under the mistletoe. 😉


However, because i’m Chrissie Wunna…of course i’ve chosen one in…


The scarf/wrap retails alone at around £30. Could be yours FOR FREE TODAY, if you’ve been a good girl or boy!

But wait…we can’t let our kitty ears get chilly…so…

You will also be treated to…


Yes! Fun fully knitted earmuffs! (The ones I have picked out for you are pink wool and leopard faux fur. 🙂 The ear muffs retail at £16….today they could be yours FOR FREEEE! (Why thank you Wunna!) Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Moving on…

Also in your delicious Monsoon/Accessorize goodie bag of glamour…you will find this….


…yes….like it could get any better…a shimmering golden, fit for any kitten purse/clutch! It retails itself for £15! It’s in the bag and ready to be WON!

Now we can’t wrap up warm and cover of ears in faux fur without a bit of ‘ooh laa.’

So i’ve also included…


These very glamorous earrings! £12


…a fun Kooky necklace. It’s actually the cream air bubble one that says ‘I heart U.’ £8



Don’t worry I have great taste in chunky wooden’s….the one I have picked IS DIVINE and worth £12.

Oh and i’ ve thrown in a beauty of a flower hair clip, simply to keep your boho alive. £6

So! Kittens!

If you wish to win my gorgeously magical Christmas Goodie Bag filled with perfectly selected Accessorize and Monsoon goodies…which is worth a yummy £100!!! CRAZY I KNOW! AND FROM ME TO YOU FOR CHRISTMAS!

Then all you have to do is answer this question…which of course a Chrissie Wunna fact.

Question: I have a small tattoo on the inside of my right arm. It’s a word and you have to guess it.

The clues are easy, so you’re lucky today! 🙂

It is the 3rd month of the year and also the *blank* in this sentence..

‘……….. to the beat of your own drum.’

Get your answer to me asap via any online channel..Tweet it, Facebook it, Email it Instagram it…just get it to me and you may have a personally picked, Monsoon/Accessorize Goodie bag under your tree this Xmas, from everyone’s favourite Kitty Claus. Me!


Jeepers! Get guessing!


Starts TOMORROW! See you there!







Yes, due to my previous  excitement for this ’12 days of Christmas’ jiggery pokery, I sort of filled my Xmas booty closet FULL of gifts for you! In fact I picked out far too many bits of luxury that ’12 days’ isn’t gonna cut it and well I can’t give things away until March :), therefore you now have to keep your wits about you and your kitten eyes a peeled. Throughout the day, I’ll be giving away brand new items. There will only be two today. But they are separate gifts that two different winners could have for Crimbo.

I’m feeling quite festive today and well as this bit of GIVEAWAY goes along, I’m getting more and more excited! Please do know that all of this is in celebration of..


..and it’s 25 years of all things fashion and beauty! I’m there this year and covering it like a champion. Please do pop down and see me as I will probably be nesting with a wink at the Bloggers Bar.


I hope you’re all doing your Christmasy lunges, to prep ready for todays big old ‘snatchy-snatchy.’ I HAVE PRESSIES AND YOU CAN GET THEM HERE FOR FREE! Gifting is great and I feel lucky enough to be throwing a bit of a ‘have it on me’ glitzy… shindig. You really will have these Wunna hand picked bits of glamour…


…under your tree this Christmas!

Lets get started!

Here’s gift 4…



Now, if there is ANYTHING that I adore in life, to add that little bit of fun and glamour to my arm it’s ‘Candy.’ And I don’t mean candy in the form of dreamy male (for once), nor do I mean ‘candy’ as is sweets…

Today ARM candy means this…


This bit of booty is the hot pink tote by Fashion Only! I have picked this out myself for one lucky reader to WIN and simply because it is DIVINE, by an up and coming brand and retails at around £55. It could be yours today FOR FREE!

It’s designer, it’s a staple ‘must-have’ for any kitten’s closet, equipped with detachable strap, lots of inside zip hidey holes and that ever so essential mobile phone pocket! It’s  a roomy designer tote,  (carrying a large tote always makes your waistline look smaller…..:) ) AND  its is a tote that is GREAT FOR BUSINESS OR PLEASURE. (I adore bags of that sort.)

If you fancy this piece of yummy on your arm this Christmas 2103…it’s a kitty gift from ME to YOU!



But wait that’s not all..

…because i’m devastatingly generous…and because I love and want to thank you all for following my life…

I’m also throwing in my favourite, what I call…’handbag scent,’

In Wunna land a ‘Handbag scent’ is a perfume or fragrance that you have thrown in the bottom of your clutch, pink tote 🙂 or well…obviously hand bag!

Smelling great is a MUST FOR ANY GLAMOUR PUSS, because it bizarrely makes folk a hell of a lot more forgiving around you, after a tumble of very glittery mistake making! Yipppeeee!

Your Handbag scent is usually a mini version of the big scent that you play with and is used as a ‘spritz’ in tense moments, moments of kitty glow and well just when bored. *Spritz-spritz-spritz.*

Seen these little babies…



They are the  most adorable designer scents in all of the land and as we all know they have been created by..


Miss.Gwen Stefani herself…

for her designer brand…

And let me tell you how much we adore the L.A.M.B line and simply because the L.A.M.B promo towers want you to enjoy a bit of their own yumminess and therefore mailed over a couple of treats all the way from the USA to Wunna land.

THEY ARE A CHRISSIE WUNNA FAVOURITE! They are also a Baby Ruby favourite!

So, today i’m going to let you embrace your inner Asian…

..and along with your beautiful designer pink tote, I am treating you to two of my favourite ‘Handbag scents’ from this line… LOVE and BABY.

These are the tiny, fun, 10ml sized spritzies that retail for £12.50 each.

Summon your inner cuteness NOW!!


All you have to do is answer this Chrissie Wunna question. Do you know your Wunna facts…? Tricky one today. But I want you all to work for the glamour. 🙂


I once gave ‘Shakespeare in Love’ actor Joseph Fiennes my number when working at a gym in LA…

How did I do it?

(The answer is on my ‘About Me’ page above. Look through the ‘trivia’ section.)


GOOD LUCK FOLKS! (Yesterday’s winner will be announced tonight.) 

For all those that SHARE  this post, i’ll send you my favourite train drink….(since we’re on the go..)


A Marks & Spencers Mojito in a can. 🙂




Morning all! Hope you’re having the most glitzy Tuesday ever! I’ve spent the evening wide awake with my grumpy and rather poorly Baby Junior. If it’s not one ill child..it’s the other. I’m sure my loin fruit should be well? Puking is not very glamourous and well what comes out the other end is rather worse. 🙂

Anyway, enough of all that! IT’S CHRISTMAS and here we are again on DAY 3 of my yummy GIVEAWAY BONANZA. In merriment of The Clothes Show Live, I here at chrissiewunna.com is giving away a very special gift, each, day , every day and for 12 days. It’s all in the name of Christmas, good spirit and celebrating 25 years of The Clothes Show live, which I will be covering this year, live from the event itself. Come see me!

It seems you all want to win now after I announced yesterday’s winner. Yep! The Therapy clutch and coin purse..all very designer…all very delicious…went to one chipper red head! I let Ruby pick a winner at random and well she picked ‘Harriet Young.’ 🙂 (She has great taste in winners!) So MERRY XMAS TO @_hazribo_ who you can all follow on Instagram.

But wait!!



Heellllooo Angels!


We are keeping it very KITTEN-ESQUE her today in Wunna land and throwing you right back to my roots. (No, I wasn’t a Victoria Secrets model. I wish. I’m 5ft 3 with a waddle and a wink, not built like a gazelle of frilly knickered elegance. But I did do things in my undies…so I figured i’d introduce you to one of my favourite brands!

It’s a pricey, classy, luxury, fun, young brand and one of the most popular brands of it’s kind in the entire world! (Ooooh.)

It is a brand that is known for its…


..and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

So, lets get down to business…

The good people down at Victoria Secret, I guess want you to smell great whilst you flaunt your uber glamminess, in a delight of perfect knicker pouting!

Since being a young girl and living in Hollywood there has been ONE SCENT that I have always loved, used and desired. A scent that has not only made many a gent swoon, yet many a chica stop in her pretty heeled tracks.

After a glamourous little chat and a whole lot of love, the VS Towers of ‘ALL THINGS DIVINE’ have quite loving given me a special little Xmas gift fit for an angel..even if you’re in disguise.



It is the Victoria Secret Fantasies GIFT SET. The scent…is ‘LOVE SPELL.’ My favourite scent EVER!

In the gift set you will be treated to a hydrating body lotion, a fragrance mist (perfume) and body wash!

Every glamour puss needs to smell the part and well this is the best set of smelly giftness that any kitten could have!

Makes a great gift this Christmas! If you’re a guy you can win it for your doll. If you’re a doll you need this in your life!

PLUS, the lotion, body wash and fragrance also comes beautifully tucked into a shimmering gold, layer frilled, Victoria Secret toiletry bag. Carry one of these to your lovers ‘over-nighter’ and he’ll KNOW that he’s in for a good night! 🙂

So there you have it…UP FOR GRABS is the Victoria Secret Fantasies Gift set and cosmetics/wash bag in ‘LOVE SPELL.’

Retails for around £3o..

..and definitely worth your love!

Oh and because I’m always so good to you…


I’m throwing in a delicious bundle of the very best FRILLIES (frilly knickers that is) from various highstreet retailers.




All you have to do to get your hands on the gift set and bundle of frillies is answer this Chrissie Wunna based question…

Question Day 3: My parents gave me my ‘sexy’ genes. 🙂 But where do they originate from?

Am I:

a) Chinese

b) Burmese

C) Sexineese

Answers to me via any online channel and by noon tomorrow.

The winner of yesterdays giveaway will be informed tonight. My MUM will be picking the winner! She is watching you all! 🙂

Anyone who shares this post, will get a personal treat from me from…

See you at…