What chu’ know ’bout…..

Stuff you might not know about me…

.  I’m allergic to nuts (No…not those kind. 😉 ) 

.  I’m thirty six and a Sagittarius

. I’m a germaphobe.

. I lose interest when people tell me long winded stories and don’t like it when they don’t hit the ‘bullet points.’ lol

. I’ll slum it with a smile, but much prefer luxury

. I am a trained ballet dancer

. At school I got my ‘Drama’ colours 🙂 

. I hate listening to all my voicemails. They scare me when they come bundling in.

. I love banter. All things funny and all people who humour me.

. I once created an anal vibrator for Ann Summers called ‘The learning curve.’ 🙂 🙂 It sold nationally and was filmed for a TV show that opened to 1.7 million viewers. 🙂

. I’m relaunching ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss’ the book on my life…and because I didn’t like the first version. 

. Yes…I did used to be a Glamour Model. But I also used to work in a shop, but nobody rambles on about that. Lol. 

. I once had a kitten named ‘Gucci’ and a white long haired chihuahua named ‘Victoria Beckham.’

. This year i’m going to start going on more dates…

. My last snapchat encounter was watching ‘Hustle Barbie’ twerk.

. I was the first oriental girl to grace the front pages of a UK lads mag. 

. I can draw you. 

. I’m really into all things spiritual. I see a psychic often for guidance.

. My current favourite cocktail is a strawberry daiquiri

. I don’t like bad manners

. Romance is my favourite

. I used to live in West Hollywood

. I used to live in Doncaster

. I don’t like giving advice incase my advice guides you down the  wrong path

. I really love Little Mix songs.

. I do hope to marry again

. I once was forced to do a wee in a plastic cup and hand it to a stranger from my car window as I crossed the Mexican Border. I hope they didn’t drink it, as I didn’t tell them it was wee.

. My favourite ‘get me going’ hustle track is the intro to ‘Billie Jean’ by Micheal Jackson. But just the intro…Haha. 

. I once made a Drag Queen piggy back me all the way home. 

. I drive a Mercedes but my favourite car is a powder lemon, convertible VW Beetle. I’d love one. 

. When I don’t wear my face, I look like…Junior. (if you aged him 100 years.)

. I am currently being hailed as the UK’s Carrie Bradshaw, which amazes me, as I grew up being a massive ‘SATC’ fan.

. I’m more creative than I am a business woman.

. This Summer will be awesome.

. I’m starting an Episodic Vlog shortly. 

. I’m more ‘witty’ than I am ‘DIVA.’

. I like people more than dogs. 

. I’m really bad at comforting people appropriately when they are crying infront of me. 🙂