A Ticket To Dullsville

So I spent my first half of Tuesday with one of my chick besties ‘Firmonnell.’ I kinda tottered down the street, in my giant Cruella Deville faur fur, (it wasn’t Dalmatian…it was ‘Little Mistress,’) as she began to pretend that I lived in a caravan and I convinced her that she was pregnant. Lol. It’s how we roll. This was after talks of Prosecco and periods. I get carried away with baby talk, it fills me with excitement. I sizzle over with an utter flourish of ‘ooh laa.’ To me, nothing is more fulfilling than creating humans..Y’know, little ‘Mini Me’s.’ However,  Firmonnell…well… she pretends she hates it. She doesn’t hate it. She just…well… she just hates it. 🙂

We laughed all the way to Wakefield and guided each other to appropriate parking spots…where parking meters didn’t work.

Firmonnell: ‘As if you’ve made me park this far away.’

Me: ‘It’s just around here somewhere?’

Firmonnell: ‘You don’t know where we are, do you?’

Me: ‘It’s by the Bull Ring, or something? What if we take this shortcut? Lol.’

Lots of things happened on Tuesday. It felt fun! It started off with a whatsapp message that made me smile. When you get a good message to start your day, it kinda sets the tone, doesn’t it. It makes the rest of your day that little bit rosier.

There were moments where mini prosecco bottles were guzzled in carparks, in the style of ‘bouji pirates.’Times when ‘Double B’ referred to males as a ‘pink whisky faces.’ Sweeps of time, where in which we watched young girls perform dance routines, by bundles of straw, to Beyonce remixes. (We could’ve shown them how it SHOULD be done.) There was laughter. Good times. Infact, I might have had a weird conversation with a girl, about how they talk to plants to make them grow. Then finally…after my brain had fried itself with hard work..

‘I swear I was built for pleasure and not such mental labour…’

…I got home to the babies and indulged in an early night and WHAT IS BETTER, than an ‘early night’ when you really really need one!


TODAY…was boring as hell. Lol. Fucking boring.

It was one of those days, where there’s zero excitement, not juice and no ‘ooh laa’ in sight. One of those days where you scroll through your emails, check your messages, look around you…and everything is simply so beige, it’s dull. Lol. There was no magic in the air. Everything was still. I couldn’t even call the day ‘vanilla,’ as even that would give it a flavour. Now, I’m a positive soul by nature and if i can’t roll a turd in glitter, then NO ONE CAN.

What was today!!!

If i hate anything…I hate dull. I hate ‘still.’ I’m a fast mover. I’m not a patient person. I yearn for excitement, I look for it and enjoy it. I adore buzzy bits of happiness. I live for them, they feed my kitten soul. I don’t know whether it’s because i’m a fire sign or an idiot? Yet either way, I LOVE to feel excited. I love to feel surprised. I love a bit of sassy banter. In work, I smile at a sense of achievement. In love, I love to feel adored. I I love everything that makes me radiate. That’s when any human is at their most powerful.

Today was boring. Haha!

The only exciting parts where the moments where in which I witnessed two of my friends, kinda weirdly ‘fall’ for each other with the most cutest innocence. They’ve decided to go on a date. It made me smile. It’s cute!

I did also watch a video where in which someone batted a tennis ball with a willy. Not by choice. Maybe by choice? Who knows?  It was hilarious, nonetheless. Who knew anyone could do that?

There was also a moment where in which my chicks friends decided to compare the worst looking guys they’ve ever been with. Lol. That certainly passed some time. It soon went back to boring.

Then ‘Fairytale Blond’ and I decided that we were emotionally needy (lol) and had brief chats on how guys were so different to girls. We’re both really different girls, yet both really similar when it comes to love and expression.

The day turned to night…It’s finally turned to night (Boooooooooyaaaaaaah) and all I can say, as i chill on my pretty flamingo sheets is..

‘Cya Wednesday…You were dull.’

Let’s hope tomorrow is glistened over with magic.

Send me excitement…..







Wunna Meet Me? Here’s How You Can!

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Now listen!

I was sat at ‘Deli Central’ in Wakefield having a chilled airy breakfast (I ordered the skinny scrambled eggs, on brown toast with the smoked salmon,) with a close friend who’s going through some kind of breakup. I say ‘some kind’ because I was only half listening AND because i’m not really that much of a decent friend to her really. 🙂 I’d just got off a business Skype call and there I was *plunged* into this breakfast/brunch world of ‘moaning about her boyfriend.’  The reason why i’m sounding so unsympathetic is simply because I’m on the ‘Be Positive’ team, she didn’t really NEED me, she just needed someone to ‘moan at’ and I just so happened to be around, with my excellent timing! Lol.

Girls should never cry at brunches over smoked salmon. It’s awkward and off putting Lol.. I didn’t really know what to say, other than ‘you kinda brought it on yourself,’  as I placed down my black coffee. 🙂 I was distracted by my phone messages…I’ve got a lot on…I didn’t have time to absorb the moaning.

Yet it was then that I noticed this…

‘Good morning 📯 ‘ (This guy has sent me that message every day for about 7 months. I’ve never once replied.)

‘Love your blog did vote does help me out at times picks me up makes me smile you got it going keep it up xx’

‘This year has been one of the hardest of my life watching my father die but reading and seeing what you have been up to has been a huge highlight for me love your blog gotta have that award written all over it did vote bye the way you’ve done loads for me thanks xx if you ever come to Cornwall be devastated if you didn’t want a tour guide.’

‘How are you? How do I get to meet you?’

‘I know your not up to talking to strangers I just wanna say tried so many times before seriously think your funny and you look great just wish you would reply I’m not trying it on your way out off my league and I’m happy as I am just trying to give you some credit xx’

‘Wunna Date? Meet me! I’m single!’

‘Going round Doncaster with a lot of my friends for my birthday on 11th of February if your out x’

‘Did you have a good time I saw you in the Mallard in Doncaster yesterday x’
‘You look lovely, would love to hang out some time when you’re free?’

So, these are just a few randomly picked messages that I’ve directly ‘copied and pasted’ as examples for quickness…I’ve literally hundreds and hundreds of messages that I hardly ever get to get through, unless I’m looking for a message specifically…

And it made me think…(whilst my friend was on phase three of her moan festival… I had kinda blurred her out by this point, so her mouth was moving, but no sound was coming out…:) )

This blog wouldn’t be as popular as it has become, well let’s say as it’s ‘becoming’ because in my mind I still have a long way to go…IF IT WASN’T FOR YOU.

I’m just a girl, typing out my life, my story..and almost every single day…

You’re reading, you’re listening, you’re appearing in it…you’re following it, you’re working alongside it or you’re working with it…

But the number one thing that everyone asks me for, after going through thousands of messages is simply to meet me?

I meet Me, every day. 🙂 So obviously to me, It doesn’t seem like such a big thing? But be you a person, a brand, a singleton or a company…Everyone asks to meet me…?

I believe that in order to be a success, you have to GIVE before you TAKE and that can be related to any area of your life. I’m a naturally generous person..on all levels. SO why am I not responding to the people who are sending me ‘cyber love’ everyday? My excuse is because ‘I’m busy.’ But you’re the people who are making this blog…WORTH IT, so that’s wrong.

Now, i’ve always said that chrissiewunna.com is like a written word reality show, where any human, anywhere, can be part of it, simply by crossing life paths with me…I’ve always said you just have to meet me and if you have somehow interested me, you’ll wake up the next morning and find yourself written about on this blog.

YET, I’m not giving you the fullest opportunities to meet me am I? Even when you’re asking because I’m so busy doing my own life and so busy working with brands, that I’m forgetting to nurture YOU, make YOU feel special.

And yes, you’ve got to give me the ‘i’m busy’ card, but It’s important for me to find time to be there for YOU..as like I said, I couldn’t be more grateful for you following my life….



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Listen up!



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And your ‘meet up’ can be for ANY REASON or NO REASON?

Do you want to go on a girls shopping trip with me? Do you want to go on a date? Karaoke with me? Shoot with me? Do you have a blog and would like me to come and take a look over it? Do you want to tattoo me? Are you a company and you’d like me to come work a day in the life of..? Are you a personal brand and would like a bit of promo? Do you want to go to dinner, lunch or cocktails? Got a wedding you want me to go to? A hen/stag do to organize? Are you throwing a party or event? Do you just want me to meet YOUR family, YOUR friends? Or do you just want to invite me over a cuppa tea, as you do your version of life? Have i missed your email asking me to come dine at your restaurant?



I get up to a great deal of things, as I’m just a girl who knows how to embrace life and love  every moment of it! I have places, events and all sorts that I am attending this year…I mean gosh, I have the UK Blog Awards….I have a cocktail tour…I have gifts of experience that I need people to come along to and i’m happy to have YOU as my Plus 1!

So every so often a ‘Wunna Wild Card’ will be thrown into the mix, as part of this ‘Game of life path crossings.’

You Wunna Meet me? Now you can!


Just email: chrissie@chrissiewunna.com





Take your life by the reins and then leave the *magic* to me. I’m throwing YOU the reins to WUNNA LAND…I’ll have a Prosecco, as YOU TAKE CONTROL. (What am I even getting myself into?? Lol.)


Let’s get Geographic..


I originated from here…

Image result for burma golden land

But was born, here….

Image result for doncaster

I lived here…

Image result for wakefield

and ended up here..

Image result for pontefract

Then life suddenly changed and i found myself living here..

Image result for hollywood

I stayed here for years…but followed a boy here…

Image result for new york

I ended up here..

Image result for new jersey

And after a bit of a stint here..

Image result for Miami Image result for Miami

I went back to safety and found myself here..

Image result for hollywood

Between all this…I did a  while here…

Image result for Thailand Image result for Thailand

Then I came back here…

Image result for Pontefract

To go live here..

Image result for chrissie wunna paris hiltons british best friend BBF house facebook   

Then i moved to…

Image result for London

After a while, i got back here…

Image result for pontefract

You never know where life will take you, be it through love, work, or wonders……you just have to have a rum, cue a glitter fountain and and enjoy it..as something exciting is always just around the corner.

You’re exactly where you are meant to be.