Blend Out Bullying with Glamour Magazine

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I have the busiest October. But i’m SO happy. I haven’t been this happy in a long time. I’m beaming. I’m brimming over with a ‘rushy’ swirl of glee. It’s not even cocktail infused. It’s bubbling from my lil’ kitten soul.

I have so much going on. I stiletto stepped out of a big audition yesterday. One that came out of nowhere, via an instagram message. (Do not underestimate the power of social media.) I’m influencing a lot. I’m leaving my *Wunna* glitter stamp, wherever I journey. I’m living. I’m loving. I’m still very single. My love life is unfortunate. I’m still the eligible bachelorette.  I’m feeling 37 and sexy. But most of all, I’m using my voice, now that I have a voice…to inspire.

The only reason why I write this blog, is to inspire other humans, via my own ‘colourful’ story. You’ll probably do things differently to me. Yet, you’ll feel my story, my journey…and remember.

I’ve documented my existence for 10 whole years on THIS website, (it started on Myspace, but got deleted by a grumpy,) via a diary. This year is my 10th anniversary. I can’t believe i’ve stuck it out.


If you didn’t know, I’m a massive Glamour Magazine fan. It’s a delicious edit of work, that has been my companion on many a train journey, shoot, quiet moment or hotel stay. It’s a written ‘show’ of utter bliss and excellence, to me. It’s glamourous, yet comforting. A somewhat young & modern, *twist* of excitement, that not only makes you see, but FEEL. It’s a magazine that will take you from ‘girl dom,’ to WOMAN hood. It’s a glamourous ‘prep school, ‘ that will give you a solid, yet fun insight, as to ‘what happens next.’

I bought this month’s edition…

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I treasured it with my life, because it just felt so good, even before I turned a page. I skimmed through it, because that’s what I always do at first. I need it to ‘flutter,’ through my mind.

YET, mid ‘flutter,’ I *paused.* I stopped a second. I really did stop..and I absorbed.

The ‘Blend Out Bullying’campaign.

Okay, so we all know that i’ve lived a life. If I have nothing else, I have a story to tell. I’ve documented it all, from life as a model, living all over the world, Hollywood nights, being Asian, with a Yorkshire birth, marriages to actors, break ups, time as an actress, my failing love life, motherhood, my ups, my downs, m crushes, my stints on TV and well…my last 10 years has had you follow my existence…daily.

When this happens…people talk. I have my own lil’ patch of Cyberland…and yes, NOW, I have SO much support, it’s incredible. I mean, if ‘Sex and The City’ & ‘The Osborne’s’ was Asian and had a baby…it would be me.

I’ve ended up in newspapers and magazines, which again…made people talk. A lot of wonderful things have been said about me…However, i’ve taken a lot of *FLAK* over the years…and that ‘FLAK’ used to affect me massively, in my 20’s. In my 30’s, now that i’ve graduated to ‘WOMAN,’ it’s ‘shaped’ me beautifully and glamorously. I’ve never let myself be a victim of cyber bullying openly…but I have been ‘labelled’ and named everything under the glitter sun and back.

After the life I’ve lived…It’ll take a lot more than ‘a few words’ to get me down. 

But here are some of the NEGATIVE words that people have called me…

Fake. Fat. Ugly. Ching Chong. Gold Digger. Chubby. Old. Wannabe. Nobody. Disgusting. Talentless. Dumb. Bitch. Whore. Slut.

I’ve even received ‘death threats.’

‘You should DIE because you’re so ugly. I will kill you. You should get raped. ‘ 

All this was luckily mingled in with ‘I love yooou’s’ which made all the difference. It balanced it out for me emotionally.

I lost two close friends of mine. Both appeared on reality shows. Both took their own lives, because of cyber bullying.

I was just someone who ‘took it on the chin.’ I was surrounded by love. I hoped, I had a purpose. I still do. It kept me going. Infact being a Mum and having an audience…kept me going.

I heard…

‘You’re too old to do this…’

I’m not too old. I’m actually doing it. It’s like i’m in my prime.

I’m delicious.

I saw what Nabela had done. (Please DO make sure you’re reading your editorials in magazines. Being a blogger, I KNOW that they’re not JUST written for kicks. They’re there to INSPIRE you. You’d hate it if you wrote a piece, an article, a blog, or a diary and everyone said that, they ‘only looked at the pictures.’ )

Every inch of me wanted to be involved…

Just like that, (i’m a doer, not a talker…So many people have ‘talked’ at me and done nothing…I’m not that. I’m too ‘sizzle.’)

I JOINED THE ‘BLEND OUT BULLYING’ CAMPAIGN with Glamour Magazine, to help make a difference and strip all bullies of their power.Every day a ‘keyboard warrior’ reckons they’re getting the better of me, I almost become stronger.

How many of you bought Glamour Magazine, this month, read the article, thought it was great, but didn’t bother to do it? Y’know…take action?


No matter what, I honestly believe that every single human, has had someone, somewhere say something negative to them, or about them, at some point, that has hurt them emotionally. Right? Sometimes we bite back. Sometimes we can’t, or we don’t.


I’m 37 and grown. I’ve lived a life, where i’ve heard  all sorts said about me. It bounces off me, like a bee sting…and ends in total glitter. I don’t even feel it anymore.

However, being immune to the problem, doesn’t make it better…does it?

Yesterday, I chose 4 hurtful words, that others had labelled me…and I wrote them on my face in concealer.

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Then I *BLENDED* them out…into my face.

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As I was doing it, I felt EMPOWERED, because I knew I was brave enough to ‘Middle finger’ the peeps who had ‘labelled’ me AND because I felt that I had the backing of my favourite magazine and of those who root for Wunna Land.

Hang on a second…

Right, so…

I’ve just this second, uploaded a video to youtube of my ‘blend.’

After all that, I then posted a picture of the result…Which was this…

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I never felt so beautiful. I don’t feel old. (I embrace my time and my age.) I don’t feel fat. (I’ve always felt good about my body.)  I don’t feel ugly (I love my lil’ Asian features,) and I’m certainly not fake. (There’s a whole lot of TV to prove it. Haha.)

To anyone who takes the time to red this blog..I firstly THANK YOU, as it’s not like a usual ‘cheeky’ Wunna blog. I have a message today. It’s kinda like ‘The Bible’ but bouji. 😉

It takes ONE MOMENT to simply write a word on your cheek and blend.

Join the ‘Blend out Bullying’ campaign today.

Make a difference…

You could even save a life.

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Thank you for following my life…


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Dropzees, Single Mums & Blogging

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Evening my cherry plums of delight! I’ve had an alright day at work. Quiet, normal and fun. I feel like i’m achieving a lot this year already, as i’m mummying, working hard, blogging, vlogging and saving up. It’s all going really well, yet almost too well for Wunna Land, that I’m scared that i’m going to trip up and tumble. Lol. The good thing is that my glitter heels are jammed to the floor, with strength of steel glue. This year it’s gonna take a lot to bowl me over. I’m a toughie my nature anyway…dashed in charm, dipped in smiles. But this year….i’m a lioness! *Roar here, if you can actually be arsed.*

The good thing about today is that it has been my Mum’s birthday. I love my Mum with every inch of my soul, as I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She’s literally the most amazing human I know and well I think of all that we’ve been through and smile. (She’s the lady who holds Wunna land together.) She makes me feel so lucky, simply because through life, i’ve been blessed enough to have her as my Mama. *Radiates love.*

The bad thing about today is that I’VE HAD THE ‘DROPZEES.’ Oh my LORD, have I had the ‘dropzees,’ If it’s been in my hand…I’ve DROPPED IT and nothing is more annoying to me than this, because if i dislike anything (and I don’t dislike too many things, apart from dickheads,) it’s clumsiness. I hate clumsiness in others, let alone clumsiness in myself. (And i’m always hardest on myself. Lol.) I’ve dropped a full can of Diet Pepsi, a full jug of milk, an entire takeout cup of coffee….the list is endless…If it’s been in my hands, I’ve DROPPED IT. Oh and I haven’t just dropped it and had it delicately trickle, like a work of art. I’ve let it *SLAP, BANG, WALLOP* ALL OVER FLOORS, without having ANY CONTROL. *Weep here.* This is not Princess behaviour!!!! My soul is devastated.

I think i’m tired. It’s makes you less sharp. I need a few more early nights and an extra hours sleep. I’m not going to bed too late, but Ben stays up through the night, which leaves me up later. (He seriouly must have insomnia. I’m knackered by 9pm. Lol. He’ll be up until 3am.)

My Vlogs are doing really well. They’re on tens of thousands of views right now and I can’t even believe my little kitten eyes. Once again, I can’t thank you enough to taking the time to watch them. To be honest, I’m more of a blogger than a Vlogger, because I find it more comforting. Vlogging is easier, as I’m not one to shy away from a camera. Lol. (Believe it or not. 😉 ) And well you can get it done in a minute. Whereas blogging can take forever, yet, I feel as though i can express myself with a greater ease, via the fine art of the written word. It’s a place that makes me feel safe. It’s like wearing big comfy knickers, or throwing on your pyjamas, after a warm bath and a hard day at work. But yes, I’m loving the Vlogs and i’m thanking you AGAIN for watching.

It’s weird today because I heard this read this weird thing about ‘single mums.’ Now, obviously I was a single Mum for ages. But my chick friend, was sort of dumped recently because she was a single Mum and the guy had initially gone for her, because he wanted to enjoy an ‘easy poke.’ He  assumed she would be desperate and clingy. Hmm…?

What, I know about single mums, (and only if they’re of sound mind, so you’re looking at you’re older end, I think? Is that judgemental.) But what I know about single mums is that, we or they (I never know whether to count myself as one know, because I have Benny,) are women who run our own homes, pay our own bills, look after OURSELVES, physically, emotionally and financially….whilst doing the same for our children, whilst holding down a day job and dealing with what life throws at us, at the same time as making our dreams come true. Therefore technically,  boys should be honoured that we as women (who are in that box) actually have time for them in our lives, or be shocked that we’re actually impressed by them.)

Thank God, i’ve had wasabi peas and wine. I’ve also just had a bowl of mushy peas and chilli flakes. (I’m weirdly having it every night.)

Ben’s doing really well on his diet. He’s looking slimmer and slimmer by the day. Lots of my friends have now started his diet , because of this and HONESTLY it works. His results have been crazy. (He’s now watching Ghost programs, which doesn’t really float my boat. Lol.)

I really, really need a massage. My entire body aches and when it’s achy it makes me feel less sexy, less ‘kitten’ and like an glitzy…oldie? (Which I quite positively am! Wahoo!) They say that when someone touches you…the nerves under that precise spot come alive. I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE! My ankle feels busted..and wine isn’t working.

But all is well in Wunna land. Hope your January is going well. It seems to be lasting ages! I’ll be filming more Vlog videos during my days off. I can’t really post too many as i’m hardly ever off work. But the great thing about doing both a vlog and a blog is that I can shimmie, back and forth, which gives me time, balance and keeps me smiling.