Loyalty, Life & Male Models

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Me: ‘He doesn’t fancy you because you’re a swimmer & he’s a male model.’

Vanny B: ‘But he should. I can swim places. I have trophies and shit.

Me: ‘Male models, are surrounded by female models ALL DAY, for work. They’re in an industry littered with the most beautiful women, and they themselves are classed as the most handsome men. Every single male model I know…has a model wife….not a swimming one. Lol.’

Vanny B: ‘But i’m in a dress…’

Me: ‘Yeah, but if SHE wore that dress, she’d look all petite, delicate and fragile. She where’s it well, because it’s her job. Throw HER, in a pool…She ain’t gonna out swim you. But whocares. Men aren’t arsed about about swim offs. They don’t pick wives on their swimming ability. I even bet that some professional male swimmers date models. Haha.’

Vanny B: ‘There are times when I love you, but today you’re such a bitch. Lol.’

I’m sassy today. But comfy! I had to take my jeans off and blog in just knickers and a top, with my legs in a sitting down ‘v’ shape and my pink laptop placed centrally inbetween. I felt all tight ans stuffly and to me that’s the worst feeling ever. I need to feel loose and comfy, in order to smash out a badass blog.

I’ve had to drag myself off instagram because it’s unhealthy for out souls. Obviously, my job is to be ‘social.’ I’m a blogger…a model…blah, blah, blah. So, yeah, I have to post daily and be all over it. YET, you can drive yourself nuts by trailing through everyone’s profiles. We waste so much time focusing on what other people are up to. We can get SO carried away and creative with it. It’s not always good. Now I just ‘post,’ leave it and ‘Thank’ the people who have taken the time to write me a comment.

(I always do that, because firstly I think it’s good manners and secondly…i’m far from stuck up. Nothing is worse to me, than stuck up talent. If you take away all the people who take the time to ‘Like/Comment/or Heart’ your content ‘socially’….then you no longer have an audience, you no longer have a social presence & you no longer have as much clout. And we’re in and still headed into a social generation. Your biggest stars of the future, WILL BE, your SOCIAL stars.

Like Gary V said, ‘Everyone thought that the TV star would never surpass the radio star….People were 10 years behind. Look what happened…It’s now the same with TV stars and Social Media stars….Start building your online business now. It doesn’t matter what field you are in…you can turn it ‘social.’

I’ve gone on a ramble. I do that! It’s shit. What was I gonna say? I got a great Snapchat from the girls this morning…filled with ‘whispers’ and giggles. I love being a girl, it’s so cute.

I’m having a decent day today. I’m checking through all my collabos and going through the ones that are well suited. It’s exciting. Lots of  ‘anti ageing’ skincare is coming my way. Lol. I’ve got the BMC email which is owned by the delighted Saffron Drewitt Barlow and Venom, which came via ‘Diags’ from Towie.

I also have shoots for brands, shoots for content and shoots for kicks. What am I on about? Nothing is for kicks.

What you need to know is that I’m loving it. I have the best job in the world, because all i’m doing is my own life…and it’s a business now. Lol.

I had really great ‘messaging‘ last night before bed and when you ‘happy message’ before bed..be it chipper or sexy…It’s always delightful. I’m naturally sexy and naturally chipper.  It helps you have the most blissful 40 winks, doesn’t it. I like going to be bed feeling somewhat adored…All of us do… We sleep better.

It kinda made me flash backed some of the moments, that we had shared, then I realized that a whole year had almost passed. That’s crazy!

He actually received meal time selfies from Wunna Land yesterday. I mean, who wouldn’t adore me, right!?! 😉 I’m fun. It’s all exciting.

But, being smart… I take everything with a ‘pinch of salt’ until I have it in my hand. (Even though I wear my heart on my sleeve.) I just don’t wanna get let down and look stupid…AGAIN. Lol.

I mean there’s always things like ‘loyalty’ and ‘thoughtfulness‘ that I always try and look for. To me, they’re things that go without saying and I’m the most loyal human. Flirty, but loyal.

It’s just something you witness over time, isn’t it…

Right, I need to get out and about and shoot some more content. It’s the most gorgeous afternoon in Yorkshire today.

I’m feeling really lucky.


















Life, Swirls & Connections…

Today…if I looked at the positive and pick out the bits that matter, even though it rained all day in Yorkshire and parts of work were a draaaag, it was a GREAT DAY to be alive. I’m noticing when i’m happy. I’m embracing the things that I have going on that are wonderful and even though I’m all *winks & banter,* with sassy little stocking shimmies….I’m warm…If you know me personally and infact most of you actually don’t. But i’m grateful that you’re following my life. Know that by nature i’m quite playful, I’m quite soft…but i’m loads of glittery fun….

I looked around me today as I walked across the cobbles in the rain….with the weird blue ‘Lifeboat’ umbrella that I found and yeah…life wasn’t so bad. It was great day to be alive. (Still fucking wished it was Friday though! AND still fricking wish that it didn’t rain all over my hair.)

I have a lot going on right now from book deals, to tours, to modelling shoots, to business meetings, to brand deals and being mum…It’s the best thing EVER and on the whole  a super exciting time..BUT it’s relaxed because i’m feeling really in control of it all and these days, I don’t care about stressing out. It’s a pointless thing that we do when we’re scared. More than anything, I’m flipping lucky! I’ve got this shit down, on a calm easy, hair tossing breeeeeeeeeeeze!

But yeah, I had a conference called this morning. Edited a bit of my new book that’s out this year. I watched ‘Firmonnell’ enter holiday mode and pretty much toss the day off with glee. (I love her on holiday mode. She kept randomly talking tripe to people, like some ‘clingy on’ friend, just to kill time, so she wouldn’t have to do anything. Lol. It worked! Hahah!)

‘Oh hey Dipper…’

‘Oh hey Webbo!’

Double B must have called me a ‘BITCH‘ approximately 13 times today, but I let her off because lets face it, she’s a loon, but she’s fucking hilarious. We talked ‘my future‘ over lunch today, as we discussed life overlooking the town with her Rapunzel hair, whilst she ate super noodles.

‘Hustle Barbie’ had itches, which i’m sure she said were crabs? 🙂

Me: ‘You’re passing your itch onto me…’

Hustle B: ‘Do you have a pen? A black pen. GOD! I can’t reach my ITCH and it kills!’

‘Fairytale Blond’ (who has just got back from helicopter rides to hotels in Monte Carlo,) just looks like she’s going to fall pregnant soon….

‘Honestly! I can see it in your face! You’re gonna end up preggo.’

(She smiled like she liked the idea…)

Mel is on her military diet and smashing ‘weigh ins’ so she doesn’t have to pay to ‘jolly in’ with the slimmers..

‘It’s giving me headache…Where are those Jelly Babies..?’

and Lady Shizzle is showing us group selfies that resemble the cast of TOWIE in Marbs?

‘Did I show this selfie? Look…’

And then there’s me….

Just me…

And if I could tell you anything, I’ll tell you that i’m in a swirl. There’s this guy. The most amazing guy that I could ever know and I cannot even tell you how lucky he makes me feel right now…

When it comes to guys…or girls infact and the art of finding a great match…One of those soul connections that make you *BEAM* because you just can’t help it…you sort of need to gel on every level…don’t you!

With this guy…I have that…and i’ve never really felt like this before…

We can be besties and kick it…lovers and ‘filth it,’ take each other lightly, take each other seriously…express…trust…and just BE! We’re easy going humans….and I’m loving every single minute of ‘right now.’

I’m in a swirl and i’m beaming. He makes me feel really happy. He’s an AMAZING MAN and I don’t think my path would or could ever cross with a better one.

I’m someone who lives in the present and I never stress out about the ahead. People stress out too much about needing to know the outcome of something whilst forgetting to enjoy the ‘right now.’ When you embrace the ‘right now’ magical things happen, Infact  life, love and all sorts develop from those moments and much faster than you expect because you’ve embraced them without fear. We think and analyse things too much, instead of relaxing and really enjoy those moments with love.

For anyone of you IN stressy love life situations know that the development of it all is great, as it’s sort of like receiving a pink gift box… undoing the big bow… slooooowly unravelling the wrapping away, gently opening the box and reaching into it… to see the gift. You pick the gift up and play around with it for a bit…then you hold  palm of your hands and treasure it close to your heart because it’s ended up meaning so much to you, without you realizing. It’s magical. 🙂

But yes, i’m in a swirl.

He’s dynamic, but there’s a peaceful gentleness to him. We’re really similar like that. There’s a playfulness to him, but he’s a stand up guy! I’m really lucky. Anybody who gets to cross paths with this guy is lucky. I trust him.(That’s big) I trust him.

He totally deserved the bunny tail thong picture this morning. 😉

Anyway, I need a cheeky little wine.

Thank you for reading this…you actually mean the world to me. You are reading this with THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, across the entire globe on every single continent of the world, That in itself IS CRAZY! I can’t even believe it.

So whether you’re a mum in Yorkshire, a business man in New York, a teenager in Japan, or a Doctor in Australia? Whether you’re a model in LA, a party girl in London, a husband in Africa, a teacher in Asia….Thank you all for reading…I’ve accidentally connected you ALL, by writing this little online diary… 🙂

Chrissie x






I did The Clothes Show


So i’ve been at The Clothes Show! The last ever Clothes Show to be held in Birmingham, as it will move to Liverpool for the coming years. (Yay! Northern!) I am a regular haunt at the event…and blogged it for a jazzy while. I’ve presented it. Smoozed. I’ve shopped! I’ve celebrated the event with love, as i genuinely find it divine.

This year has been the best year that I have ever has the pleasure of being invited to. Oh my GOD, I could LIVE at The Clothes Show this year. You should go, as it is ever girly girls DREAM LAND. There is no where on earth where you can literally shop until your little kitten heart is satisfied, smooze with your fave reality tv celebs and when you need a ‘pick me up’ saunter into some kind of ‘Lounge’ for a lift up! Jesus! There were the MOST GLAMOROUS Pop Up lounged everywhere. The ‘Diva Lounge,’ the ‘Pamper Lounge,’ the ‘Lambrini Bubbles Bar,’ the this lounge, that lounge, get your hair did and teeth whitened whilst you ‘chill for ten’ spots. It was AMAZING and pretty much catered to everything that I’d build shrines for. I snapchatted my Clothes Show Story for all of you to see and let me tell you IT IS MARVELLOUS. I mean GOD, i’ve done Lambrini proud. Lol. I don’t think anyone has made as much impact in a ‘Bubbles Bar’ in their life. If i can do anything, i can kick back, meet new people, selfie pout with folk and drink in glamourous ‘pop ups.’ It’s the new thing innit, ‘Pop Up’ Wine bars and they are my favourite. i guess with Lambrini, i sort of just represent eerything that they market, so i was a great ‘Bubbles Bar’ choice. Lol. I’ve sipped and sampled every single new Lambrini Flavour and I can you Strawberry is my fave.




I even had my fortune told by accident via a crystal ball and I tried not to take it seriously, as you don’t do you. But holy shit, when i got beckoned behind a curtain and asked to hold this ball, (I’m good at that. 😉 ) THE THINGS THAT GYSPY  Margaret Rose Lee were telling me were things that NOT A SINGLE BEING in this entire world, but myself and my family would know! It was crazy. I was kitty shocked being this little red curtain…as she looked through my past, present and future. BANG ON, she was! And i guess as always my future is charmed…I can’t wait to get to the ‘charmed’ bit of my future (haha)…as even though i’m a positive soul, who has it pretty good, I’m heavily ambitious when it comes to work, love and family….and well this waiting around and working dead hard at it stuff can sometimes be a draaaaaaaaaaaag. When i have success, love and everything with bells on, then i’ll be able to do things like have a quiet drink in a bar, by myself and not stress and lay in bed at night, without a busy mind. I can’t wait for that bliss.

Okay away from that! Let’s go behind the scenes, as in life i have the best of both worlds at such events, where i’ll get booked to, what i call ‘be a face’ and entertain, yet at the same time GET TO BE PRESS, with my pass for chrissiewunna.com and venture through the back stages, the press calls and get all the behind the scenes gossip. I know, it’s awesome. So, for those of you who love a bit of Pop Culture, a bit of ‘Celeb,’ a bit of reality tv, i’ll tell you that i got to share time with Joey Essex, Alex Mytton and Jamie Laing! Reality at it’s finest. I watched them, studied them and listened to everything going on around them. I always kinda look smiley, boobied and giddy…but i scan and watch EVERYTHING!! The little things a opposed to the big things.


This is what I can tell you…

I’m not about to hear anyone call these boys ‘famous for nothing,’ as people tend to say that about Reality show personalities, don’t they. I’ve experienced reality show life and not even nearly close to the popularity that these boys are going through and that alone was HARD.

These boys must work almost every hour under the sun and then some to build and maintain a profile and do what people with ambition do, make money! I mean Jamie Laing had just got back from travelling for fifty hours, back from Australia after his ‘I’m a Celeb’ Extra Camp gig, to come and present a fashion show in Birmingham. Plus he had his brand ‘Candy Kittens’ at The Clothes Show, so he was making sure that was running smoothly also. I watched him present a fashion show and he’s just a natural entertainer, he sort of looked like a veteran in comparison Alex, who also shimmied on Made in Chelsea with him. Jamie’s warm hearted, talented, a great entertainer and ‘human’ not fakey. There’s nothing stuck up about him and he’s just a joy, you can see it in his soul. There’s an energy.

Alex…extremely good looking, not a telly newbie, but seemed a bit more quiet that Jamie. However, non the less, sweet, got on with it and was fun, fun, fun with it all. I did notice that whilst he was in the ‘pap pen’ and saw a camera man and I stood taking piccies, that he clocked the camera man straight away and like the sexy boy that he is, rolled up his sleeves a little on the sly to make sure we got a good view of his ‘gun show’ on pictures. Lol. Now, i’m not one to complain. I say ‘Good boy!’ But it’s interesting isn’t it, as to how people feel the best way to market themselves is. I love how his mind ticks. Interesting guy! I was on the same train as him on the way back. He had his girlfriend with him, who was all skinny, blond and..well…not every smiley. Haha. I don’t know how these guy’s hold proper loving, long term relationships. It must be difficult.

And Joey….The whirlwind that was Joey Essex! It almost felt as though every teenager in the entire world had decided to stand in one spot in Birmingham, at The Clothes Show  and as he quickly paced out, guarded by security, cameras and all sorts…they ALL decided to get their New Look knickers in a twist and go ABSOLUTELY MENTAL, like Michael Jackson had trumped gold on Justin Bieber or something!! And to the loudest screams ever, they elbowed and tripped each other out the way, clambered on shoulders and rushed, dashed and fell with camera phones…They lost their entire teenage MINDS! (I got elbowed and kicked a bit, as I was stood right next to him, but i had a Press Pass and Celebs love People with Press Passes, so i was sorted. Lol)

Now, this is what you didn’t know (or did gather) about Joey…who makes his ‘dollar’ by maybe selling himself as maybe not the ‘brightest berry’ in the bunch. And God does it work. He’s rinsing it. Well done!

But let me tell you, if you were to watch him talk to his manager during a ‘madness moment’ like that or behind the scenes, he is LITERALLY one of the most savvy, intelligent and ‘in the know’ guys on reality tv. He’s direct. He knows what he’s doing. He knows what he represents and he is all ambition and work. He knows it’s work and he smashes it! I heard him talking to Dave his manager with this power house voice of ‘this is what i want you to do.’ He had guardian and cameras filming the madness, on his instruction…(clever, clever) and he got through his Pap Pen session, with less heart than Jamie, but with the biggest career mind out of the BUNCH!

They work really hard and they have to, as the world of ‘Reality Celeb’ isn’t easy anymore is it. As it’s become more and more about being really savvy at the old marketing and winning popularity ‘doo dah’ than anything and now EVERYONE has become really really good at it. I’ve always thought there is room for everyone and as long as you have talent, a creative flair and or a business mind….I mean, as long as you’re good at your craft, no matter what it may be…and you work the hardest you have ever worked at your passion or goal…you’ll get there!

The great thing about these boys is that they made so many people happy that day…and when you do that…it kinda makes it all worth it.







My Clothes Show Live Day 3



What can I say! The Clothes Show live this year is THE MOST AMAZING SHOW EVER and I’m not just saying it to ‘say it’…we all know that i’m far too McGlitzy Gobby to hold the truth behind reason and a whole lot of lip gloss. YET IT TRULY IS THE BEST SHOPPING I HAVE EXPERIENCED IN YEARS and I have shopped all over this merry disco ball of a world, every week, each weekend and since I was THREE! I KNOW GOOD PLACES TO SHOP and this place is not only of superior quality, but there are so many brands taking part this year, so many glamourously glitzy and creative new ways of experimenting with fashion, beauty, marketing and the art of ‘getting you all involved.’ There’s a BUZZ this year and I think it’s because as the times have moved along (and the show has always been great) it has evolved into the most delicious circus of shopping glamour and madness that I have every enjoyed to witness.

It’s flashing lights, drenched in glitter, swirled in music, dashed in sprinkles, swung with sequin drapes and wrapped in ooh laa this year and having been lucky enough to weave in and out of each and every stand all day every day I have not only never got bored but discovered something new around each and every corner. It is so magical that you literally get LOST in a swirl of new fashion and beauty. It’s so creative and well aside from the shopping, the quality of it and the sheer volume of amazing brands, THE ACTUAL FASHION SHOWS THEMSELVES ARE THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!

I got to witness the giant Fashion Show in the Alcatel Onetouch Fashion Theatre and that was so magnificent it pretty much it measured up to Vegas! Who needs a weekend away! What happens in the Fashion theatre SHOULD HAPPEN TO YOU!

The movement, the models,the dancers, the creativity, the buzz, the clothes, the atmosphere itself is sophistication kissed over with a surreal whip of ‘yeah baby.’ I was shocked and mesmerized by it and having seen many a fashion show, that one took the biscuit and then ATE YOURS..in diamonds! (Plus, I’m on the big screen with my laugh at the beginning of it..so i’m also biased. 🙂 ) Yet honestly, amazing show. The scale of it is tremendous and well there are quite a few familiar faces hitting the runway this year!

Other than that, I’ve discovered so many new brands that I now love. It’s introduced me to so much more and helped develope my choices in fashion. I mean I have NEVER BEEN A VINTAGE GIRL, but after having to run around the stand yesterday with famous vintage blogger ‘Lulutrixabelle’ (Queen of Vintage and glamourous tramp of old glamour with a new twist) I opened my eyes to a whole new world. I’d rock a faux fur, vintage sequinned mini skirt with pussycurl glasses and hat…even if it does smell a bit moth bally. I’d give it my own ‘jughe’ and wiggle it into cutest-wootsie, or as Lucy (‘lulutrixabelle’) would say…’make it Playboy.’ I like short boobied, commercial bits of innocence, that stand out with a ‘come and get me maybe.’ I can do Vintage Playboy. I had an absolute BLAST with Lucy yesterday, we ROCKED THAT ENTIRE JOINT and giggled our way through it. I mean ANYTIME a chick (who was sort of Paris Hilton- esque…we had the Nicole and Hilton type of relationship)..but yeah anytime a chick SELLS YOUR BODY FOR A CREAM FAUX FUR COAT, you know you must love her. HAHA. It was £55 and she needed a better bargain, the guy who owned the stall fancied my boobs so she gave them to him to fondle for free pretend fur and got the coat for £25 as I got molested…gleefully of course. It all happened so fast to laughter that I didn’t even know what hit me. 🙂 Before you know it, we were back at the Blogger bar getting ready to film her vintage ‘bargain hunt’ section with Clothes Show tv. (The good thing is that for part of our life we walked passed the most gorgeous, ‘only in pink speedos’ tanned, fully defined, male model…out of nowhere) when that happens in life, you remember how lucky you are. I think i shouted something yummy at him and he responded with a flirty smile, simply because he was 1cm away from me and well shouting didn’t need to occur. Lucy offered to ‘LICK HIM.’ Then we took out faux fur and tottered…


My feet still kill from running around yesterday in heels. Gina heels by the way and my Boobie dress my Jessica Wright ‘With love…Jessica’ (loved it.) When your feet kill from shopping you’ve done well because without you knowing you’ve toned your calves all at the same time. We even got spray tanned mid way!

(That guy at Fake Bake is fabulous and adores me. Whenever I pass, he wants to give me a Fake Bake spritz. I love it.)

I mean, talking of that ANY PLACE that you can get Fake Baked spritzed, whilst still shopping and have your teeth laser whitened whilst you’re waiting and for only £20 AND either indulge in a quick power massage mid-stall (honestly, there’s a stand called ‘The Pressure’ and if shopping has knackered you out, you can sit down and have a quick ‘rub down.’ It’s a racing car pit stop…but delicious…) or grab the most divine chocolate dipped strawberries from your nearest fondue stand…… is bliss. I tried one yesterday and it was so good I nearly slapped myself.

The show is amazing this year and i’m really gonna miss it. It’s ALIVE and I think everyone has worked so hard on it, be they the vendor, the PR, the organizers, Clothes Show tv, the celebs, the bloggers…everyone has put their heart into it that it’s become the best labour of glittery love EVER.

I’ve met some really great girls who hope to be professional bloggers when they’re older and it’s fabulous to see so much potential and just basic excitement.

I think everyone’s been really pleased with their day at The Clothes Show so far and well THE CELEBS..this year it has been JAMMED PACKED WITH THEM. I’m lucky enough to get to witness each and every one of them as they sit in the Clothes Show Tv studio, yet they have served their public WELL. They must literally be shattered because when you have a gzillion celebs all in one fashiony roof and teenage girls, it goes FRANTIC. I mean, fans have had the opportunity to hug their fave celeb in the flesh and talk to them in person. They have gone WILD. I’ve seen exhausted celebs rushing to the VIP lounge after 50 thousand photos have been taken and whilst they’re in a sweat and starving! Lol. The good thing is that there is also the Pap Pen meaning you can officially queue up for a piccy and time with your fave telly name.

Katie Price was there yesterday. Sam Callahan got mobbed. Union J were no doubt molested and Peter Andre was hiding in a corner somewhere.

You can see why a certain handful of celebs are so successful and it’s becaue they work so hard. I mean the Wright family (Mark, Jessica, Carole, Nanny Pat) they have been on their store EVERY DAY signing autographs, bringing in business…working the crowds. It’s a pure family operation with them and that’s what I love. They love hard and all muck in to help each family member. And the Made in Chelsea boys..they have stood on their stalls and signed EVERYTHING for everyone, one hundred times over, until security tells them to stop. They work hard for their brand and well they didn’t need to, but they did for that extra push. I’m noticing great work ethics. I mean Jamie Laing has been there all day, all week with Candy Kittens and has been working off his feet. He has been so kind to each fan and let each and every one of you have a piece of him. I mean, he’s managed to still do nightclub appearances back in London, all at the same time. God knows how? BY 9am he’s Tweeting ‘on my stall at The Clothes Show…Come say Hi’ and that’s back in Birmingham!!! CRAZY!

So, the people with great work ethics are those who become successful. Put in what you wish and the result you get will be determined by that effort.

Really great people. I’ve met some really great minds. I’ve witnessed a lot.

Yesterday I had so much fun and i needed fun because i had been reporting everything from day one nonstop and watching my reports on the big interactive screen.

I haven’t managed or found the time to even shop yet, so tomorrow when I go in and it WILL BE THE VERY LAST DAY OF THE SHOW. 🙂 (FYI, Tickets are still available on the door if you’re not doing anything tomorrow and want to go) I’m going otbe grabbing so Xmas gifts, so Wunna delights and giveaway bits!! Lucky you!

I’ve had a blast. I hope i get to do it again next year as it’s made my December delightful. What a way to end the year! I wish I could’ve taken Rubes though!!

Anyway, here are some pictures of my yesterday!! If you haven’t been you MUST MUST GO! My boobs took over the show yesterday. I forgot I had boobs and I certainly forgot how much everyone loves them. Even the ladies. I think I lost my mic down there a couple times and the odd human….In fact, they did so well they got sold for faux fur didn’t they!?!  A lot more ‘winks’ occurred because of boobs and gents tried to convince me that it was ‘my face’ that they loved. 🙂 Even taking my coat off in the morning was like a burlesque routine in itself.



I got invited back to LOTS  of hotel rooms.

But instead I went home to the man of my dreams…this lil’ fella..

He was certainly happy to see me 🙂 #babyjuniorrules



Thirty Something & Kebabs


Well! Hellooo the weekend. I’m bubbling over with a’ joie de vivre’ and refusing to let any petty drama, that ‘The Gods’ often like to deliver to my glitzy door, get to me. I’m like Batfink today. I’m rocking my wings of steel and totally with heels. If the negative comes here me, I’ll just cough on it so it gets the flu. Yippeee! That’s the best thing about having baby flu systems, you can spread it by coughing on the people you don’t like.

So, yesterday I had big ‘one on one’ evening with Baby Junior, as Baby Ruby went to her ‘Daddy Pete’s’ for a play and a stop over. Pete literally only lives a street and a bit away from me, so it’s practically ideal for last minute stop-over decisions. She had fallen asleep there anyway. It was raining outside. So why bother waking her up, just to drag her out into the rain an tuck her in 2 streets away. I’ve had that done to me as an adult millions of times throughout my 20’s. I hated it. But saying that, I was hungover most of the times, so maybe that had something to do with it? The best thin about being a 30 something oldie is the simple fact that I NEVER HAVE TO DO the WALK OF SHAME EVER AGAIN. It just doesn’t happen because i’m far more ‘together’ these days, meaning you don’t find me sleeping at someone else’s house, still in last night’s face and some squeezy tight party dress. Eww..it’s an awful feeling innit. Especially if you have to walk through ‘normal life’ the next morning to get home. GROSS! I’ve had to do it in a Playboy bunny outfit before, when I had to sleep at a train station because I had missed the last train home. I always tell that story like it’s some heroic part of my life, when really my behaviour was disgraceful. 🙂 Plus, I always moan that I had to walk through armies of laptop carrying business men, who were all boarding the same train as me, except I was in bunny ears. But why didn’t I just TAKE MY BUNNY EARS OFF? Being young, is being stupid to me. Yet only because I made so many stupid decisions, whilst being young. Some of today’s youth really do have their acts together. However, I got applauded for my foolishness and got on the telly for it. So at the time, you can’t blame me for thinking I was GREATNESS. What a twat, I was. I have a young spirit, so there’s still glint in my eye, a wiggle in my wink..Yet you won’t find me asleep on a train station bench, in bunny ears these days. If I ever was in such a predicament, I’d just check into a nearby hotel and ‘large’ it up in the comfort of luxury. 🙂 That’s the difference of being 20 something to 30 something.

But yes, Baby Junior, who is an adoring Mummy’s boy, which I LOVE to pieces, has just gone for a day trip out with Keiran. Junior and I had the best night ever together, filled with more giggles, more smiles and more love. He’s really used to women and being cuddled by them, form being at nursery and at home. He doesn’t actually, now I think about it come into contact with many men. When Keiran arrived this morning, Junior was chipper, yet he sort of stared at him with a ‘what are you?’ Men freak him out. Hopefully Keiran and I will get back on track soon, which we have recently agreed to. Then he’ll be able to spend more time with Baby J and well I won’t have a son that is confused by gents, which will probably work out a lot better in the future. 🙂

Ruby however, is the opposite. She adores men, boys and everything that fits that genre. She is close to me and even more so these days. Yet as soon as ‘Daddy Pete’ or ‘Daddy Keiran’ strut in, here heart flies out of her chest and she gallops around with excitement to the merry sound of love.

I’m currently waiting for her to get home, as she has her ‘one on one’ day today, where it’s ‘all about Ruby.’ What we usually do…is shop. A past time that SHE loves.  And we do the shopping thing, simply because as a child that’s how I bonded with my Mama. I still do it to this day. It’s not about the purchasing, as we’ll just slide anything into our baskets, bags or buggies, once we’ve paid for it ofcourse. 🙂 (That sounded all criminal.) It’s more the bonding and what we’re talking about that makes the shopping trip ace. The background noise to our bonding session is the shopping. But that makes sense to us, as we’re Wunna’s. I’m really open with my parents, we’re a really close net family. And I really want that for my little family branch. We already have the bond, it’s just the ‘getting it together’ that will make it perfect. I mean, I’m the kinda mum that will let my children tell me anything and i’ll never judge them, only adore them, help them  and get them out of trouble if they need me to. I’m hardly one to ever judge, as my past certainly smears a glittery, buttery spread of disaster. Yet the disaster has made me a wise grown up and i’m a proper grown up now, so I’ve impressed myself fully. 🙂

I treated myself to a giantly, disgusting KEBAB last night, whilst iwas hiding form the rain, watching Geordie Shore, Charlotte win Celebrity Big Brother, be shocked that TOWIE Mario wasn’t one of the last two left in there (he’s a dreamboat now, I like a family oriented man, who can make bread) and then get dipped into the shocker that is ‘Celebrity Super Spa.’

Now, I love reality shows that include Celebrities. Jody (as in ‘Latham’) is a friend of mine and hopefully he’ll win it, but i’m not sure how well that show has started. Helen Flanagan, is already doing my head on it. She did my head in when she was on ‘I’m a Celebrity’ but I she makes good telly..and that’s all it’s about at the end of the day. I can’t decide if she is that moany and unstable in real life or if she’s just doing it for attention, airtime, more fame and all in the name of entertainment. If the latter is the reason to her antics, then even though she’s annoying, I absolutely don’t mind that. 🙂 (Oh? I actually feel bad now, because as i’m ranting i’ve just had it pointed out to me that sh actually has ADHD and is being treated for Bi-Polar disorder. OOps! Sorry Helen.)

Anyway, i’m off to have a quick coffee, before the arrival of my little baby girl. I’m looking forward to today and can’t wait to have her wiggle in with a ‘diva.’ I feel like I’m gonna have a really good day today and that good things are gonna be a happening.

In life, all you have to do is embrace it, not take the little bits of pettiness too seriously, enjoy who you enjoy, be grateful, respectful, love hard and care for the ones that rely on you. You should probably smile to, as that way more people obey you, because they think you’re actually kind. 🙂

Love you! See you!

Happy Saturday.

Good things are coming my way! Why? Simply because I can FEEL it. There’s a buzz about my being right now! I love it! Great feeling!


Ps/I’m dressed in white today, like a virgin..and I could actually BE a born again virgin now, because I haven’t had sex in so long.  It was cold this morning. Looked like it was gonna rain. But of course now the suns come out, so i’ll have flies bitting around me like i’m a freshly dolloped cow pat. #sexy #donthate

Pps/ I’m getting MORE inbox messages, to my full FB account, all from men asking me if I’m actually married and if an actual ‘real life person?’ It totally confuses me. All i’ve said it ‘Yes.’ I’m not sure how they expect me to prove it. Unless of course they’re trying to trick me into meeting up with them. #ASIF #NEVERGOINGTOHAPPEN I’m not ending up under someones patio paving. It’ll be far to claustrophobic under there. Plus, my up-do would never fit. When I was a Hollywood resident, I was a lot sharper when it came to the the Tom Foolery of the opposite sex. Now, that I’ve been in Yorkshire for so long, i’ve become a great deal more mellow and trusting..and older. I need to get back to being on the the trigger.