We’ve Made It To Thursday….

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I’m feeling great! I mean there is STILL part of my life that is lulling in the ‘dull ‘ zone, however soon that ‘grey’ will be dashingly done and dusted. The rest of my life is ‘ooh laa.’ It’s magical.

Right….Many great things are happening to me right now and I can’t even believe it. My friends can’t even believe it.

Firmonnell: ‘I cannot actually believe that you’re going to be doing that! Lol.’

Me: ‘I know, it’s CRAZY.’

I guess opportunity has come a knocking and it’s certainly come threefold. Opportunity didn’t use to knock. I’d chase and chase and it still never knocked. For some reason now…it’s not only knocking, but i have a ‘bell’ that buzzes you straight into Wunna Land with automatic glitter doors, as big beefy security jiggles through the masses to pick the best pieces to the ‘Chrissie Wunna’ jigsaw.

I’d like to say it was luck, but to be fair, i’ve worked really hard, not as hard as I could’ve done, but come the New Year, i’ll now have that time to smash it. Work hard for what you want. It happens. And girls…please don’t feel downtrodden by others…be it men, life, the way you look etc..Normal chick issues. You can do anything. You really can. I am living proof of that. If i could empower every women in the entire  world, i’d be a happiest glamour puss in all of the land.

At the same time as hard work, I’m a big believer in fate. You get what you’re meant to get. You miss out on the things that aren’t right for you. You learn lessons along the way. No meeting is ever worthless. You encounter and cross paths with the people you’re supposed to. And If something’s meant to be, it will always come to you, or find its way back to you.

HOWEVER, if you don’t try to pursue the things that make you feel magical in life, then you’ll never get anywhere. You’ll always find yourself sat in your ‘why am I here’ rut. I’m Wunna Land. That’s not how I play drinking games. 🙂 A fire doesn’t start without a spark. And if anyone can spark a ‘gusto’ it’s moi!

Feel empowered. Be excited. Only do the things that you LOVE. Take the reins of your existence and shimmie it with everything that you stand for. Be the very best version of YOU.

A guy stopped me yesterday, as I was walking down a top flight of stairs with a Pot Noodle in my hand. (It was beef and tomato.) He’s Geordie, he tells ‘grandad’ type jokes and dresses up as 101 Dalmations at parties. Anyway, he stopped me and simply said,

‘The only thing that dissolves fear is ACTION. There’s something about you Chrissie. Something tells me you’re gonna be in a great place and never look back.’

Me: ‘Yeah. I’m not scared. I’m ready now. I actually feel held back.’

He smiled, like he was proud…and then I tottered off to eat my Pot Noodle. Yippeee!

Around Wunna Land, other shit was happening. ‘Hustle Barbie’ had decided to send suggestive messages to girls, from our guy friend Jonesez. She never learns that you don’t prank Jonesez because he lives for revenge and his excitement for it, is hardly ever punctuated. He don’t give no ‘hoot in hell.’ Bottom line…you’re fucked. So as she sat all smuggly, with her ‘i’ve sent messages’ head up in the air. He went to her car and smeared moisturiser all over the door handle of her car. She thought it was bird poo. I watched the snapchat an thought it was hummous….and what is honestly worst than innocently trying to get into your car and having your hand dolloped and smeared in a gooey, unknown substance. I’m a germaphobe, so to me…that is devastating. Hustle Barbie’s a vegan…She just got on with life.

I’m getting loads of love from ‘da ladies’ right now. My inbox is usually filled with messages from gentleman, who fancy their chances at adoring a glamour puss. Lol. Right now and because i’ve recently done one f the most uplifting interviews, that you’ll all see shortly, I have a jolly…if jolly meant ‘sexy’ bundle of chick ‘yahoos.’ Girls are naughty. Some have gone beyond the ‘you’re such a queen, I love you.’ To ‘I can’t even tell you what i want to do to you. *Devil face emoji.*

It’s hot. I love it. And it’s all because I said, that my Girl Crush (and if you know me or read this blog, you should  already know) that my GIRL rush is ELLEN DEGENERES. No one loves this women more than me…and I do mean sexually and not just in a ‘fan girl, oh yeah she’s funny’ kinda way. I need Ellen in my life! She’s my perfect woman.

Obviously….I’m straight. (I have an unfortunate and somewhat colourful history that pin points this. I’ve romanced a lot of gentleman. 😉 ) Yet. OH MY GOD, I properly fancy Ellen Degeneres with even inch of my heart and loins…that I don’t think that I could live without stalking her Instagram, every second. J This crush hasn’t recently occurred. This crush occurred in my mid 20’s whilst I was living in LA.

The quote from my interview, which comes out shortly is…

‘I could meet any guy in the entire world and not feel a single piece of the nerves. If I meet Ellen Degeneres. Like she was just right there infront of me, I might possibly DIE and then try and snog her after cocktails.’

Now, cos they do….all my real life chick friends are trying to steal my crush.

Hustle Barbie: ‘I think i’ve stolen your girl crush.’

(Then she posts a screenshot that tells me how Vegan Ellen Degeneres is. Do know that ‘Hustle’ has gone from ‘I really fancy a sausage sandwich to the absolute height of VEGANISM. She’s recruiting. Be warned.)

So yeah, now she fancies my Girl Crush, because my girls crush doesn’t eat animals in any way shape or form.

Hustle Barbie: ‘She’s mine now.’

Me: ‘I will only become a Vegan if Ellen tells me to. Back of Blondy, she loves me not you. Lesbians love me, even though I eat bacon.’

Me to Firmonnell: ‘Hustle is trying to steal my girl crush. Ellen’s vegan.’

Firmonnell: ‘Ha..ha..Does she fancy ALL vegans now????’

It’s weird how when we love something we try and make everyone else love it to. Hustle with her ‘don’t eat meat’ club. Me with my ‘Live life like you have nothing to lose’ thing. Keiran with his ‘I follow Jehovah….now you should too.’ All the girls with ‘Let’s go to the gym and eat healthy.’  It must be passion, or this sincere need to be *pom pommed* onto a more positive path.

Junior was so cute last night. he wanted to sleep in my bed with me, because he missed me when he went to his Dad’s.

‘Mum, i really need a snuggly something.’

‘I don’t have your blankey.’

‘I REALLY NEED A BLANKEY. Get me one of your jumpers. A snuggly one, that smells like you.’

I produced my thin peach jumper, the one that has a swan on it. I’d just chucked it in my wardrobe so it radiated a mummy glow.

He rolled it up into a ball and with utter bliss in his eyes, cuddled it like his life was now complete!

Why can’t all guys be like they were when they’re young and still adorable??

Saying that my first husband used to do the same. I was living in LA working. He’s an actor, but was living in New York at the time, before he was making his move to LA. We were  moving in together, and had just met. During that time, we had to be apart. It wasn’t bad at all really. We were fine. I’m used to living apart from my counter male. Schedules, careers and busy times usually prevail. Anyway, he’d always grab an item of my clothing, like a tshirt or a nighty and take it with him, to sleep with, whenever he left to be back in New York? (I’ve just made that sound creepy. But it was actually really innocent. Hahaha.)

Anyway, I’m off. I have a really exciting next couple of weeks, where i’ll be meeting some amazing faces, who will tinker into Wunna Land. I’m going to be in Leeds, London and then Liverpool.

I’m working all day, but my next thing is tomorrow.

Tomorrow i’m be celebrating with Candy Mechanics at Trinity Leeds, as they magically turn me into a chocolate lollipop. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to be there. It’s the big old live launch, for the ever so magical pop up stall that will open in Leeds later

A Little Bit Of Inspiration…

I don’t want you to forget how important you are. How important life is. Your life. Your version of it. We’re all different. We’ve made alternate choices. Some of us believe we’ve been dealt a decent hand. Some of us believe that we’ve been boomeranged a raw deal. Some of us are young. Some of us are old. Some of us are great at work and shabby at love. Others champion romance yet can never seem make their financial dreams come true. Most of us are balanced.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you are, what you stand for or where you are in the world..Y’know… what stage you’re parked at in life..because we’ve all cried through parts, laughed through moments, told the truth, told a pack of lies, felt brave, been filled with fear, we’ve all loved, we’ve all lost, we’ve all won at some point…Yet, if you’re sat reading this right now, know that so far, you’ve done an alright job, simply because that heart is still beating and you’re still ticking along nicely and you can change the tempo of your world to make all of your dreams come true, at any point. You’re in charge of that. No one is BUT YOU.

And ALL of the above pretty much makes us the same. It’s what we all have in common. So like I always say, billions of people are doing life, this is JUST my version of it..and more than anything, as thousands of you scroll and ‘click’ onto CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM today, tonight, wherever you are in the world….I hope that one of you, at some point, whether you’ve met me or read a blog, be it from now, or from 10 merry years ago, I hope that one of you, somewhere around the world….has felt inspired.

Everyone always asks me what I reckon a ‘life soldier’ is all about and from what I know and what I’ve learnt, its always the people who aren’t scared to be bold enough to push forward who become the greatest version of themselves. When you fall down, you pick yourself up. You’ll fall down again. You pick yourself up. Don’t give up on anything that you care about. It’s not worth it in the long run. Don’t give up on what you believe is right. Don’t give up on YOU. Have faith in life but have faith in yourself. Roll with the punches. Keep ya head above water.

I’ve lived an extremely colourful past. We know this. I know this. I’ve lived it. I’ve danced through chapters and chapters of all different paths, all different worlds and around all different people. Some of it it is really clear. Some of it is just a blur. I’ve always had this uncanny way of making the shitty times look glamourous and the WONDERFUL times look simple and played down. But I’ve never told anyone HOW to live. I’ve only ever told my story. I didn’t get that from a text book or a University degree. I got that from actually living life and experiencing it to the core, experiencing people and situations. I don’t know how anyone can read a text book version of life, get a stamped piece of paper and then be some champion at inspiring others, by making you follow their rules. It makes no sense. It’s robotic and bizarre. Life is about emotion. How people feel…and that changes by the minute.

I will tell you that i’m going through a wonderful time right now. At the end of last year. It was actually around this time last year, in October. I secretly changed and decided to make myself a priority. I decided to try harder and hit pause of the things that weren’t right. I felt like I had been selling myself short…I stopped, redirected and it was in November of last year where I became focused on what I wanted and began to go for it.

It worked.

This year, things kept changing for the better. I was still scared about my changes. But I did them anyway. You have to, or you just don’t get anywhere. Well you don’t get where you want to be. I’ve been juggling everything and yeah there are time where I haven’t given everything my all. Yet there are times when I HAVE. I noticed that when I did…amazing things and I mean amazing ‘dream come true’ things kept happening as a result. This is in work and love.

Things changed. I bloomed. I became really confident in myself. I trusted myself. Had faith in my talent. My world. Love. My own version of life. I didn’t expect anything, I just hoped for the best…..and knew that I’d worked really hard…well taken the necessary baby steps without fear. This year I grew. And no one can take that away from me.

Everything is still changing and everything is still wonderful. I’m not there yet. I’m still stepping. I don’t have my perfect career. yet I’m nearly there. I’m not married and settled with the white picket fenced but something tells me that that will all be alright. Right now, I feel at my STRONGEST…and as ‘changes’ are happening…and i’ve always let changes jiggle with me, even without my consent. It’s not my favourite. When changes come as a surprise, it shocks your merry system and you fumble it a little, until you’re totally comfy.

This time for the first time EVER….I’m ready….


I ain’t dropping any ball this time. 😉



Shortcuts, Interviews & Prosecco

‘Are you Chrissie?’


(I gave her that ‘100 Watt’ Chrissie Wunna beam. 😉 )

‘You write that blog! My daughter reads it. She loves bloggers. She’s mad on them. She’s just bought that book on..what’s his name? Someone.. Dawson?’


(I was polite, because I didn’t exactly know who that was…Yet, neither did she, so I was on safe ground. Lol)

‘Anyway, i’ve started reading your blog. Thank you so much for coming back…’

‘Oh no…I love it here. The kids even love it here…’

The glamourous lady, all tanned and dark haired, with the perfectly pouty lips, sits down in my stylish yet comfy Prosecco Pit Stop booth. (I love Prosecco Pit Stop in Doncaster. It is a frequent afternoon haunt of mine. I used to go all the time when Shaun Applegate owned it, yet since he’s tinkered off to open up a new cocktail bar in the Victoria Gate, Leeds, which I can’t wait to visit once open, I believe this new sassy lady, is the brand new Pit Stop, ‘Boss Lady.’ I love her.)

‘I’ve just called my husband and said *Chrissie’s Here.* He told me to keep you here until he arrives. Lol. I love that blog, the one where your friend goes down on a girl with a Fishermans Friends. Lol. It’s just so hilarious. My 14 year old daughter showed me the post and asked me what it meant! Hahah!’

‘He actually went down on her with a Hall Soother.  ‘

Then we *paused* before a glamorous ‘girl on girl’ belly laugh and as my children returned back from a toilet trip with Grandad….we all, as a family enjoyed our Brushetta Brunch at our favourite little Doncaster Pit Stop.

‘Be good to me…’

Let’s be honest….She literally has nothing to worry about. I mean, if you’re a glamour puss and you own a Pit Stop that serves my body with Prosecco, then I’m probably going to adore you with every delightful inch of my kitten soul. Even if I tried, I couldn’t find a reason to dislike any human of that calibre.

But annnnyway…..

It’s a busy time in Wunna land and I know I keep harping on about how busy things are right now, but it’s pretty much the truth. My world is currently quite scheduled out and I’m feeling really lucky because I seem to have the best help at hand. I’m enjoying all my work, meetings, shoots, afternoon cocktails (I was at Ego yesterday afternoon) and just life in general. Early nights have been my favourite and yeah, i’m slowly but surely, getting everything built up and ready to take the next stiletto steps upward, upon that glitzy ladder of success. (When I say ‘Success,’ I don’t mean diamonds, riches and golden baths of wealth…Even though that really does sound like one of the most delicious plans. Why am I so stupid? That really is a great plan! Success to me is HAPPINESS. Finding your ‘happy’ and achieving it. Doing something that you love and yeah…having other people love and recognise what you do, feels good. I’m not gonna lie. It feels really good.

I write my blog to inspire. I inspire by telling my story. My own version of life. Everything else… comes from that….A really smart human once told me that if you give the world something of VALUE and simply because you LOVE doing it, you bizarrely get ‘Life Love’ back… threefold. It just comes to you. (That’s the ‘Candy Floss’ version of it. Yet, for shortcuts….having a great PR Team, also works just as well. 😉 I learn everything the hard way, so 10 years of tapping out my life as proved to be beneficial. I don’t know why I didn’t ‘shortcut’ the journey? I should’ve shortcutted the journey. Yet, good thing about missing the shortcut, is that fact that it made me SOLID in what I do.

You can say a lot. All that you want…but I’ve hit every road bump with a *BAZINGA.* Lol. Wunna Land is now one slick operation because of it. No one can take that away from me. I know my life. (Sounds weird, but some people still don’t know where they’re headed and that’s completely fine. You don’t have to know. You just have to be comfortable in the unknown zone. Just appreciate all that you have going on RIGHT NOW. Work hard. Have faith. Listen to your gut instincts and you’ll get there.) I don’t actually know what I’ trying to say, other than, if I can do it, ANYONE CAN. Don’t put yourself on a timer. It happens when it’s meant to happen. People…opportunities…everything finds you when it’s mean to. I’m only saying that because I always used to put myself on a timer.

Shortcuts are great. They’re great. But only when you’re ready. And i’m ready now…I’m all stable and filled with Va Voom. Yet with anything in life, be it in work or love…if you wish for longevity and not a short glittery *pan flash…* it takes the leg work.

Talking about my Va Voom, it’s certainly on point right now. Lol. I definitely heard ‘Firmonnell’ accidentally call me her ‘partner’ instead of her ‘colleague’ and my 20 something year old work colleague  ‘Jonesez’ kept sauntering around me and blushing…because he has some weird Asian girl fetish.

‘Why are you being weird and fancying me right now?’

‘Have you heard ya’self!!!

‘Is it the boobie thing?’

‘Hahah. No it’s the Asian thing.’

He hates feet though.

I have a busy week ahead. Junior’s loving school. Ruby’s loving life. And on Friday I have the Diversity in Media Awards. I’m up for ‘Blogger of the Year.’ I still haven’t bought a dress and I’ve completely run out of foundation. I forgot to go on my diet and had buckets of Piri Piri chicken wings and bread all weekend. But whatever….having bread wasn’t cheating on my diet. Trying to EVEN BE ON A DIET during the weekend, is surely cheating on BREAD.

I actually had so much other stuff to tell you today, but i’ve forgotten to *tap* it all out. Haha! Yipppee! It’ll have to wait until the next one. This blog has gone on too long today.

Yesterday there was a Chrissie Wunna Q & A in Inscriber Mag…. thanks to Kind Publishing. Incase you missed it…

Here’s the link for you to go and check it out…




Friiiiiiiday Feeling.



Morning my cherry pies of delight! 🙂 🙂 Today I am beaming, which is odd to say that i’ve had about 1 hours sleep due to my poorly Baby 2. He spent all night weeping and snotting….balling and coughing. (When I say ‘balling’ I do mean ‘more weeping’ and not the gangsta term for ‘pockets filled with cash,’ as obviously that would be odd to have a gangsta baby, yet probably more rewarding in the sense of…i’d get cash instead of no sleep. 🙂 )

Weirdly, once he woke and moaned a bit…boys will be boys. Ruby will be sick and champion it like a sailor, unless she’s tremendously ill. Junior…the slightest little, tiny, thing..and that’s it…his world has ended and he’s in the biggest, heart breaking tears imaginable. But that’s mean for you. You see, the good thing about Junior is that he’s still ‘boy’ before he thinks he has to put up this macho front of insecurity. All boys develop such a suit and well depending on their life experience and surroundings, some grow out of it and learn to be comfortable in their own skin…others….stay broken. Lol. Junior’s in the good stage of boy, where he is expressive, loving, happy, weepy…OPEN. I hope he always stays that way…and it will all depend on how i raise him. It’s often better when women raise boys because we know what a GOOD man is.

Over the moon though today. Have no idea why? Just happy. Got an early night. Woke up refreshed. Feeling appropriately adored by the masses and back to work today, since I couldn’t get much done yesterday…due to doctors appointments and poorly babies. I’m looking forward to the lash line now and well it’s developing into more than I thought. I’m now moving forward with plans, as my own business plan  is getting drawn up and well i’ve been doing all the correct research to get my product in all the correct places. Yesterday morning before 9am…it was all about the celeb goodie bag. I can’t believe how much i’ve actually being able to do myself, simply via the fine use of balls. I’m getting in doors that people never seem to even dare to knock at! It’s the Hollywood way! I tells ya! I’ve sort of adopted that work manner and brought it to my UK line of of ‘umph.’ All going well. Very happy. Plus, i’m not gonna lie, it’s filled with love, yet it’s sort of a big LAUGH at all the people who didn’t want me to achieve, didn’t think I would be able to do it…(I’ve never been a hater, so I never get why people SECRETLY enjoy to do it to me. 🙂 ) It’s also a bit of ‘look at me,’ with a dollop of inspiration for all those alone and sort of being a struggling Mum of two. It’s hard work being a Mama and well i’ve done tremendous work in this area 🙂 with BOTH babies…on my own…and look…i manage to create a  business that’s hopefully gonna work tooo! YOu can do it girls! I feel strong because I feel like I have everyone on my side. I can’t believe my luck and I often have a happy tear because I’ve ever so grateful. I’ve dne the hard times and passed them with flying colours. I have nothing to regret…because I did everything right and worked hard and stayed true to my little ones…I made all the sacrifices. Yet the great thing about making all the sacrifices is the simple fact that God BLESSES you threefold when you perform acts of kindness or sacrifice…SHE DOES! *Wiggle-Wink* Now…the hard part is over…well it will be after my surgery…and then I am free sailing. Can I get a *Cha Ching!* Like I always said, with my first husband Michael…I’m always supportive and think that what he’s achieved is great. Sometimes it’s of whole heart…and other times it’s just something I say to mask extreme jealousy! 🙂 At least i’m honest. On that…he gets the last laugh. Lol. But now that I look back, that boy worked SO HARD. he never went out, he ALWAYS worked hard on his craft. He was good to everyone and NEVER EVER wasted his time. I learnt a lot from him, as how I am now, is how he was then. hence why he got success much earlier. He already knew the core and was well ahead of the game. Now, i’m concentrating on my game. 🙂

On the dating front…getting hit on LOADS NOW. If i spruce up a little bit, or wear something appealing or…just get out and about…as in errand running…I get HIT ON…madly and even though might not be interested, boy is it flattering. My chick friend says that with every 5 no-hopers, there’s always one good one. I’ve had normal guys, decent guys, hot guys, ugly guys, hit on me. Yesterday a bizarre one in a blue mac and hood decided to follow me on my way back from my errands. He like my boots, my face, my everything and really wanted to take me out on a date. I don’t think he had teeth. Not one to be judgmental or anything. But teeth help. 🙂 Lord have mercy. Teeth help. It’s also helps if you look as though you don’t take drugs through the day..or really take drugs at all. I’m better than that! But yes, my red boots saved the day. I guess? I even had a DOCTOR…a DOCTOR asked me out on isle 6. My 5 minute supermarket errand turned into a whole 45 minutes, simply because my red boots wanted to entertain random gents to entertain for a few minutes here or a few moments there. I met a Chef, a Doctor…butcher, baker, candlestick maker. 🙂 Not quite, but chef and Doctor yes. Id always have food and i’d always be well. I’ve actually dated a chef before. It is handy. But not when they blackmail you. 🙂 Chef’s should stick to making prawn dinners and leave blackmailing to ‘The Sopranos,’ who do it with so much more decorum. (Not at all celebrating what they do.) Yesterday’s chef wasn’t dodgy. Apparently he wants to make me fajita’s one night. Cute. I just used the ‘i’ve got surgery’ exit line and with a Miss. World smile…I waved bye.

I’m just not ready for proper dating yet as I have too much on and I don’t like bringing new people into Wunna land really, it’s not beneficial for the the children….yet. I always put there best interests at heart. I DO LOVE DATES THOUGH. I adore romance. I LOVE being treated like a Princess. I love dinners. They make me feel special and I really enjoy them. More than a club nights. It’s just not me these days. Plus, the glitzy ‘Wunna boat’ has set off sailing with her sequin sails. (My LA friends call it the ‘Wunna Fame Bus.’) Once it’s sailed and successed and i’m laid at a stop off sunbathing in a zebra bikini, enfolded with brand new cash….so to speak…I can’t imagine just dating ANYBODY…I mean they would have to be of caliber. 🙂 They can’t just wait until I’m successful then jump on board. I’m not that stupid. (Even though people like to think that I may be at times. 🙂 Well I AM stupid AT TIMES. 😉

People like Boyband Jonny ‘back in the day’ would do something like that. I can’t believe how much he used me and I can’t believe how much I let him, even after knowing everything in life that I already knew. He himself had issues and well he tried to make me feel like  I wasn’t of worth, simply because he felt down and insecure. Hence why he dated me… and hence why he had to make himself feel mighty. (I think he believe that by dating me he would feel popular….I had just come off a TV show..literally….Yet what he found was that I wasn’t as weak as he hoped and dating me, being around the life that I was living during that time, made him feel even more insecure.)  He had not much going for him in the love department…if it came to loving, building, looking after, or caring for a girl…let alone family. He just had a good singing voice. Yet I was moving forward and it made him feel uneasy and all that he had was the fact that he knew I loved him. SO he used that to bully me. It worked for ages…but then I got strong and VERY BORED of his game of ‘on and off’ again. I’ll play for little while, until I get bored of the ‘i love you and now I don’t’ game…then success takes over and I just leave it behind. When it comes to love, I’m very open. If I want to love, I will. If I want to kiss you…i will.  I never play the game of it all and because I don’t believe in it. More boys do than girls. I’m just really open when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s funny that i’m doing well now, after Jonny treated me like rubbish. I’ve never forgotten it and well now i’m laughing. ( If I see him, I have a chat…but i certainly don’t count him as even an acquaintance. It’s hilarious, as he now would like to make amends.) But whatever, he jumped off the Wunna boat…yeah he said ‘sorry’ but it was far too fashionably late. He can swim now. 🙂 Oh and look, i’ve run out of armbands. 🙂

Life is great! I’m nervous about my surgery on Tuesday. I don’t enjoy that i’m not going to be able to chitter chatter for a while. I haven’t heard from Chase in a couple days, so hopefully the business plan hasn’t killed him off and he’s working hard on it. I know that he has a lot going on with work right now, so it must be horrific. (Doing sums…big ones…was never my forte.)  I’m only concerned because he usually contacts me daily and numerous times. I get used to that behaviour and then I panic, when it’s gone. Lol. I enjoy routine now that i’m an oldie. But i hope I hear from him soon, as he said it would take a week to write the plan….and i’m in surgery in days. Not being able to talk is going to kill me. It makes me want a wine for breakfast. Eww! Who am I kidding…I meant a champagne. 😉

I’ve just had another Doctor’s phone call. It seems to be part of my normality right now. Luckily, I didn’t have to go in again, and the GP could just banter at me down the blower. My blood is all ‘jolly’ and when I say ‘jolly’ and I just partying with a mind of its own, or so it seems. Red blood cells, white blood cells, they’ve all having a knees up and well it’s been throwing my body off hormonally for years. The GP (who was Scottish) basically said, because I have had a certain number of pregnancies SO CLOSE TOGETHER, my body has never fully managed to mend hormonally and regain it’s correct balance, which would be a state where I could function like myself  again. Ive been myself…it’s just been wibbly. It’s normal in pregnancy, but for me because i’ve had my babies close together and well there was a situation earlier this year….and my thryoid….my hormones have been jumbled and darted through the roof. It’s been triple FIRE! It was again a sigh of relief to hear that because i’m just getting back to normal to the point where I can even feel it. And i’ve been through a lot of drama with it.

So to all women going through the same DON’T WORRY, YOU GET BETTER…you’re not crazy, or pathetic, no matter how many times someone calls you it. 🙂  And to all men who are experiencing such with their lady, THE CORRECT THING TO DO IS TO STAND BY HER AND SUPPORT HER) as it’s when she needs the help most, especially once the baby is born, you’re meant to make it as stress free as possible for her..and well that’s actually you’re job as a man. The dramatics are for the women.

Today, I feel great because after checking my blood cells and levels…and blurting a diet out at me…she put me on iron deficieny pills for three months, which will zoom my hormone levels back to ‘balanced’ in no time. Plus, I already feel much better, meaning it will be great! I’ll be a whole new woman and I can’t wait. I mean, it must have been crazier than I thought, because aside from my bloods, my thyroid has been hormonally effecting me also. All due to pregnancies and to them being far to close together for my little body to handle. The Doctor weirdly said, in her very Scottish accent, ‘You’ve actually been very poorly, but you yourself haven’t noticed because you’ve lived at that level for a while.’ It was relieving, because I did actually know, I just didn’t have anyone to tell, without getting blasted at. I know ‘being me’ well! I’ve been ME for 30 something years. So i noticed a change…and one that couldn’t be helped during pregnancy. I didn’t feel like I had support and it made me do crazy things, even after Ruby was born. But now…I’m getting back to MOI! Yipppeeee! IT NEVER FELT BETTER and i’m using the great feeling wisely. BEAUTY LINE MUCH! 🙂 🙂 🙂

It’s in these moment when you get better, that you look and see who was there for you, is there for you, who looked after you  and made you well again. . (Reminds me of the girl I me at the supermarket who had told me that her boyfriend had left her after her 3 month old baby was born because she was hormonal. She had post natal depression, but instead of helping her, he selfishly thought of himself and did one. Left her with the baby even. TWO babies, because she had a toddler also.)

The good thing about a hormone jumble is that if you go to the Doctors, they point it out and make you well again. Once you’re well again, you know who you are and you SEE clearly…meaning you know who was there and who wasn’t. Who believed in you and supported you…and who didn’t.


Wunna’s getting BRAND NEW! And look, everything’s falling back into place. Stay positive!