Get me to ‘Doll House…’

Right, so in case you didn’t know, growing up through my entire life, I was a model. Not a fashion model (I’m only Five foot four)  or a commercial model (I have the weirdest ‘non commercial’ features,) I wasn’t an Influencer (we didn’t do ‘social media’ back then)….I was a glamour model.

I didn’t find IT. IT found me….as I was sat outside a coffee shop, on 3rd & La Cienega, by The Beverly Centre in LA. (Which is where I did my entire 20’s.)

And with being a model..when you DO grow up and become an ‘oldie,’ you kinda miss ‘glamorousity,’ madly and at the same time, you kinda lose your ‘va voom’ a bit. You look at your shoot pictures and think…‘I’m sure I used to look better than that!’ Lol.

I do still model. Yet it’s nothing It was ‘back in the day’ when I was living in Hollywood, on three flights a day, being booked, shot and dashed to different states, every few hours, simply for a bit of sexy picture taking. It was my job. I remember landing at airports and messaging my THEN husband, to see how his auditions or filming for the day had gone?

It was a dream.

When I was a little girl, it was was all I wanted to do. (Well, I wanted to be in show business…) and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to. So, I’m grateful for that. I’ve lived the most wonderful life. I still am. I’m just in a different chapter. And I always say that I’m the luckiest girl in the world, because no one is more determined than I, to ENJOY LIVING, whilst making any dream I can.. come true, for both children and myself.

Literally, no one is MORE GRATEFUL than I, for every single piece of life, love, family and opportunity I’ve been given.


Of recent, when it’s come to the writing, the blogging, the influencing, I’ve felt on top of the world, almost in a ‘hero’ excitement of ‘I’m smashing it.’ And it’s important to enjoy the moments that you’ve rightfully worked hard for. You can be humble all you want. Yet, I don’t believe that any successful human, doesn’t do a cheeky ‘happy dance,’ or boast a bit of a flaunt, in the name of celebration.

It’s natural. We need to hold on to and celebrate all happy moments in life. 

However, when it’s come to the modelling front, and I have shot recently….and i’m still shooting now….I’m kinda feeling a little insecure. I now have ‘wibbly’ bits that weren’t there before and that never used to bother me. does. Especially when young ‘just turned 20 year olds’ are wiggling on it and OWNING THEIR niche, rightfully. (Which I love. Yet it does make me feel OLD.)

You will have seen my posts recently and if i’m feeling this way, then I think many women are also! So i’m wanting to help the 30 something year old woman, celebrate her own WOMANHOOD. I’m wanting to inspire, bring confidence and encourage us 30 something chicks to not be afraid to ‘wave the flag’ in the name of ‘sexy.’

SO, in order to sort myself out (because I need to find my own internal ‘ooh laa’ and quench my thirst of glamour pussing, in front of a camera, i’ve been on a hunt. (And I fancy myself in front of a camera, so DO know I have HUNTED, to find something perfect.)

I’ve literally been searching our delicious world wide web, for the absolute BEST photog to shoot me, and get me back to feeling beautiful again. I feel sexy. I don’t feel beautiful. It’s taken me months to find someone to help me celebrate my WOMANHOOD, and I was looking for a FEMALE photographer.

I’m about to venture back on the telly and I don’t want to sail through all the PR… looking rubbishy.

Two weeks ago when I came across ‘Doll House Photography.’

If you didn’t know, I adore ‘old school’ glamour. A proper boudoir shoot. A glamourous, luxury themed shoot. A picture that tells a story. Be it cheeky, or delicious. It’s kinda hard to find these days. But it’s my favourite type of glamour shoot and that’s what I wanted to do. That’s what I’ve been looking for…And I’m stubborn, so if that’s what I want …that’s all I do. 🙂

*Wink, Wiggle*

I went through their ‘socials,’ their pics, their lives, their everything…I’m awful for it…Haha. Plus, of course, I absolutely loved that the infamous Chrissy Sparks was the photographer. If you aren’t aware, Chrissy is mind blowing. She’s award winning. She knows how to get the shot out of you. I looked through the results and thought they were out of this world.

The women looked divine, yet, classy. So SO sexy. They oozed a swirl of magic. They dripped empowerment and a decadent luxury. I loved it. I wanted it.

NOW! 🙂 

*Pass me my Prosecco!*

I then read that if you shot with them, you had the full range of dressing rooms, filled with wardrobes and wardrobes of lingerie, corsets, which is any glamour pusses dream. They have pieces to delight everyone,  IN ALL SIZES, waiting there for you, to shoot in. (I like that. I hate having to take everything with me. I hate luggage on wheels.) Whilst you’re there, you get the absolute five star treatment. You hardly get that on a shoot. 😉 Behind the scenes of modelling is a lot less glamourous than you think.

But the thing that moved me the most, whilst looking at the ‘results,’  was the fact that ‘Doll House’ didn’t service models. (You’d  assume that ONLY models alike would be shooting with ‘Doll House’ photography. You’d assume that you’d have to be a size 8, or some kind of Pageant Queen, to be shooting with Doll House Photography. That can often can be intimidating.)

Yet no…I looked online and found a ton of before and after pictures of real women, of all ages… who wanted to do or feel the same as I!

Take a look…

Annabel before2.jpg Image result for doll house photography before and after pics

Image result for doll house photography before and after pics

Image result for doll house photography before and after pics Image result for doll house photography before and after pics

They had their hair & make up done. They had help picking out their outfits and they were shot by one of the best female  photographers on set, in the UK.

The women are given control of their ‘ooh laa.’ Their shoot. Yet, directed appropriately by the best of the best!

That’s what sold it for me. The simple fact that firstly it was fun. Happiness makes girls look hotter and the fact that the studio went out of their way to empower women. Y’know, make us FEEL beautiful. (How something makes you feel is all that matters.)

That’s what I want. That’s what i’m looking for.  I mean my love life has been shocking of recent. I’m not bothered about feeling or looking *blah* right now. Haha.

Give me GLAMOUR.

I’m stepping up my game…

But honestly…

…sometimes, when you’re a chick and when you’ve been through all sorts…Y’know, ‘walked a life.’ Be you young or old….Sometimes you just NEED THAT MOMENT, where you kinda feel feminine again, alive again, beautiful again, POWERFUL AGAIN….

And that ONE moment alone….acts as a graduation of your kitten soul, from little girl to WOMAN, as you embrace all that is YOU…and show the world what you’re made of.

I’ve shot with so many people, all around the world and I have never  met an actual company that goes out of their way to personally celebrate women, on a ‘one to one’ level, from the moment you walk in terrified to the glorious picture result! They represent women represent SO WELL and they pretty much take a girl, who is still hiding in her cocoon, onto her next ‘BUTTERFLY’ level.

So if you’re looking to be that ‘butterfly,’ or need a bit ‘ooh laa’ in your life…. I’ll tell you right now, I’ve found you the most beautiful place, to celebrate being a woman!

It’s a Wunna Land pick!

Look at some of these result pics, where real woman found their  ‘magic’ and celebrated their pwn version of WOMANHOOD.

Get me to ‘Doll House!’ 


See you there…









Crotches, Divorces, Engagements & Hot Sauce


‘Crotches’ is what the majority of you lovelies Googled searched to find my blog today!

‘Crotches.’ Lol

Now, i’d usually be alarmed (even though hardly anything alarms me, even my own fricking wake up alarm, doesn’t alarm me, as Glamour pusses tend to life at their own pace and not because a *beeper* has made them force a *rush.*)

But yes, ‘crotches.’ However, not just any crotches, yet the crotches of Playboy bunnies. *Giggle, cringe.* You, yes you, have Googled ‘Playboy bunny crotches’ so much, that you have ended up here.


I mean, it could’ve been worse. Mosh Pit crotches. Drag Queen crotches. Granny crotches. You name it…I’ll take ‘Playboy.’

I’m having a wine. I’m off work tomorrow. Life was an absolute *breeze* today and even though I have the babies on my mind (they’re both on ‘Daddy days’) I’ve surrounded myself around positive energies, which really does rub off on you. I mean, GOD, i might be feisty, outspoken and annoying, but i’m positive about most things. (Except piggy snouts. I don’t like piggy snouts. They scare me.)

I’ve spent the evening watching episodes of ‘Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend. Yes, I am that *cringe* and self obsessed. I do watch myself always. Lol. But only because I had forgotten what had happened. Plus, i never managed to watch ALL of the episodes…as I always figured, living it, was a much more richer experience.

Ben’s Vlogging and he now as a Twitter. (@bendietjourney. Follow him.) And we have a pizza in the oven, waiting for us to munch on.

I need a tripod and I’ve been using my friends Miller Tripod, which seems amazing, but i want one of my own. I’m rubbish with anything techy, as i was built for pleasure and not for hard labour, or working things that are of a mechanical nature. I was also not built for carrying things, as my shitty Asian arms can’t even handle carrying two, 2litre, diet coke bottles in a carry bag, without killing.

I witnessed a boy with an accidental dodgy eye today. Ruby’s back at school tomorrow. I’m missing Junior, as for some reason he really hates having to leave the family home to go to his Fathers and  firstly, i have no clue why? Secondly, it’s truly hard on me, as it hell beg me not to send him and I’kl have to do it anyway. (It’s not like Keiran doesn’t adore him. But i think Junior’s so used to his home life and family, and he loves it…making him not really enjoy leaving it so often. It kind makes me happy, in a sense as it makes me feel like i’m a good Mum.)

I couldn’t get to sleep last night. The babies went to bed early, so i was sat on my own, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for Ben. When he arrived home, i was filled with glee. We didn’t watch the time, and it was good to see him happy to be home, that we ended up chatting and drinking wine until 4am. I had about 3 hours sleep, (Mums have to get up early with the bambinos) and got my Burmese booty to work. *Life.*

I finally sent off my divorce papers today…so it’s almost fully over with Keiran. I mean, we’re getting along fine, but it’s not as fine as Pete and I are. Yet, cutting a tie, makes everything *clear cut.*

Ben and I had already asked each other to marry each other….ages ago…(I have a ring on my finger and everything) but we just never really told anyone…because it was something that meant everything to just ‘us.’ I ask him every day if he still loves me (lol) and he always replies with a ‘You’re my forever girl.’ Aww!

So, now that the *divorce* ball is rolling…I can sort of freely enjoy my new chapter…

Things are great this year already…and i’m looking forward to what the year has in store.

(I’m currently dipping a stuff crust chicken and bacon pizza, into piri, piri, hot sauce.)

*Pour wine here.*

Chrissie x



Playboy, Horror Feet & A bit of Sex & the City


I’m currently watching Sex and the City 2, in my comfies, with a wine and my sexy (hideiously awful) feet.

Honestly, my ankles and feet are busted and no not from heels…girls can do anything in heels…apart from go to the seaside in them, as once there Nick (who took me to the seaside out of boredom,) forced me to wear flip flops and it was the purest bliss in all the land. Heels and sandy British beaches, followed by cobbles, don’t at all go. It’s like trying to walk on top of jelly, in stilts. My feet are *ouchy ouchy* right now, to the point where you could honestly film a horror movie on them and win some kind of Academy award. *Trophies all around.*

The babies are in bed. Ben’s out celebrating Dodge’s ‘happy birthday,’ I’m at work in the morning…and well…I think i’ve watched Sex and the City soooooooooo much in my life, that it’s played itself out on my soul. (But I do prefer the movies to the shows, now…as the show seem to only last 3 seconds.) For any Glamour puss…it totally makes excellent background noise. (As does ‘House Bunny.’)

I’ve just read that The Playboy Mansion is up for sale for 200 million dollars, or something? Apparently it’s classed as a ‘tear down’ because it’s condition is shabby, but because of it’s history….the price goes UP. The hilarious thing about it, is the fact that if you buy it, for 200 million, you have to allow Hef to still live there? Lol. AND when people are touring the mansion, in order to see if they fancy buying it….they’re allowed to see every single piece of this Mansions history, except Hef’s bedroom. So LORD KNOWS what he’s got in there. Or maybe, everyone’s just being creepy, as really when you’re 80 something years old and a bit of a big deal…you kinda wouldn’t want people to be mooching around your knicker drawer, would you? He should downgrade and move to one of the bungalows in Pontefract.

I’m definitely loving every inch of this bombay mix, i have. I’m craving sushi and now, as i’ve watched Ruby go to bed…I fear for her future Lol and simply because she’s just like me. I mean, GOD, if I think of all the things that i’ve had to go through in life, when i’ve had to be brave, savvy or lucky…and all of those moments were highly dodgy situatons, that were dipped in luxury…it terrifies me, because not one teeny piece of me, would ever, ever EVER want her to have to go through the same. (I’m guarding her with my life.)

Ugh, my toes kills and are awful.

Right, nothing more to say!

I’m at work tomorrow. So more wine for me and a chill fest!

Thank you for following my life!

*Wiggle, giggle, hip bump, pout, hair toss, strut.*