But which boy will stick?

Chick friend: ‘So, did he reply?’

Me: ‘Who?’

Chick friend: ‘T Bone…OR The Gent….either of them??’

Me: ‘Yeah. Yeah. They both did…One replied straight away and then wished me a really great day this morning, with an emoji kiss.. and the other replied with the words *naughty ass.* Hahaha…’

Chick Friend: ‘I already know, which ones which. Lol’ 

But in T Bone’s defense….he already knows me & we’re quite bantery and highly sexed by nature…We’re northern and cheeky… Plus, he’s already had sex with me. Already ‘sampled the goods.‘ So he can get away with ‘naughty ass.’ I’m not new, to him..

The Gent however, has never met me, doesn’t know me and of course wants to make the best first impression possible…which is honorable and lovely. I like that. It’s kind. It’s sweet. It’s thoughtful.

Chick Friend: ‘He still wants to bone you though. Haha. He’s just approaching it well..’

Me: ‘POLITELY! I like good manners. Everyone wants to bone me mate. Lol. That’s not the problem. It’s who wants to KEEP me, that IS! Someone who doesn’t JUST see me as a Bone Festival!’

Chick Friend: ‘I love how you put *Festival* after everything…’

Me: ‘It’s my phrase for * a lot of…* I have my own lingo & I love how you all just understand it, without me usually having to explain it to you.’

I’ve just shot a bunch of instagram pictures with shows dragging out my mouth, whilst dressed in lingerie. Lol.

This is my life.

I’ve also gathered up enough Insta Questions now, from you, to place on a blog…which will be coming up shortly. I just didn’t have enough ‘juicy’ ones before. Yet, you listened and you delivered, dolls!

I’m running a business. I’m juggling babies. But it’s awesome right now. I wanted a wine at 9am, but didn’t have one. I’m currently blogging, with a giant, glamour pussy hair piece, wedged upon my head, whilst  just being in knickers.. as I sit around flamingos.

I’m gonna need that wine after this.

Then I had one meeting. Caught up on my emails and made my plans for the future…before I shot.

I’m always making plans for the future. (I’m talking work right now. I’ve left my fucking love life to fate…cos GOD, I can’t seem to do anything about it.) I’m quite an ambitious girl. I’m quite determined girl. But it’s done with love and fun. Not utter evil, spitefulness like Roxanne Pallett. Lol. (Yes! I got my dig in!)

So, i’m really excited, because i’m gonna get there..I can feel it. I can FEEL it. I just need to catch it. But it’s down to life ‘magic’ now. I’m not in a race. I’m gonna do it well.

To me it doesn’t matter how MANY things you do, it’s all about doing that ONE THING so well…it’s makes UTTER IMPACT.

That’s kind of how I feel about love also. I’m a one man, woman. I’m not one to play with lots of boys. I hate that. I want true love and don’t believe you’re fated to be with everyone…JUST ONE OTHER HUMAN.  When I love, i love hard When I fancy, I have a one track mind and i’ll always only focus my heart on that one guy…once sprung.

(Ooh, my boobs are looking good today! Just caught myself in my mirror. Lol. Sorry.) 

My friend Liam Halewood was on the telly last night, on ‘The Extreme Diet Hotel, on Channel 4 and I just wanted to say how proud I was of him, because he’s such a talent and he wants to do well, (like us all) and i’m sure he’s had a rough time with it. It’s not easy. So he certainly deserves a bit of ‘look at me,’ that lasts. His soul is good. He’d do anything for anyone. I’m really glad that I have him as a friend.


Today, I watched him do a ‘Wheely Bin’ workout, where you hold onto the back of your ‘wheely’ and flick your legs behind you. Lol. After every five flicks, you then have to slut drop, STILL holding the back of your wheely bin and only in PINK. You can only wear pink, when doing his exercises.

All my friends are just awesome.

If I had a round of exercises it would simply be…

‘Pick your wine glass up…and neck it in one…’

That’d be it…in heels. You’d have to help heels, to help your calves.

It helps your bat wings, your neck muscles, your gag reflex and it’s literally great for the soul. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to meeting ‘The Gent’ on 18th. I know I keep going on about it. But i love meeting new people and so far, he’s been lovely to me. He’s been attentive, without being annoying. Lol. But I do need to see, as things are different when you meet someone in person, aren’t they…and it’s not like i know him?

Yet, the thing is…with The Swirl aka T Bone…We’d already talked lots and lots before…Life kept sort of,  pushing us together and pulling us apart…Anyway, when I met HIM, for the first time, in person, it was actually amazing. I think we got on better than we thought, because it was just so easy. Just so perfect.

I mean, that could’ve gone another way…but it didn’t…So meeting The Gent in 2 weeks, will give me better insight..Lol.

I almost wish guys came with a quick film trailer of their romantic history, so i could see what I was getting myself into.

Anyway, I’ve godda get back to work.

Thank you following my life.

Hit play…


Love you..

Chrissie x



Single by Choice?

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Aren’t I a busy kitten! I smashed into Monday with a massive work day, a strut and a ‘let’s get on with it, dolls.’ Busy day! But i’m made for busy! I’m excited by it! And not because it makes time fly, but because i feel like i’m being put to good use. 🙂 Nothing is worse to me than dawdling, on any level. If i love doing something, be it work, play or in love. 😉 I’ll go for it whole heartedly and never want to be shit at it. It’s call passion…and sometimes, if it’s event….tequila. 🙂 (*It makes you happy.*)

I balanced out my glammy Leeds lifestyle swirl, with a weekend of chilling and being Mum. Junior was a joy. Ruby was a delicious nightmare…and they tagged teamed me in public, in front of on lookers who weirdly watched everything, at the same time as pretending that they weren’t watching. Lol. It was odd. But i styled it out glamourously, (code for ‘like a dickhead’) with Ruby LAID on a store floor, attached to my ankle, SCREAMING things at me, as I gracefully did this calm, warm looking, pretend ‘oh darrrling’ DRAAAAG thing…whilst smiling. I fake smiled so much that my oriental face nearly EXPLODED. I WAS FUMING! Lol. And when I say ‘DRAAAAG’ thing, i do mean a slow, heavy, long winded, leg pull and not…act like I was RuPaul…as I wasn’t superior enough to own such a character at that point, taking off my weave and pulling out any form of ‘privates’ would certainly have made it all worse.

Anyway, great weekend!

But away from all that. I’ve actually met some really awesome new people from doing the Leeds Lifestyle thing. I’d move to Leeds. I remember at one point, looking up and around me, whilst I was stood outside on the red carpet, at night, when it was all quiet and seeing the illuminated ‘Leeds Dock’ sign and thinking how ace the city actually was and how lucky I was to be right there. I’ve chatted to loads of people since that night, girls, guys, all the people that I met there. It’s been great! I have loads of social things planned with them and I’m looking forward to ‘can canning’ the year out on glittery victory surf board!

Loads of little opportunities have come from that night! Entertainment has come a knocking. And i can’t wait to have a go at them all and see what happens. Plus, I’m looking forward to celebrating the launches of others AND blog for them all.

I will say that everyone keeps asking me if i pulled that night? I really didn’t. I didn’t hit on anyone and even though potential suitors swanned around Wunna land with charm, winks and smiles, no one actually hit on me.  I mean, one gent messaged me afterward, after finding me on Twitter, which was really sweet, yet it was a guy who i never actually got to bump into during the night. So, no, i didn’t pull at all. I just enjoyed life, being moi and doing cocktails.

I’m good like that as yeah I guess, i’m as they say ‘single by choice’ but it’s really by accident, as it’s unintentional, i’m happy either way. I’m quite happy to do ‘togetherness’ and adventure it up with a life buddy who i’ll adore madly and high five ‘loyalty’ with (provided he’s right lol) OR just embrace every single wink of being a single independant chick, who tickles around events with a wine, excitement, sequins and…boobies. Lol.

What could be better!

I’ve been talking to ‘Eton Mess’ (for ages now) and i want to swoosh up to see him shortly. He’s just great! Such a laugh. Ever so handsome and we seem to just get along. I mean, he started off ‘sort of’ being in friend zone for ages, but after hanging out and chatting…and more so now, he’s certainly smashed that door down and ‘high fived’ me in the ‘potential’ arena. I like ‘Eton Mess’ I make the effort to make sure our paths do crossing. I fancy him. He’s awesome.

Weirdly, ‘London Business Man’ who’s ended up being a good friend, after he began his journey into Wunna land, by presenting himself as a suitor, under complicated circumstances, a long while ago, messaged me last night. We still occasionally talk about how rubbish our love lives are and give each other rubbish advice etc.. But last night, he popped out of nowhere with a message, after I pretty much watched the most hilarious ‘monkey faced’ video of him, and stated that he was ‘crazy about me, had been the whole time’ and that he ‘did tell me’ and that i apparently told him to ‘go away?’ I don’t remember telling him to go away. Lol I simply stated that i wouldn’t allow myself to be ‘wedged’ inbetween chicks. But on the whole, he’s a good guy. Really different to’Eton Mess.’ They’re similar, yet different. I understand  ‘London Business Man’ and how he is, I get on with him really well,we have a laugh. Yet my spirit plays better with ‘Eton Mess.’ I can sort of be myself. He’s current and very ‘present.’ I don’t have to watch what I say or how i am. There’s a warmness about him. Yet it’s dashed in sexiness. London Business man was almost a bit scared to be warm to me, in a not so scared, charming way? But something tells me that he’s going to MAKE HIMSELF more present. Especially now that my interest seems to be focused elsewhere..