Life, Swirls & Connections…

Today…if I looked at the positive and pick out the bits that matter, even though it rained all day in Yorkshire and parts of work were a draaaag, it was a GREAT DAY to be alive. I’m noticing when i’m happy. I’m embracing the things that I have going on that are wonderful and even though I’m all *winks & banter,* with sassy little stocking shimmies….I’m warm…If you know me personally and infact most of you actually don’t. But i’m grateful that you’re following my life. Know that by nature i’m quite playful, I’m quite soft…but i’m loads of glittery fun….

I looked around me today as I walked across the cobbles in the rain….with the weird blue ‘Lifeboat’ umbrella that I found and yeah…life wasn’t so bad. It was great day to be alive. (Still fucking wished it was Friday though! AND still fricking wish that it didn’t rain all over my hair.)

I have a lot going on right now from book deals, to tours, to modelling shoots, to business meetings, to brand deals and being mum…It’s the best thing EVER and on the whole  a super exciting time..BUT it’s relaxed because i’m feeling really in control of it all and these days, I don’t care about stressing out. It’s a pointless thing that we do when we’re scared. More than anything, I’m flipping lucky! I’ve got this shit down, on a calm easy, hair tossing breeeeeeeeeeeze!

But yeah, I had a conference called this morning. Edited a bit of my new book that’s out this year. I watched ‘Firmonnell’ enter holiday mode and pretty much toss the day off with glee. (I love her on holiday mode. She kept randomly talking tripe to people, like some ‘clingy on’ friend, just to kill time, so she wouldn’t have to do anything. Lol. It worked! Hahah!)

‘Oh hey Dipper…’

‘Oh hey Webbo!’

Double B must have called me a ‘BITCH‘ approximately 13 times today, but I let her off because lets face it, she’s a loon, but she’s fucking hilarious. We talked ‘my future‘ over lunch today, as we discussed life overlooking the town with her Rapunzel hair, whilst she ate super noodles.

‘Hustle Barbie’ had itches, which i’m sure she said were crabs? 🙂

Me: ‘You’re passing your itch onto me…’

Hustle B: ‘Do you have a pen? A black pen. GOD! I can’t reach my ITCH and it kills!’

‘Fairytale Blond’ (who has just got back from helicopter rides to hotels in Monte Carlo,) just looks like she’s going to fall pregnant soon….

‘Honestly! I can see it in your face! You’re gonna end up preggo.’

(She smiled like she liked the idea…)

Mel is on her military diet and smashing ‘weigh ins’ so she doesn’t have to pay to ‘jolly in’ with the slimmers..

‘It’s giving me headache…Where are those Jelly Babies..?’

and Lady Shizzle is showing us group selfies that resemble the cast of TOWIE in Marbs?

‘Did I show this selfie? Look…’

And then there’s me….

Just me…

And if I could tell you anything, I’ll tell you that i’m in a swirl. There’s this guy. The most amazing guy that I could ever know and I cannot even tell you how lucky he makes me feel right now…

When it comes to guys…or girls infact and the art of finding a great match…One of those soul connections that make you *BEAM* because you just can’t help it…you sort of need to gel on every level…don’t you!

With this guy…I have that…and i’ve never really felt like this before…

We can be besties and kick it…lovers and ‘filth it,’ take each other lightly, take each other seriously…express…trust…and just BE! We’re easy going humans….and I’m loving every single minute of ‘right now.’

I’m in a swirl and i’m beaming. He makes me feel really happy. He’s an AMAZING MAN and I don’t think my path would or could ever cross with a better one.

I’m someone who lives in the present and I never stress out about the ahead. People stress out too much about needing to know the outcome of something whilst forgetting to enjoy the ‘right now.’ When you embrace the ‘right now’ magical things happen, Infact  life, love and all sorts develop from those moments and much faster than you expect because you’ve embraced them without fear. We think and analyse things too much, instead of relaxing and really enjoy those moments with love.

For anyone of you IN stressy love life situations know that the development of it all is great, as it’s sort of like receiving a pink gift box… undoing the big bow… slooooowly unravelling the wrapping away, gently opening the box and reaching into it… to see the gift. You pick the gift up and play around with it for a bit…then you hold  palm of your hands and treasure it close to your heart because it’s ended up meaning so much to you, without you realizing. It’s magical. 🙂

But yes, i’m in a swirl.

He’s dynamic, but there’s a peaceful gentleness to him. We’re really similar like that. There’s a playfulness to him, but he’s a stand up guy! I’m really lucky. Anybody who gets to cross paths with this guy is lucky. I trust him.(That’s big) I trust him.

He totally deserved the bunny tail thong picture this morning. 😉

Anyway, I need a cheeky little wine.

Thank you for reading this…you actually mean the world to me. You are reading this with THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, across the entire globe on every single continent of the world, That in itself IS CRAZY! I can’t even believe it.

So whether you’re a mum in Yorkshire, a business man in New York, a teenager in Japan, or a Doctor in Australia? Whether you’re a model in LA, a party girl in London, a husband in Africa, a teacher in Asia….Thank you all for reading…I’ve accidentally connected you ALL, by writing this little online diary… 🙂

Chrissie x






Human Nature, Boyfriends & Positive Bits

‘What three things make YOU think that you’re such great boyfriend? Did you get any steak? Did you get any blowjobs? NO! Your girlfriend will definitely leave you…Lol’

….said the Little Burmese Glamour Puss, to ‘The New Arrival’ who’ll I think i’ll just name ‘Sellers,’ for now. He’s strutted into Wunna land and we all find him hilarious…YET, we don’t know him well enough to ‘title’ him with the magic…I enjoyed swinging back upon my chair, armed with wit and with my glasses down my nose, as I began questioning him about life…The great thing was that he actually found it SO easy to ‘chitter chatter’ AND make fun of us all. Lol.

‘Well…I’m loving, kind…and compassionate…’

‘What? So you’re just nice? They’re all in one category.’

‘Haha..No. She’d never leave me because i’m loving, I have a tongue like a lizard and i’m pretty much the bank….’

There was a *pause* and then laughter filled the bubble as we continued to singalong to any radio songs that would have us…;) We *push and pulled like a magnet tooooo….* 

I mean, we’ve got to give him some praise, the poor guy chilled in a girl’s ‘friend zone’ for months, before he managed to wiggle on in and be her Knight. It’s not that easy to shimmie your tunnel from ‘friend zone’ to ‘forever love!‘ So, well done him! The point is..HE DID IT!

‘And now you live happily ever after…with your girlfriend….and bunny… LOL’

Then ‘Double B’ turns to me, with a phone in her hand and shouts….

‘The King of the North wants to know why you aren’t returning his messages…. and are you wearing pants?:)

My version of life, although busy was great today. I’m feeling lucky….I’m grateful…

However, away from the tinkering and the jiggery pokery…I’ve sort of bumped into life today unexpectedly, which tottered me into a bundle of  people, you were tending to their versions of life…

It can be tough, right? We all go through the best of times, the worst of times…and just times in general. I’m lucky, as I’ve served my ‘worst of times’ early in life….and I survived them with a ‘bounce back‘ flag, sensible bells on and a smile. I mean GOD, there were times both here in the UK and in LA (where I did my 20s) and I just*looked around me* like a ‘no hoper.’  I didn’t even KNOW what I was going to do..? But i’m naturally a trooper. I don’t have to find it or force it.

I don’t even really need to TRY to be happy, or TRY to bounce back, or TRY to see the positive….It just happens. I find it really easy…

So basically, when I opened my tightly squeezed eyes and noticed that even though I had my *fingers crossed* the whole entire time through the ‘rough sails..’

I was always going to be alright in the end.

It’s like I say…My blog works because I tap into human existence. I do it my own way, by telling my own story, as I don’t necessarily believe that someone can tell you how to be YOU or live your version of life.


Yet saying that, I also KNOW that it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you do, how rich or poor you are, how pretty people think you are…whether you’ve made all your dreams come true, or you’re nowhere near even trying….

We all FEEL the same way…We have ALL cried when we’ve felt hurt. We’ve all LAUGHED OUT LOUD when something’s tickled us. We’ve all been scared. We’ve all had a moment of bravery. We’ve all disappointed ourselves time and time again…Yet, we’ve all also done something great repeatedly and everyday! We’ve ALL had our heart broken at some point and we’ve ALL fallen in love before….

It doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re living…at some point you’ll meet these moments…and that is what I write about….So no matter where you are in the world? There is something in my story, that you can relate to. Click back through my archives and find it…

It connects us…

Today, my little sexy eyes had a tinker and what I learnt is that, it’s really important for people to feel appreciated. It’s REALLY IMPORTANT to not just have the heart and the talent to NOTICE the positive things in a situation, person or lifestyle…Yet also BELIEVE in those positive things….When you do…You should make sure your positive energy alive and then transfer it where needs be…

We like that as humans, don’t we? A bit of a love, a pat on the back…a smile of achievement…a cuddle….a rum….

Shit happpens! Lots of shit happens! And it’s the ones that fight through the shitty parts. in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel that win, because ‘The Big Dude’ up above will be terrified of you 🙂 but secretly proud of you. Honestly, I know this from experience, He will cut you some glittery slack and give you the life that you’ve actually worked hard for…Be it in love or business..

Find the good bits to every story, really focus on them. There’s always ‘good bits’ in every story..

…even if your world is smeared in ‘dodgy times.’ (That should be the name of an aftershave.)

THEN with a Malibu Pineapple in your hand…‘Edit‘ out the bad and the better you get at it, the quicker the process will become…

It’s like keeping that pair of shoes that ALWAYS without fail nip at your toes, rub at your feet and make you blister in absolute agony…You keep trying to bed them in‘ but they keep coming back with a *middle finger and saloon girl kicks.*

Just slap on an ‘edit/delete‘ tag, chuck the ‘naughties’ out and buy yourself a NEW pair that work better for you…

You have one life to live…Don’t waste it in ‘bad shoes..’