All the F****

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PR: ‘I don’t know what the F*** you think you’re doing, with this whole impromptu *win a date for a dare* thing?  Lol…You can’t just go around doing his dares, if they aren’t….’

ME: ‘It’s fun! It just happened by accident on my *Ask Me Anything.* Don’t blame me! Blame Insta! Haha. He hasn’t done it yet! So far, it’s just banter. Relax.’

PR: ‘If he wins a date…’

Me: ‘He probably will, as I’d rather have a couple rums, than subject myself to disturbing Tom Foolery.’

PR: ‘Stop, fucking talking over me. Haha. If he wins a date…You’re taking security. You don’t even know him. I’m coming too.’

Me: ‘Ugh. It’s not a PR operation. *Oh! Hi, Winner! Meet my PR & this giant mountain of a man, who will head butt you, if you annoy me…Romance is alive.’ 

PR: ‘Does it look like he’s gonna do it?’

Me: ‘Yeah. He looks tattooey. He even sent me a picture of what he’s thinking about getting done! He looks like he gets inked every 2 weeks… 🙂 🙂 🙂 ‘

And with a roll of her eyes and wiggle from Wunna Land, laughter filled the room, after a three second *pause* of fear and worry.

People worry too much.

Don’t!! It’s STICKY.

I’m an adventurer. I’m a life spirit. Even though i’m much more sensible and tame in my old age…The flirty 30’s. The wild streak, is just something, you can’t scrub off with a loofah. No matter how hard to scrubble.

It’s these moments that bring ‘magic,’ back to your life. It’ll be a memory. A forever, memory! Plus, I think he SHOULD get rewarded for being so bold. Being so fun! I’m grateful for people like him.

I love excitement. I live for it….Of course, with a side of love and a ‘swing’ of a great handbag. 

To be honest…

..I actually, think i’ve been accidentally, CLEVER about all this. Yes, it happened by accident, but  I decided to EMBRACE IT. Lots of people don’t other. I try and engage and appreciate, ALL the time.

I’m an entertainer. But I’m an entertainer, a model, a blogger…of the NEW kind…FRESH SLIDES…

I’m the innovative kind, where YOU can actually come be a PART OF MY ‘SHOW.’ Be a part of Wunna Land. Do life properly and connect with me, as our life paths cross. This blog has literally turned into a written word, reality show. It’s interactive…It’s modern. It’s what I used to talk about 10 years ago..But now it’s kinda happening.

It’s cool…

That Psychic in West Hollywood..2004. At 7.19 pm. It was  Tuesday night in LA.

( I was in jeans and this shit read belly top, that read ‘Manteaser‘ on it, instead of ‘Malteasers. WHAT THE FUCK WAS I WEARING!! And why did I start the blog with a F***, if I was just going to go ahead and swear anyway? Haha. Why do I bother, trying to be decent?)

Psychic: ‘You will start to write something, that will be the something that will eventually put your name in lights. Big lights… Opportunities, are gonna come your way..’

‘I’m a model. But I want to be a Popstar. I’ve just recorded a song with Capital Records..and..’

‘That will never happen. You’ll stay a model. You’ll actually become an actress. That is what you’re naturally good at. You’re a good model, because you’re a phenomenal actress. You’re a talent. But you’ll start to write something…and that is what will make you.You’re going to be a star. All I can see, is your name in lights…Do you have a diary?’

‘No…Anyway, what about my love life..’

( I walked out feeling unfulfilled.) 


Right. So yes! Lots of work. Lots of attention on my social stories right now. I thank you for that and all your messages of support! I put a lot into them…and I know it all seems ‘banter,’ but I do work hard for a ‘like‘ or a bit of ‘look at me.’ 


..and without you responding, I wouldn’t have a story to tell. That’s why I love my ‘Ask me anything‘ because everyday, I get to learn about YOU,  from your questions, as you learn about ME. I actualyl never feel lonely because of it…

I love people…

Plus, with me NOT being as ‘out and about‘ as usual, due to my 21 day thing, it helps to keep my juicy flow of banter… alive.

I’m on Day 13! It’s almost getting harder now.

21 Days!!! Just Breathe OUT, Wunna!

(Lots of messages about this. But I just want to do it privately, for now. Then I’ll make you applaud me, once I know I’m steady, on good solid ground. 🙂 Oh and don’t fret. It’s not anything crazy. I’m not a massive druggie or anything. It’s just a habit, a wee little habit, that I needed to kick.)

Okay, to my love life…

(There’s literally not enough hours in the fucking day. I keep running through, all the things that I need to do, before the school run!! Utilize time! Utilize, time!  

So! Remember that I told you that I was going to meet ‘The Gent’ on the 18th, for a ‘friendly’ meet up. Well, it’s kinda like a date…but without the rigid formality. My chick friend wanted him to stand me up, because she wanted me to delusionally pine over ‘T Bone.’

I sent ‘T Bone’ a message yesterday. He opened and maybe with a shrug of disinterest, he didn’t respond. He had better life ‘tings’ to do. Haha.. He usually replies…Briefly. So he’s either just focusing on work, doesn’t fancy me anymore, busy, or is with someone…


Break it down, Chicks!


‘The Older Gent’ who sent me his first message a couple weeks ago, got in touch with me over the last few days and has no intention of ‘standing up’ Wunna Land. In fact, he seems pretty organised. He seems pretty ‘together.’ Pretty stable and grown. He seems reliable. He works hard. He kept his word. He’s a father. Ex Pro Footballer. Retired. Now a pundit.  But most of all, he seems to care about my potential ‘maybe’ needs? He’s attentive. He’s nurturing. He’s really intelligent, without being boring. He’s flying in for work, from a different nearby country.

He seems lovely…

…and that’s refreshing, because the guys I meet, usually care about themselves FIRST, before anyone..Well any chick, that is. Or maybe, it’s just me? I’ve never really encountered any decent gent, (aside from one) who knew how to care for me, or look after me, without a prompt. Or without reading from the ‘Charm Script.’

Maybe that comes with age?

No, that’s wrong. I’m not ageist. It comes from life experience. Being lovely and respectful is just something you are. It’s not something you do because of an age.

T Bone is actually ALSO, lovely and respectful. But, right now, he needs to do him…and IS. I can’t knock him for that. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind dying a legend. Deservedly. However, what he doesn’t realize is that he already will. A great deal of people, including myself, respect what he’s already achieved in his life. I’m inspired by him.

(He’s occupation is also…football. He’s moved to the other side of the world, right now.) 

Anyway…That’s T Bone…aka The Swirl.

Back to ‘The Gent’….

On the 18th,  I’m going to meet The Gent in Liverpool, after he’s flown in and worked. I’ve never met before? I don’t know him?

Me: I need a new outfit and new hair!

Lizzie P: ‘Why do you need to spend so much money on looking good, when he’s only going to treat you badly, in the end? They always start off being lovely. T Bone was FILLED with loveliness and excitement at first.’

Me: ‘Hi. I’m Chrissie. I’m a glamour puss. You know that! I don’t live LIFE, like that! I want to look nice. If it goes well, then great. If it doesn’t then..Hey I looked fabulous! He’ll remember that! Haha.’ 

Lizzie P: ‘We’ll see…’

Then she shakes he head at me and walks off. Lol.

So much is going on? Real Dates. Old Flames. New Habit Breaks. Tattoo challenges.. Insta Love. All the work. Good friends. Family. Babies…

All sorts…

I kinda need a vino…

Chrissie x

Ps: Miss. (Does PR) Murphy, was on a late night train from Yorkshire to Essex last night, after approximately ‘seven wines’ and got excited about my MadLipz, Voice Over App. An app where you can put your own voice and words, over famous movie & tv scenes. I’m addicted. Mine have been ACE.  She downloaded the app. on the train, last night,en route to Essex, after a…

‘WTF is this??’

It ended like this…

‘Shit! I just opened it on the train and it was some violent swearing scene! Hahaha.’

I’m sure she was fine. Everyone loves a ‘seven wines and swearing’ combo.







But a second hand emotion….

ac17 - Copy (2)

I don’t even know what’s up with me, but i’m feeling on top of the world. I’m all bubbled with this positive *ooh* ness….and dancing in mirrors with pouts, to tunes from the 90’s, as my babies gallop around me and lip sync along like we’re some kind of failed pop band. I even woke up this morning, IMMEDIATELY grabbed my phone to use the ‘selfie’ mode as a mirror ;)…lol…just to check my teeth, (remember that i’m going through a whitening process that specialist Afsar Hussain at Hatfield Dental has put me on…i still have another week and a half of it, as i’ve been super busy…so i’m on a bit of a delay.) I had no face on, was half naked…with a white quilt appropriately draped across me, at six o clock in the morning and I didn’t even think i looked bad. I thought i looked good! AS IF! What is even happening? I’m just trampoline bouncing, on the spot, in a happy place, where in which i feel really lucky, really positive and emotionally balanced within the world….in eyelashes and boobies. Hurrah!

I’m still single and i’m feeling great! I’m warm, but super independent by nature. I can do togetherness and ‘my own thing’ with ease, without being naggy. It’s mainly because i’m used to it. I’ve been single and worldly long enough enjoy me, myself and I and also in plenty of loving and ‘not quite right’ relationships to get what togetherness is all about.  In my mind, until you have the exact right connection, (and ladies you will know where you stand because guys are pretty good at making it clear via both words and actions…or no words or actions lol,) then you’re wasting your time and in that time you just need to get comfy with yourself and cheer up. He’ll find you and come get you. If a guy likes you, he will not be so stupid as to lose you to some other dude with a quiff. Lol.

I see so many happy couples (like Vicky and Guy…Happy Birthday Victoria, they found each other late in life and are about to get married. Same with Emily & Mark..they did an online Yorkshire/Bermuda relationship for ages, each randomly flew to New York to go on their first date and have been happy ever since.)

But at the same time, and almost more of….so many stressed out chicks, who stress out over, what i see…as nothing. And so many dudes who feel all trapped in the ‘doo daa’ that they’ve chosen to be in. That’s not what love is about…and i’m only rambling on about this because I had one of my close LA guy friends message me yesterday with an ….‘I’m super sad.‘ (I’m am the chick all my guy friends and exes come to for chick advice, because i’m not doo..lally…most days 😉 .)

Now, i’m not going to tell you all about it, but i will say that he’s trapped in a shitty relationship, where in which love is chilling and has taken a back seat and control, mistrust and arguing has decided to shimmie on forward. YIPPEE! To the point where there is no love left..not even a drizzle of ‘yeah baby.’ When that happens…and you don’t have rum…you are doomed. Bottom line, he’s been offered a work opportunity in LA, which is away from where his partner is, yet when i say opportunity….(and LA is where we all grew up, …he is American by the way… so it’s kinda like home) it’s his own TV show opportunity, that he has aspired and work towards his whole entire life. Like this would be his dream come true. Got it? Good! Yet Instead of cheerleading him forward, (as that’s a wacky concept) his chick has turned completely bonkers, she doesn’t want him to take part in his ‘dream come true’ job lol,  she’s emailed his manager & employer a letter, stating how disgusting they are for employing him, because he will have to move away from her, for a bit and basically tried to ruin it. Hahah. (Like, i guess that is okay….like…NEVER! THAT IS NEVER OKAY! LOL!!)  She has fully committed to going down route crazy balls (haha, sorry i shouldn’t laugh, it’s a really stressful time for him lol) …and although i am quite partial to dedication…and Route ‘crazy balls’ is definitely fun if you enjoy a bit of drama… But it’s not like it would’ve been forever. Infact, if she didn’t go nuts, he would’ve just been going to LA to film it, before returning. Now, because of her nuttiness…he’s about to run off, do the show and never ever return. It’s done. He’s not super sad for leaving or the breakup, he’s super sad because he’s still stuck there until he gets to go to LA. Lol.  (Do know that i would never refer to any human as crazy unless i have seen substantial proof of utter irrational nuttiness and i’m the most open minded human on the planet.)

Now i’m a pretty good person to ask about things of this nature, as i’m a ‘you don’t mess with peoples dreams. ambition and careers’ kind of girl, it’s not fair to ‘ultimatum’ people, so i’ll see it from the girl and guys point of view and although warm, i’m honest and positive about the future.  PLUS,  my LA guy friends will come to me for advice on this, as when i was with Mike and he had nothing but a dream….he auditioned for everything, all day, everyday and finally got his break….He was ambitious and wanted to do well…and was an actor. Successful actors are away for ages. They could be flying to another state or country for weeks or months if they’ve booked a movie. It’s normal, it’s part of the job. It’s like with anybody in entertainment. And during that time, instead of being selfish, i supported him all the way with excitement…I was excited for him, it never really bothered me, as i wanted him to do well and i knew how much it meant to him…which showed LOVE and because he felt that he had a stable home life, that guy who couldn’t afford Burger King, with a headshot in his hand, at audition number 702…ended up feeling like he could conquer anything…and did. Three years ago he filmed a movie with Tom Cruise, he’s been on every tv show ever and has lots in his pipeline, with dollars in his bank. Now he could buy a million double whoopers. Lol.

And i don’t say it to sound one sided, as the LA guy friend who asked my advice is close to me. But people don’t ask for my advice unless they want a laugh, a power pep talk, positive honesty or to hand hold them through the tunnel into their next chapter, because they have already made up their mind.  PLUS, I have LEFT men, who have been negative in regards to support of any success that I may have had or want to have. Y’know what I mean, the ones that try to *squish* it, so that you won’t do well, out of their own insecurity, because if you do well, you might run off and leave them. Whereas it’s more, if they were confident, supportive and trusting…then they would now be building an empire with me. But hearts heal so much faster then they break. Break ups draaaaag. New love is quick and inspiring.

Anyway, he’s voted himself off the island and headed for pastures…Hollywood. Lol. And I don’t one bit blame him. He hasn’t done it yet…but he’s about to. ‘I’ll just leave her a letter that she can contemplate.’ (Oh Lord.) They’re not bad people, they just no longer understand each other…and once he hits LA, he’ll easily meet a completely different girl, with utterly different views, who understands his ambition, the nature of his work and more than anything…him. It happens all the time. I mean, i did tell him that it wasn’t going to be easy, as when you’re with someone that…how do we put it…’passionate’ lol…you better strap in, as that rollercoaster of ‘bye bitch bye’ isn’t going to be fun. He just laughed and said that he was good at getting away from things. Hahaha.

I guess guys need to achieve their goals, yet be more loving along the way, so their chicks know how much they mean to them. And girls need to be less controlling and have more faith in ourselves and our men. Love doesn’t have to be roses and chocolates, as it seems support, trust, loyalty and positive blessings go much further. And even though i’m girly, i’m quite ambitious and masucline when it comes to work, i’m a workaholic, i enjoy to make money, so i can see both sides of the coin .

Away from that, the BOTOX that i had done at Hatfield Dental has been AMAZING!!! It worked right away, first time and now i can’t frown. No wrinkles, nothing. I did feel my muscles paralyzing and it was odd. Yet now i’m used to it, it is quite frankly a remedy sent from the good Lord himself. So now i know, when i’m super old, BOTOX is the answer. Honestly, I swear, it is a miracle. I have never been more amazed in my life, aside from that time i actually woke up with a traffic cone parcel taped to my head. I was impressed and amazed that morning for sure. Lol. I’m surprised i even Goddamn woke up.

I have lots going on right now. The babies, work, Leeds Lifestyle Awards, Made in Leeds, a photoshoot and my NSPCC Tshirt campaign that i’m going to tell you about in my next blog. So get your piggy banks out and get ready to feel charitable. Nothing is going on in my love life….no one fancies me….

(Wait Keiran’s calling and he has Junior…one sec…)

I’m back, it was just about the dentist.

I’m feeling super chipper, super sexy, happy, but clumsy because i’m having to wear my glasses all day, as i forgot to order my contact lenses on time. I don’t know how anyone does anything in specs. They’re a nuisance. I’ve tripped up 40 times and got scared whilst driving everywhere. Such a girl. Lol. The last time i wore them, i was too busy looking at myself in a shop window that i tripped over a grate and fell on my face. A PROPER GOOBER. Lol. I’m a geek wrapped in tits. AND they keep falling down my nose. I don’t even look smarter. I walking around over cautiously like an absolute moron. Like the floor is about to open up and swallow me whole. 🙂

So I can dance……..


Lots going on! All great! All good! (I mean would’n’t have it in my life any other way.) But lots! My focus has been on work and Motherhood this week and it’s flying by. I’m witnessing sooo many of the new chapters of others and i’m enjoying it. There are a lot of others things dancing in Wunna Land also….along with work and Mummyhood, I have the Leeds Lifestyle Awards coming up next month, other glitzy opportunities, if i so chose to take them and well with that i’ve been designing a charity tshirt for the NSPCC (a cause really close to my heart) and feeling every inch filled with warmth as I do it. (I’m a thoughtful human by nature. I’m not lame with it though, as i’m witty and bouncing with inappropriate humour and sass. Yet, I adore giving and helping people see the light at the end of the tunnel, so it kinda makes me feel both happy and purposeful. Like i said before, I enjoy to help others, as i’ve experienced a rather colourful life and there have been some big times where in which I have I’ve sat there puzzled hoping that a ‘hero’ would save my sorry ass. It never happened so i kinda became my own hero. But i’m glad, because now…i’d never let anyone around me suffer. *Wiggle wink.*) Life is great right now and i am SO FLIPPING GRATEFUL for it.

So, i’m gonna skim things…There’s been skinny pinnies, boys teaching ‘Fairyatle blonds’ how to make bread, a Pepperami Bromance, which is oddly quite stylish, (I love seeing boys go through a ‘bromance.’ There’s been surprise ‘what’s in my belly’ talk with ‘The Mighty,’ laughter, sarcasm, hard work, trips to Rome, old faces, new times, stress, love, good deeds, (I actually did a good deed for ‘Eton Mess, the other day) parking tickets, sunshine, rain, first days of school, psychic readings, baby cuddles, thoughtfulness, ‘happy ending’ chat comedy and a whole lot of life in general.I couldn’t even begin to tell you about it all in depth.

I’m happy, but i’m not sleeping. I can’t sleep as I wrongly refuse to let my mind relax. It’s awful. I’m feeling ambitious. I’ve danced. I have hardcore goals that i kinda want to ‘tick box,’ I have had discussions with ‘fairytale’ blonds about why boys are testosteroney and find it scary to commit? It’s not that hard! (I love ‘Fairytale blond’ because she’s so idealistic about love, hence her title.) I’ve drank…merrily and even though there are times where i let stress get the better of me, i am always able to chop, change and find the positive. That’s why my life works for me.

Time is flying by so fast! The week. The year! It’s zooming.

I know so many people going through such exciting times and that makes me happy, (my own life is exciting right now) and as a counter balance i know so many going through really stressy times.  But stress is only temporary. One day everyone wakes up with that absolute brilliant feeling where they suddenly realize that they are no longer sad over something that they never thought they could get over. Light. Tunnel. Live it.

Pete (Ruby’s Dad did something thoughtful the other day.) I had had a busy day at work and when you’re a single mum, you get home and you have soooooooooooooooooooo much to do and organize. It never stops and i have lots of help. But Pete took both babies to the park and made them tea at his, so i could have an hour to myself to recoup and get organized. It literally felt AMAZING. And i love that about my Baby Daddies (so to speak) as both Father’s will have both children, as we operate it as one big family. So like i always say, on paper it not necessarily Bible text book 🙂 (Just laughing at the time i got thrown out of a Zen garden in LA, ) yet it completely works and our entire co parenting family, partners and all….is simply phenomenal and it’s great because we concentrate on what matters and not the petty ‘doesn’t matter’ crap. To say that it appears that there’s a lot of separation…Ruby and Junior are actually the most loved and emotionally stable kids ever and because as a unit we’ve held it together with love and not just for them, but because we’re all emotionally grown and not idiots. Lol. AND the kids aren’t under any illusion,we don’t ‘fairytale’ it,  i’m a direct girl and i tell them things honestly. They know who’s who, what’s what and why.,,and they’re kinda pretty okay with it.

My life is great, but it’s not easy. Luckily, nothing phases me and i just find it easy to handle. I’m great under pressure and i’m great at juggling with a smile and a trophy in my hand. I’m a trooper and just have this ability to see the jollies in everything or understand people or situations. So many people have it lot a worse so if anything, i count myself lucky. EVERYDAY.

I’ve started my teeth whitening process, that I began with Hatfield dental. I haven’t had much time. But i had my impressions done and for the next two and a half weeks i’m meant to whiten each evening for four hours. I think i’ve only done four days so far. But i’m on a mission now, so give me a couple more weeks and they’ll be banging McSparkly.

I’m feeling really shattered today…but because i haven’t been sleeping well. But i will tonight. I can feel it.

I’m going to be an Ambassador for the NSPCC. I know…can you even believe it. Me neither. So, i’m going to being my stance with Mystand4 where in which i will…well i am….designing a charity tshirt to represent the NSPCC and Wunnaland in one, that you can all purchase to help the hearts of others…and i really hope you do, as it means so much to me.

I think it launches tomorrow. But i’m waiting for pictures etc…

On the love life front…not much is going on…I still fancy ‘Eton Mess’ and that’s about that.

The kids great. I’m great. Work is good and so is wine. 😉

Hope you’ve had an awesome day and thank you for following my life. x

ps/ This guy who i’m ignoring keeps messaging me and showing me pictures of his belly button, like it’s sexual. It’s worse than a dick pic. lol. Don’t be a weirdo. I don’t have time for that. Lol. In the words of my old LA roommate Justin, and in your best American accent…’Some Dudes just need to go back to romance camp.’  (I remember him once shouting at a guy…and he never shouts, we were besties, we worked in the same place and we lived together,  and hung out together, but he yelled at a guy for being a tool…

‘Dude! She is NEVER GOING TO LIKE YOU unless you step up and quit being a douche. I live with the girl, she’s like the fucking Queen of romance…and you think that she’s gonna kick it with a faded piece of shit like you…there are dudes lining up to date Miss.Fucking Glamour Puss and she’ll still go for the kindest. You need to get yourself back to ROMANCE CAMP dude.’ HAHAHA.

(Hope you said all that in your American Accent.)

Anyway…i won’t always go for the kindest now i’m old. I’m far more shallow now. 🙂 I like eye candy…but who doesn’t! 😉 I mean GOD, my acest friend ‘McC ‘will even tell you, there is a Wunna ‘tick list’ and it includes a fucking helicopter. HAHAHA.)










Sunshine, Blogs, Guys & Girls


Sunny, sunny, sunshine! I’ve had an amazing day of just peace, family and life. There were moments of ‘stressiness’ (as I truly can’t fathom my car to bits?) It keeps running out of coolant and telling me to ‘stop engine,’ whenever it feels like it 😉 and it’s starting to piss me off now because it’s like a naggy boyfriend, that i can never fix. I ended up doing a cautious drive home, playing in the garden with tractors with Junior and then popping open a bottle of champers, simply because it was the ONLY drink option, other than Blackcurrant fruitshoots that I had in the home. Incase you didn’t know, i am TERRIFIED of opening a champagne bottle, because i feel the cork pop. Like I used to always say, I drink it all the time, yet i never really have to open the bottle myself, as it’s always done for me and just poured. It’s definitely a boys job. Yet since, there is no boy and the only boy around me is three…I had to do it myself. It sort of bounded against kitchen wall units, MADLY, back and forth, like it was some kind of glitzy bomb, with an attitude problem, as I ducked and cringed, during the ‘pop’ anticipation. Then it all splurted everywhere so i went with a *shrug* and just drank it anyway.

I haven’t had any time to myself this week, so once Monday starts it will be hilarious, as i’ll either laugh it off, regard work as ‘me time’ or go insane. 🙂 Yipppeee! There’s lot to do and i’m doing it. I’m feeling productive and inspired…so whilst i’m on this mode, i figured i’d go ahead and milk it. I’m like dynamite when i get all productive. It’s sexy. It makes me feeeeel sexy. 😉 I’m like a cougar on heat right now. Lol. But all great girls need that edge of sass. It’s needed. It is, when you’re driven. But i am going to attempt to have a chilled out evening, where the *pause* button is hit and i breathe, which is something that i am not good at, because once i’ve pointed in a direction, the kitten heels are on and i’m ‘running.’

As I was driving about in the sun today I saw a guy with one of those twin buggies, fitted with twin babies and he was in gym wear, actually getting a proper joggy/run in, whilst pushing the buggy, in spurts as he ran. I don’t know why that’s stuck in my head, but i must have been impressed, as I imagined a Mum of Twins having that extra hour to herself to just rest. Lol. I like it when Men are good at everything and multitask. So I just internally smiled and carried on cautiously driving home, whilst my dashboard ‘bitched and moaned’ at me, with a  *STOP ENGINE!*

I had loads of stuff to tell you, but i can’t for the life of me remember it now? Must be the champers? I’m in the mood for love. I’m happy. I’m working hard. I’m feeling fun. I have a Justin ‘I’m a Belieber’ top on 🙂 and i’m rocking a ‘big hair, don’t care’ kinda day.

The inbox is doing it’s usual ‘crazy’ and i’m ignoring it. My blog is doing really well. It’s till being read on almost every continent, in over 200 countries…yet not one single being in ICELAND (the geographical place, not the frozen food store) has EVER once clicked a link that has lead them to, let alone actually typed it in themselves. Luckily, my favourite glittery friend Tom is going there in September, so no doubt he’ll force Icelandic people to read it. Or i’ll force him to dry hump them against their will until they do. Dry humping is always nice and awkward, as it’s never really acceptable is it, but we let it be. Lol. Nothing is worse than when…say a dog dry humps you, because the dog is usually attached to an owner than you know, or one that you don’t , and you sort of have to pretend out of politeness that it’s completely fine or delightful and smile through it. Hahaha.That’s what i’m going to make Glittery Tom do. It’s the best PR method ever. Harassment.

The next time you see this map…Iceland will be so navy, you won’t BE ABLE to SEE IT! LOL.

(All the shaded countries are where my blog readers reside. The darker the blue, the more readers there are in that country or part of the world.)

All’s well. Life is still pretty decent. I’m working really hard. I wish i was away in the sunshine. I need a weekend in the sun, as my Facebook newsfeed is starting to annoy me. You’re all sunning it up somewhere or another and i’m utterly jealous. I look great in bikini’s! Honest! Well as good as I can look whilst rocking the wrong side of thirty…and after two pieces of loin fruit. 😉

*Wait. Take out guy is here.*

Okay, I’m back. What was I gonna say? Oh yeah, love front. I’m pretty direct when it comes to love and dating. If you ask me a question you will always get a straight answer, be it lovely or rude or hilarious. *Giggle here.*

I don’t like to dilly dally and to be fair even though i have this diva persona, i’m much soft touch. I’m a bit of everything really. So, where am I going with this? Lol.

I like direct people. I Like those that just say it how it is, honestly and those who can just express themselves appropriately, know what they want, say it, get on with it and go for it. As that’s what i’d do, or do in general. HOWEVER, i will tell you again that girls only really like direct ‘i adore you’ stuff, or ‘sexy’ i adore you stuff, from guys they actually fancy. You could be the loveliest man in the entire world saying all the right things at all the right times, the smartest guy, the bad boy who keeps it dirty…

…bottom line, if she doesn’t already fancy you, then she really will not be bothered. As when we fancy a guy, it almost doesn’t matter what he says, but as soon as that message, text or anything ‘pings’ up, our hearts are all a flutter and all that matters, in that time… is them. (True story.) WE all do it. But don’t make this stop you, incase you do fancy a chick and you don’t know if he fancies you…as you will know once you’ve messaged. Go for it. That is always the sexiest way forward. Skin to the wind and shoot to score.

Like, I love it when a guy I fancy messages me lovely stuff, or sexy stuff. It makes me smile, almost girlishly, because it might mean that he was thinking about me, without me prompting him to. Lol. My heart goes a flutter, so if mine can (hahaha) everyone’s does.

I love, love, I’m am MADLY romantic and i’m fun with it. And yeah, all girls are different, but we all have the same female thread running through us, no matter what walk of life we strut… *member i sed dat.*

Right now, i’m still doing fancying Mark. I can’t not fancy him, it’s really difficult, which i think must be a good thing, right? Is it? I feel really comfortable when i chitter with him, i feel like i can tell him anything…he’s sexy, he’s really sizzle…and that obviously is delicious. I am massively attracted to him sexually AND emotionally…and i have an idea about what he thinks about me, which is good. Like i know that he thinks i’m hot and lovely. Yet that’s all i know. We haven’t really managed to chat much today as he’s busy with family and i’m busy with babies and work stuff. Plus he’s away shortly, so he’ll have all that to sort out.

But i’d weirdly and i only say weird, because it’s new..actually date Mark. After chatting to him and everything…i kinda think he’s ace. Isn’t that strange. However, i’m sure EVERYONE wants to date Mark. But yes, we’ll do a proper date…I actually don’t need a proper date to know that I fancy him…It seems to just be flowing regardless….and well right now, i’m off to watch rubbish telly and drink the rest of my champers.

Happy Sunday.

Ps/ Ladies, Please note and read the above, i’m just naturally expressive about how i feel about people, situations and things and we should all be that way without fear. As i have no clue as to what he thinks deep down…at all, however i’m never afraid, be it great or shitty to express how i might feel. (It is honestly the best way.)

Love you,




The Alberti Twins ‘Dating Tips’


So, I’m a blogger…a lifestyle blogger…you get that, you read it and i couldn’t be more happy. But i am a kitten who also takes the time to read the blogs of others…be they large, small, chipper or dark. I enjoy it. Obviously. It’s what i do, my ‘thang’ my world…literally.

Today, I definitely decided that The ALBERTI Twins are amazing. I’ve sort of chatted to them anyhow in little bits and bobs and If you don’t know what i’m on about, they were on last years ‘Love Island’ reality show on ITV2, which had us all hooked…I was even going to plonked in it, but i didn’t in the end.

Anyway, they were my favourite…and i fancied one of them..and well they thought i was quite easy on the eyes…I think one of them once messaged me saying that they wished i was trapped on ‘Love island’ with them. It’s all very friendly…but i’m sure that i have this massive crush on John Alberti…without me knowing…or knowing…or well i do after reading his blog…Lol.

We follow each other on Twitter and like each other’s work, pictures (mainly lol) and lives…I mean, yesterday he liked my ‘Prosecco/Clough’ blog…but you get the picture…I was reading all his Tweets anyway…and then i came across this…which MADE ME SWOON.

The Twins, have a blog and they’re my kinda guys, as the’re smart, they’re stylish, they’re romantic…they enjoy the finer things in life and know how to treat women well….

John Alberti…

What a gentleman…

There i was…looking through blogs and i bump into this little treat, The Alberti Twins ‘Dating tips!!’


Infact, i’ll post you a snippet to get you juiced…

After reading this, how can you not fall madly head over heels for a bit of John Alberti…If HE gets how to be for a lady…then how come others don’t?? I want a date….I’m impressed…

This is what he suggest to you fellas!

“Every Girl deserves a guy who can make her smile even when she doesn’t want to”

1: First Impressions Count

Always look your best and dress to impress. When you see her she should be blown away by how amazing you look. Dressing well is a form of politeness and it shows her you are interested and made an effort.

2: Be Confident 

Confidence is key! Show her you mean business and you’re not here to play games. Say what you feel and be yourself. Walk with your held high and with confidence.

3: Be Yourself 

Be YOU… And by this we mean, if you’re shy, be shy, if you’re loud and talk a lot, be loud and talk a lot. By being yourself you have nothing to worry about and can relax and show her the real you. If she loves it, amazing. If she doesn’t then at least you were yourself and wasn’t acting fake or different around her.

4: Be Romantic

You can never be too romantic. Compliment her, on her hair, what she is wearing, how beautiful her eyes are etc. Tell her she is beautiful, but more importantly make her feel beautiful. Show her you like her and fancy her but you mean business and are not a push over😉 Show her there are gentlemen still around and romance her. Be romantic, every girl wants to be swept off her feet whether she admits it or not, so open her eyes and let her know that romance isn’t dead. Flirt with her, be confident and tease her. Girls love to laugh and if you can make her laugh you can practically make her do anything.

5: Take Control

Book the best restaurant in town. Show her you’ve thought about this and made an effort. Let her know when to be ready and pick her up, be the man and take control. Organise the date, tell her where you’re taking her or sometimes don’t, make it a surprise. No girl wants to hear “I don’t know, whatever you want to do” NO!! They want to hear, “I’ve booked a table for 8pm, be ready”.

6: Be a Gentleman 

Pick her up, get out of the car and knock for her, kiss her on BOTH cheeks when you greet her. That’s what she has two cheeks for, a kiss for each one… Italian style. Open the car door for her and be a gentleman. Pull the chair out for her at the restaurant. Make her smile, when she is happy it should make you happy. Always pour her wine for her, a lady should never pour her own wine. Be a gentleman and respect her and treat her like a Princess.

7: Listen

You might think you are listening while you are looking her up and down when she is talking, but be present in the conversation, listen to what she is saying and respond. Keep eye contact and show her that you are interested and someone she can have a real conversation with.

8: Avoid the ‘ex’ conversation at all costs 

Never bring up the ex conversation, ever. Nobody wants to hear it, especially on a date. It will ruin the mood of the date and will actually make her think of her ex instead of thinking about you!! Stay away from this conversation at all costs and talk about her, get to know her and what makes her tick, make the conversation interesting.

9: Sweep her off her feet 

Be the Prince she’s always wanted. Show her how you’re different, that all men aren’t the same and that there are some real gentlemen left in this world. Be romantic, be confident, be yourself and sweep her off her feet. No girl goes on a date NOT wanting to be swept off her feet and be treated like a Princess.

10: Always, always pay for the meal

Always pay for the meal. A gentleman never lets a lady pay. She may offer, but this is only out of politeness, she expects the man to pay and rightly so.

How can I not ADORE! ADORE!

It’d be interesting to actually go on a date with John, just to see if he stuck to his tips…I fancy a cross promotional blog promo…