Dares For A Date, Road Beef & 21 Days..

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Today is ace. Sunday is always my favourite day. It’s like a peach and Malibu cocktail, with a tangy thong of ‘ooh.’ There’s a chilled sweetness to it, isn’t there?

I’m feeling wonderful. I’m looking better than I thought. πŸ˜‰

*Purr Here…*

I can’t remember if I told you? But i’ve been breaking a bad habit? I might have said it on my Insta Story instead? But, without me going into it, because I’m weird like that (lol.) I’m SO open, about everything, all sorts, literally enough to make you blush and call a Doctor. HOWEVER, if I NEED to ‘conquer‘ something personally, that i’m gonna find a bit of a ‘TASK,’ I’ll always do it privately, under my ‘hush hush‘ brolly, like an insecure, oriental pixie.

(I’ll only tell a couple people, who I know won’t nag me about it. I hate ‘naggers.’ I’m too rebellious, once I hear a ‘nag.’ They get me all guns blazing, with my knickers in a tight, diva twist.)

Anyway. I’ve just passed Day 10, of my ‘breaking’ of bad habit & I’m really proud of myself, because I really didn’t think I could even get this far! Haha. FFs.

First Week Smashed. Ping off that bra and shout a Hail Mary!

I’ve said it before, it takes 21 days to break a habit…COLD TURKEY. (Use this when it comes to anything emotional, physical or mental. It’s a game of will power.)

21 DAYS!

I’m not far off now. So when I get to Thursday Sept 20th… I’ve done it. I’ve hit it. I’ve smacked it’s little booty and winked at it on the ‘naughty step.’Β 

I’m actually going to treat myself after that. Like a reward for conquering a ‘glamour pussy’ demon.

What do they say?

‘Strength doesn’t come from doing what you can already DO! It comes from accomplishing the things, you never imagined you could conquer…’

Something, i’ve done all the way through my life. I always say, i wish you could see into my head and witness, all that i’ve seen all through my life.

(Currently getting a Flashback or riding down the escalator, outside Crunch Gym, on Sunset Blvd, in West Hollywood, with Joseph Fiennes, who was in town to film a movie. I think it was ‘Running with Scissors?’ He had a baseball cap on and was telling me he was Irish? Weird time to flash back THAT moment??)Β 

I was only a 23 year old kid. We’d been flirting for about a day…Lol.

You know what I’m like. I was all a flutter…He just probably thought I was fit…or cute…or whatever? ‘Road Beef’ is what I used to call my LA chick friend Jen. Hahah. (She used to always date these sportsmen. These athletes.Β  These American football players & Baseball Players.)

I’d always date an Actor, or a model…Yet, only because they were the ONLY guys around me, really….

Jen: ‘I’m driving to Anaheim today..I’m gonna go see him. He’s BBM’ed me.’

Me: ‘Haha. Don’t do that! You’re totally Road Beef. Lol’

(Even though I would do the same. I just wear my little heart on my sleeve and I always have. I like that about me though.Β I’d rather be that, than be incapable of loving. To me, that’s a travesty. A life without true love, is no life at all.)Β 

She’s finally happy, settled (Girls settle down much later in Hollywood)Β  and she’s just had her first gorgeous baby. I’m still…well..probably ‘Road beef’…But with a family…Haha.

I’m headed into a lucky time. A juicy time. A good time of work, excitement and new adventures. You know how much I love an adventure. My spirit is wild. I never want to feel tamed. There’s a lot of opportunity a brewing for us all and it’s making me feel delicious. I have a lot of news and I’ve changed everything around ‘personally,’ for it.

There’s something in the air, in Wunna Land, right now. The babies and I can feel it.

Even Ruby has a glint in her eye…

(She’s like a machine of magic, that girl…She’s grown straight into being….Lil’ Miss.Wunna, I guess? You wouldn’t think, but it’s kinda by accident, because I always encourage the kids, to simply BE THEM. But hey..If the crown fits? πŸ˜‰ )

I will tell you, that I thought I was gonna have a quiet Sunday of putting my Depop store together. Yet, I got side tracked, because during my ‘Ask Me Anything‘ on Insta…a guy propositioned me to a GAME OF DARES….

I’m up for a dare. Why not? It’s life…

I came straight in…with a…

‘If you get my initials tattooed on you..’ (fyi, I don’t know this guy personally, at all..He’s a big Wunna Land Fan and I love that!)Β 

He immediately took the challenge,

‘I’m next in Thursday evening for ink, so I’ll film it being done, then send it to you…’


Then he came back and challenged me…

‘Ok, no problem…But then you’ll have to do my dare…’

If he went through with it….(Do know that it was just banter…I just said it to terrify him…But he wasn’t scared. Lol) I told him he’s win a date, if he did…and he will, if he does…

However, he would have to chose between DATE or Dare.

His Reply…

*Hit Play…*

SO, IT’S ON!!!

I love a challenge. I’m not backing down. If he wins, he’ll WIN A DATE. (Something that as a Wunna Land Fan, he’s requested for months.) If I win, he pretty much said…

We’ll see! Let’s play! I love that he had a sense of adventure. It’s yummy. More guys are scared of me, than they are bold, with me. I like it. There you have it. I’m playing ‘Dares For A Date’ with a Wunna Insta Story Fan.

Makes sense to me! Lol. Yay! SUNDAY!

What did you get up toooooo?Β 

I’ll be seeing ya! I’ve got work to do…

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Ps/ Junior got a ‘Special Mention Certificate’ on Friday at school. πŸ˜‰ Miss. Murphy (who I love,) sent me a message, after reading my blog. (Our babies are in school together…) Her baby son Ray, told her, that Junior got called up for his mini certificate, but was too terrified to walk up and receive it. His best, school buddy friend, saw this and walked him up there, to help him feel bold. Awww! How magical! It melted my heart. It gave him all the confidence he needed. I love Miss. Murphy…He’s like the liquor in your cocktail..Not just the garnish. πŸ˜‰




Don’t Be A Dick & Life Choices



I’ve had a couple of gin and tonics so were gonna have to watch it and you’re gonna have to bare with me. πŸ™‚ I’ve put ‘blog writing’ off all evening, as i’ve been playing with Rubes and just neglecting the art of expression via written word long after she had decided to get some kip.

In my mind it’s Christmas time now and yes we all have a ton of work. I’ve been at work all day. But come on now, let’s have a bit of fun, or decent old chilled time, where we can kick off our kitten heels and just pour ourselves an after work tipple to relax and celebrate the year!

I have a birthday in FIVE DAYS, so i have all the excuses in the world to ‘tick box’ a sack load of fun. I mean, God, life is about filling ya cup, as you can’t pour from an empty one! So let’s enjoy it, whilst we still can. (I’ve just read this scary quote that states that if we as humans slept or 8 hours per day and we live to be sixty….we will have slept for 20 years of our lives. It apparently gives us a reason to get up the first time our alarm goes off in the morning? I don’t count in any of this, as being a single mum, with full time work, if i EVER slept for 8 hours on ANY DAY, it would be a blessing.)

I’ve had a decent time today as i’ve worked hard and enjoyed banter. Apparently my blog is so good that it SENDS PEOPLE TO SLEEP! Lol.

‘Chrissie, I love reading your blog and hate it when you don’t write one, as i read it before i go to bed and it sends me to sleep!’

Hahaha! I love it! Be it comforting or boring. Or be you sixteen or sixty….I adore that you have clicked into a bit of Wunna land, before you’ve gone to ‘n’nights.’ Makes me smile! My mum also reads my blog every night before she goes to bed and then screams at me the next morning if i’ve been a dick. πŸ™‚ It’s all about how you’ve raised your kids. πŸ˜‰ LOL.)

My friend ‘The Mighty’ is about to give birth in the coming months and is preferring to surround herself with fun ‘drink too much’ friends, rather than nice stalkery ones, who we don’t know are actual normal humans or Guardian Angels? I believe in Guardian Angel pop ups. So i’m going with that. Plus, it makes more story more magical than just saying ‘stalker.’

For some reason it made me flash back to a time when a gay guy, stopped me in a club, (I think it was Pre Bar in London) and wanted to name his cat ‘Chrissie Wunna,’ in my honour. Instead he went with ‘Jackonory’..and told me this on the dance floor, as Kylie played in the background. (I had just come off the telly, trying to be best friends with Paris Hilton, at the time.) I mean, JACK…A…FUCKING …NORY! When does that ever *trump* naming your kitten ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ (That was the night Mark Byron, who’s now a Big Brother Telly Presenting Star, asked me to hide his rent money cash in my knickers so he didn’t spend it all on booze. Lol. At that time he used to give out flyers to make people venture into clubs. Now…he’s ‘Off the telly’ Mark and currently doing Panto in Liverpool, dressed as a Genie.)

Today’s ‘Bone to pick’ is this. I had some blogger chick, slag off my ‘Nominated for a UK Blog Award’ moment because it’s apparently ‘not a popularity contest and should be purely based on content.’ (She’s nominated also.)


Firstly, you should concentrate on your own bit of cyberland and not chirp off at mine. This space ain’t rented it’s bought and it’s blooming right now, so enjoy it doll face and pour yourself a cocktail.

Secondly…BEFORE I WAS ANYTHING…I was a blogger. I wrote a blog daily in LA for years and have done for the last 10 years. EVERY DAY and when not a single soul read it! I wrote a diary for years before that, before my life story ever became ‘live.’ I wrote and documented my on goings, before ‘having a blog’ and being social media savvy was popular and that was before i became a model…a party queen Lol….before i accidentally moved back to the UK and got on the TV with Paris Hilton…before I had a book out….before i created a range for Ann Summers on the telly….before, before…before it all.

Now, i’m not stupid…All that did make my blog more popular. Yet if anything, i’ve always simply documented my life, the good bits, with the bad. You’ve heard my heart break, you’ve seen me victory dance, Β you’ve listened to my make ups, breakups, watched births, my life journey, raw pain and laughter. I’ve told the story of it all. Like God, that moment when my husband left me and he did it by moving all his stuff out of the home when i was out. I came home with my 2 year old daughter and a newborn…and he was gone…All i got was a text. I told that story..and that had nothing to do with a world of limelight or a popularity contest. That was life.

Yet there have been times when i’ve partied with Leonardo Di Caprio and gone out on dates Matt Dillion and been shut in a house with Paris Hilton for a month straight as ITV2 filmed every waking moment of fun for public entertainment.

Just the same as the story above it…It was all still part of my life.

So i’m not Β reality star turned blogger. I’m a writer. And i might have been ace enough to make the UK Blog Awards ‘Trend’ on Twitter. But i can’t help being that awesome. πŸ™‚ AND that DOESN’T MEAN THE CONTENT ON MY BLOG IS SHITE.

I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again…BILLIONS OF PEOPLE are doing life, right now as we speak…I’ve simply chosen to document my version of it…Everyone’s life is important. We’re all in it together. Just these little soul dots, chilling on a giant Earth ball as we orbit the sun.

So whilst i’m being hailed as the ‘Real life Carrie Bradshaw,’ YOU are being gummy stickered with a sexy ‘Hater’ slap badge.

Okay, i’ve sipped more gin and tonic. I’m better now!

I will tell you that this Saturday, ‘House of Solo’ Mag owner Arthur and I will be headed for lunch at Gino D’Acampos new joint ‘My Restaurant’ in Leeds. I’m so excited as i’ve heard great things about it and…well i know that Gino was there himself, last night, cooking dinner for everyone! Arthur at ‘House of Solo’ and I have ended up being ace buddies. We’re both passionate about our goals, where we want to be and our own bit of business. He shot Tom Zanetti the other night for the front cover of his mag. I met Tom at the Leeds Lifestyle Awards, as he gave out the award for ‘Best Club.’ I’m definitely going to make him my new Leeds ‘hang out’ mate. As i’m sure (even though i’m doing Manchester a lot of recent) that all three of us going to help put Leeds on the map! πŸ™‚

See! Northerners are known for having a good time. Yet we can also do business quite well to. πŸ˜‰















Kitten roll..

Good morning my delicious wiggles of giggle! Life is great today, even though i did manage to miss a step yesterday, during a mid-kitten strut and then ungracefully slide all the way down the stairway screaming and pulling ‘ooh’ faces until I hit the bottom. πŸ™‚ Very Wunna. I’m a champion. Don’t hate. The ultimate QUEEN of GLAMOUR.

I’m getting loads of messages from chicks who are ‘Wunna’ fans who are going through massive love life dilemmas. Their men are being boys and in love, that can be a problem. I just don’t think girls need additional sons. We need MEN. Grown up, hard working, lovingly romantic, put their lady, first kinda men. The stories are mildy heart breaking, yet what I noticed about each one is that really…they all told the same story. Same story, different faces.

All I’m gonna say because i’m all for woman is that SUCCESS is your sweetest REVENGE. Concentrate on YOU and making your dreams come true. Do something productive with your time, rather than waste it weeping into empty gin glasses, as mascara rolls down your cheeks and your falsies dangle off ya eyelid. (And I do mean eyelashes when i say ‘falsies’ and not boobs, as that would be a little awkward.) Be empowered! Rock and kitten roll with it! The world is a big place an as I noticed the other night, we’re just wiggling in this big earth ball that’s suspended in the sky. It ain’t that deep/ πŸ™‚ Have fun, love those who care, make your dreams come true and make YOUR MARK. If a guy loves you, he will always love you and come back. If not…you will have used your time wisely and *KAPOW* when he returns you won’t be bothered because you’ll be sat on your millions with every guy under the sun wanting yo to be his ‘forever.’ (God. That ‘wants to be my slave’ guy has just messages me again. Lol. EVERY TIME. I currently have the NEW ‘Real Housewives’ as background noise. It comforts me no end. It’s the OC lot and well there is nothing more that I adore than The Dubrows! They built their house from scratch and someone’s knocked on their door and asked to buy it…*wait for it*….buy it for $16 MILLION. Heather’s husbands a surgeon, so he’s agreed to it and bought a new plot of land to build another brand new house on. Easy as that! $16 million pound. Sorted! And I enjoy Heather because she’s real and like she stated, she’s the kinda girl who isn’t attached to ‘STUFF’. When i say ‘stuff’ I mean material objects. I’m that way also. I can leave anything material behind because i know what’s important in life an well..i’ve pretty much grown up over the years having everything and anything that I wished for…even from childhood. It’s wrong to be attached to ‘stuff’ because ‘stuff’ doesn’t matter. It always ‘urks’ me out when I see people crave over their material objects and not be able to part with them, as they weight up and almost value it up against family or even love. It’s okay to want the pretty things in life, as long as you always remember what truly matters in life. $16 million..just like that. SEE! There is money out there, if you work hard for it. Don’t waste your time. I’m gonna get my chunk of that pie by ‘beauty lining’ it! πŸ™‚ It’s all very exciting.

So today…i’m sorting out the ideas for my shoot. I’m reshooting for the website and shooting my ideas for the ‘Chrissie Wunna’ beauty brand. My initial product to pop out are the false lashes. So i’ve got to think of a creative way to make people GET what they’re all about! Glamourous, fun, stylish, classy, and WUNNA!

I either want it to be different or just so beautiful you can’t resist it. I’ve chosen the photographer. I love this part of the process. Picture taking is something that my body seems to adore. πŸ™‚ I shoot quick because it’s the best way and i’ve done it a million times. I just need to make sure that Β I make the most of my time. I’m gonna have to drawn out my ideas. Something that represent me well, yet is timeless because we all know I can get a bit carried away. I don’t want it to be complicated. Just ‘Wunna.’ I wanna hit that million dollar mark!

I’m gonna book in for the middle of Feb, I think. That should give me time..if I work hard. (Gosh, I’m just reading an article…yes at the same time as blogging. I’m a chick, we can multi-task. Kayne West is going to give Kim Kardashian $5million for every baby she has for him!! Holy Moly. That’s a bit snazzy. On ‘Jeremy Kyle’ the women are either getting a slap or an STD, then sent home with no child support.)

I’m addicted to drinking Earl Grey right now, but it just doesn’t have the same coffee KICK IN THE BALLS. I’m half asleep. The good thing is that Junior is sleeping well, now that he’s a crawler. However, and as always RUBY spent the evening NOT sleeping and instead CRYING HER EYES OUT. Yippppeeeee for Mum! Lol. I’m knackered and still sending reports to America for Chase. I’m also discussing my costs with China, which is mind boggling, but important! I keep getting my skates on but i need to remember that it takes more haste less speed. I can’t rush this. It has to be right! Β I’m also having to find out all the demographics of the shows that i’ve been on. Ugh. Hard much. I’m only used to wiggling and winking.

PLUS, I have to book time in the recording studio! Jeepers!

I’m excited for it all and I want to encourage you all to set your mind to something and get it done! It doesn’t have to be work, it can be anything. Be it having a baby, losing weight, eating more, loving who you are, drinking less, having more fun…learning to drive. Anything. Quit arse sitting and grab ya glammy kitten heels and full on embrace it.

I have so much work to do. OUCHIE!

Oh and remember Β a comment that was posted on here aΒ few months ago by somebody who thought they knew everything…after a very normal ‘love life’ blog. The comment sort of made fun of me and laughed in my glitzy face suggesting that I didn’t have fans… #weweepforyou


These are the countries of the world that READ my BLOG in 2013. Yeah…FANS. πŸ™‚ All shaded areas are blog readers, the darker the shading…the higher the number of readers! UK and USA! #justsaying There’s a difference to speaking your mind, when you know the facts and just making your self look silly by blurting out rubbish, when you don’t know what is actually happening or even nearly part of the truth.


Wunna land. πŸ™‚

Thank you so much kittens. I adore you! Have a great day.