Gut Instincts, Fate & Lovey Bits…

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I’m really chipper today. There’s a skip in my step and a glint in my eye. Summer is no longer getting the better of me, which is making me feel productive, kinda like i’m back in control of the shizzle. I’ve been rushing around and enjoying every inch of work. My baby boy Junior is now back from his holiday with Keiran (his Daddy)..and even though I’m a single mum & we co parent extremely well, nothing fills my kitten heart with love MORE, than having both babies together….WITH ME. Lol. All is well, all has gone back to normal. The family is thriving and yeah there’s been a cheeky drink here and there, but most of all i’ve felt alive.

Today is a good day. I’m feeling confident, like I can conquer anything!

I’ve been using the Breethe App, on an evening and meditating before bed. (I know. You’d never have guessed, but I’m quite a bit of a spiritual tinker.) I had my Tarot cards pulled for me last night and everything about my cards, put a wee smile on my face. (It kinda made me giddy, and even though i’m far from ‘living my life by them’ and I just find it fun. Plus, when you hear great things, it just makes you feel good, doesn’t it? I love happy surprises.)

In life, I’m going with my GUT instinct. Everything I do, is based upon my gut instinct. I never listen to anyone. I will always stay loyal to what I believe is right. Nothing’s more powerful, than what your soul says. Regardless, as to whether you’re a glamour puss, a builder, an adult or a child. Even when at times, you don’t feel like you have 100 percent support. All bad things pass, because life goes on. It will always go on…so you might as well embrace it. You’ll always have moments of difficulty, be it in work or love. Yet as long as you never give up…your consistency will always come out on top.

Everything you deserve is coming your way!

Right now, i’m feeling pretty whole, pretty powerful and pretty ‘goody goody.’ (Dare I say it?) I might reach for my gingham dress and start skipping around to nursery rhymes…with my ‘naughty eyes.’ 

(I just received a message from a guy, who simply responded to my ‘check in’ with ‘naughty eyes.’)

A bit of a flirt is always healthy!

But i’m working hard and not letting anything get in my way or get me down. At the end of the day, I’m really quite lucky!


I have a strong gut instinct about two things right now and one is about my career, the other about my love life. I won’t tell you about them, because I don’t want to jinx ether and I like to keep some things ‘shushy.’ I’m currently single. I’m very single. Yet, I’m always one to wait for the right guy. I’m not one to go on a million dates, or commit to a ‘numbers game.’ At 37, I can’t be arsed. I always know what or who I want…

When I say the right guy, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t already met him? I could’ve? Or I may not have? Yet, everything is about timing and when the time is right, I honestly believe that everything will fall into place, exactly the way it’s supposed to.

I always say, that when it comes to work and success, hard work pays off. You ‘muscle’ and charm your way to that part of your happy ending.

However, when it comes to love. The most powerful emotion in the world. Something just tells me that part of your happy ending is down to a ‘magic.’ There’s something in the air, that ‘The Gods’ already have planned for you. It’s something you can’t control..and that’s what makes it beautiful. It’s not practical. It’s spiritual.

I know, I’ll have my time and when I do, I will have learnt so many lessons in love by then, that I’ll be the happiest girl alive. 

Enough about all that though!

I managed to tinker into Ginos, Leeds the other day for a prosecco.  I do always go there and I’ll always be at the prosecco bar downstairs. It’s a place that makes me happy. I mean, whenever I totter through those revolving glass doors, i’m always greeted with hugs, warmth and love…and that’s from the moment I slowly ease through. That’s why it’s my favourite haunt in Leeds, because everyone around me, goes out of their way, just to be lovely, Italian and well mannered.

If you know me KNOW that I ADORE GOOD MANNERS.

After that I managed to beat the bustle at Leeds, train station, run out of chewing gum, miss all the right trains, post everything on my Insta story, but get home in one piece…where I surrendered to one more fruity gin, under the night stars, with friends.

The rest of the time has been work, meetings, influencing and just waiting now to get back on our telly boxes.

It’s been a long long wait.

I ended up missing ‘Bingo Bongo’ or whatever it was called with ‘Firmonnell’ because I didn’t get back from an influencing gig until much later than I thought.

I did get to see ‘Jonesez’ at the pub, who literally had the shakes and ordered a Fanta. I thought he’d be fine, because a snapchat earlier he was bouncing with children on a trampoline. But no…his bit of ‘Bingo Bongo’ certainly knocked him out.

He must’ve had a fun night, a hard night, or both? Lol. 😉 He’s one of my good guy friends. We chilled and watched the football (Leeds Vs Stoke) in the pub, as we caught up on life and he nursed himself back to health, before leaving.

Other than work, its been babies, babies, work, work…and I’m pretty much over the moon.

I don’t even have everything crossed anymore, because i’m not worried. I’m really confident, right now and because my gut is telling me ‘all is going to be okay,’ i’m leaving the rest to fate.

There’s always only so much you can do…The rest you MUST leave to magic.

I have a busy day tomorrow. I have meetings in Leeds and all kinds of jiggery pokery. I do have loads of people nagging at me, don’t we all? Yet, even though i’m polite and will listen, I think that as long as you KNOW, what YOU’RE doing and you have faith in your OWN ability, it’s certainly BEST to refrain from letting people who DO NOT KNOW, your world, TRY and take control.

Everyone’s different. Leave people to embrace their strengths and life knowledge.

Did that even makes sense? Haha..

Thank you for following my life.

Chrissie x



New Celeb Crush Alert


Last night, even though i was hungover, was great! And it was purely great because i managed to find a new Celeb Crush. As if!! That never happens! So my previous Celeb Crushes have been (and it’s a delightful list, so hold onto your ‘frilles’ ladies and gents) Ronaldo, Gino D’Campo, Pharrell Williams, Russell Brand (before he turned all political and was just inappropriately funny,) Bradley Cooper, Louis Theroux, Ricky Martin and I can’t remember the rest.

They make the Wunna Celeb Crush list (like they’re bothered lol) if i’m attracted to them, they’re hilarious, they’re accidentally sexy, intelligent and if they have some amazing talent that i am impressed by. And it’s the amazing talent thing that gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. I love talented men, who have been a success at what they do because of their talent. If they’re funny…then that is to die for.

But oh my god, last night…I was sat in my Monster Onesie, watching a bit of telly and then BOOM, like ‘The Gods’ had wanted to delight Wunna land with talent, amazement and hottness…’Ball and Boe’ comes on…(I’d been watching Saara not win the Xfactor, and i knew that would happen, as i was figuring out the set up before it went to ‘announcing the winners.’)

Anyway, sat watching telly and if you didn’t know i’m a massive musical theatre fan. I love going to watch a show. I love to sing. I love to dance. I spent my whole youth in dancing schools and theatre schools and i loved it. Both my kids are really similar, so in our world we appreciate the art of entertainment and entertainers in any form. I find it beautiful when it’s in stage form.

I also find ALFIE BOE the hottest man ever. Oh my LORD! I mean, he was visually attractive anyway, but then as soon as he started to perform, sing, dance and do the funny bits…That was it….I was in love. 🙂 (Hahah, being a girl is ace.)

I sat and watched him perform all evening and it honestly from a ‘talent’ point of view, made entire night, as it was such a great show. Both ‘Ball and Boe’ have this wonderful talent, of delivering a ‘feel good’ factor when they perform. It lights your world up! It’s a good energy. It’s happy. I love it. It certainly made me want to go see their show live and stalk Alfie Boe on Twitter. 🙂 He is such an attractive man.

Then I found out that Gino D’Campo was actually going to BE at his new ‘Gino Restaurant’ in Leeds tomorrow night and my loins couldn’t take it anymore. Lol. I had to shut shop and hide under duvets.

But yes, my new Celeb Crush is definitely ‘Alfie Boe.’ What a fantastic discovery when hungover.

More to the point. I’m thirty six in 7 days!! As if!! And i’m single. As if!! I’m always either fully married or fully single and never inbetween. Lol. I’m going to chose to have a quiet yet glamorous one but I WILL be cocktailing. I currently have an inbox FULL of places that have invited me to go to their restaurant, bar or venue and i’m really excited by all that. I can’t fit it all in before Christmas, as i have the babies to cuddle, but i will! I love a good invite and i love experiencing new places to play!

I hope you’ve had an amazing day so far! I’m blogging from my bed in my pj’s with Ruby singing Frozen songs at me.

I need food…now